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Python Shared Memory in Multiprocessing

Python 3.8 introduced a new module multiprocessing.shared_memory that provides shared memory for direct access across processes. My test shows that it significantly reduces the memory usage, which also speeds up the program by reducing the costs of copying and moving things around.1

Bloomberg BQuant (BQNT)

Bloomberg is developing a new function in the Terminal, called BQuant, BQNT, under the Bloomberg Anywhere license. I happen to be able to test it thanks to a fund manager and find it could be a future way of using Bloomberg Terminal.

Encode Password for SAS Remote Submission

The Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) allows one to submit and execute SAS programs to the cloud. WRDS has an instruction on accessing WRDS data from SAS on our own PCs. Generally, you should use:

%let 4016;
options comamid=TCP remote=WRDS;
signon username=_prompt_;


/* Code for remote execution goes here. */


However, if you want to save the effort of entering username and password every time, you'll need to encode your password. Concluding the two articles, basically you just need to follow the steps below.

Never Use a Brain Wallet

Among many reasons why people find it hard to use cryptocurrency there's a simple one -- memorising the private key is too hard. So, people invented brain wallet, which turns a string of words into a private key and thus wallet.

It's genius in that now a user needs only to memorise whatever he or she used to create the wallet. You can turn your name, phone number, DoB, favourite quote, lover's home address, ..., literally anything into a cryptocurrency wallet. However, this also means that if someone else successfully guessed the passphrase you used, they can sweep all the coins you have!