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I’m Mingze Gao, aka Adrian, a PhD candidate in Finance at the University of Sydney. Here is the place where I randomly write some seriousness or nonsense:

a random walk away finance.

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About me

  • A 7-year USYD veteran since Bachelor degree in econometrics and finance, now researching in corporate finance, banking and market microstructure.
  • Other interests include cryptos, programming, technology, cars, games, and more…
  • Not a funy person by nature but should be alright by all means.
  • Beloved by my life partner, Sherry, who’s just awesome and great to have.

You can find my curriculum vitae for more information.

About this site


  • A place to note research ideas, mine and others.
  • A personal blog to document my random thoughts.

You can find all posts at my blog.

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