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📄 Publications

Consumer Behaviour and Credit Supply: Evidence from an Australian FinTech Lender, with Henry Leung, Linhui Liu and Buhui Qiu, Finance Research Letters, 2023. SSRN

  • Consumer behaviour affects FinTech lending decisions.

Closer Than Ever: Growing Business-level Connections Between Australia and Europe, with Boris Choy, Teresa Davis, Hanyun Ding, Massimo Garbuio, Catherine Hardy, Henry Leung, Thanh Son Luong, Greg Patmore, Sandra Peter, Buhui Qiu, Kai Riemer, John Shields, Catherine Sutton-Brady, Carlos Vazquez-Hernandez, and Eliza Wu, European Management Journal, 2023.

  • Invited submission

Organization Capital and Executive Performance Incentives, with Henry Leung and Buhui Qiu, Journal of Banking & Finance, 2021. SSRN

Specification Curve - Organization Capital and Executive PFPS
  • A firm’s organization capital has a substitution effect on its executive pay-for-performance sensitivity.
  • Outstanding PhD Student Paper Award, 3rd Global PhD Colloquium.
  • FMA 2020, 3rd Global PhD Colloquium, 32nd Annual PhD Conference in Economics and Business.

📝 Working Papers

Borrower Technology Similarity and Bank Loan Contracting, with Yunying Huang, Steven Ongena and Eliza Wu.

  • SFS Cavalcade 2024, EFA 2023 (poster), FMA 2023, 35th AFBC, Macquarie University, University of Sydney.
  • Semifinalist for FMA 2023 Best Paper Award.
  • CEPR Discussion Paper DP18624.

Lone (Loan) Wolf Pack Risk, with Iftekhar Hasan, Buhui Qiu and Eliza Wu.

Aggregate Syndicate Concentration
  • WFA 2023, FIRN 2023, FIRN Banking 2022, Curtin University, Massey University, National Central University, University of Essex, University of Sydney.
  • The Brattle Group Best Paper Award, FIRN 2023.
  • SUERF Policy Brief No. 586, Bank of Finland Research Discussion Paper No. 4/2023.

Catering to Environmental Premium in Green Venture Financing, with Henry Leung, Tse-Chun Lin and Tracy Thi Vu.

  • AsianFA 2024, Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics (JCAE) Annual Symposium 2024, 7th Advances in Venture Capital and Private Equity Research Workshop.

Investor Disagreement, Liquidity and Informational Efficiency at the 52 Week High, with Joshua Della Vedova, Andrew Grant, Joakim Westerholm and Barbara Bliss.

  • 17th International Behavioural Finance Conference.

Anomalous Lending and Bank Risk, with Iftekhar Hasan, Buhui Qiu, Eliza Wu and Yan Yu.

  • FIRN 2023, Monash Winter Finance 2023, Machine Learning Methods for Business Workshop 2023, BFBRG Workshop 2022, Deakin University, Loughborough University, University of Queensland, University of Sydney.

Real Estate Collateral, Lender Screening, and M&A Performance, with Thanh Son Luong and Buhui Qiu.

  • FMA 2022, FIRN 2022.

‍🎓 Student Supervision

  • Meitong He, Honours student at University of Sydney, 2023 (co-supervision with Buhui Qiu). Graduated with First Class Honours.
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