Bank Holing Company Financials from FR Y-9C

Research Notes

Mingze Gao, PhD

Macquarie University


May 25, 2020

A SAS macro used to extract BHC data.


This note needs to be updated.

Extract BHC balance sheet data

This is the SAS macro I write to consolidate and extract BHC’s balance sheet data from WRDS Bank Regulatory database. It creates a bhcf dataset in the work directory.

%macro bhc_financials(loopdatestart,loopdateend);
    /* Specify the variables to extract */
    %let vars=rssd9999 rssd9001 rssd9007 rssd9008 bhck2170 bhck3210;
    %let loopdatestart=%sysfunc(inputn(&loopdatestart,anydtdte9.));
    %let loopdateend=%sysfunc(inputn(&loopdateend,anydtdte9.));
    %let dif=%sysfunc(intck(month,&loopdatestart,&loopdateend));
    %let dats=;
    %do i=0 %to &dif;
        %let date=%sysfunc(intnx(month,&loopdatestart,&i,e));
        %let month=%sysfunc(month(&date),z2.);
        %let year=%sysfunc(year(&date));
        %if &month=3 or &month=6 or &month=9 or &month=12 %then %do;
        %let dats=&dats bank.bhcf&year&month;
    %put &dats;
    data bhcf(keep=&vars); set &dats; 
        rssd9999 = input(put(rssd9999, 8.), yymmdd10.);/* reporting date */
        rssd9007 = input(put(rssd9007, 8.), yymmdd10.);/* date start */
        rssd9008 = input(put(rssd9008, 8.), yymmdd10.);/* date end */
        format rssd9999 date9.;
        format rssd9007 date9.;
        format rssd9008 date9.;
        where rssd9999 between rssd9007 and rssd9008;
%mend bhc_financials;


RSSD dates are not always available, in which case lines 18-24 should be removed.

Merge with Compustat/CRSP

The firm identifier in the Y-9C data is RSSD9001. To merge the BHC’s balance sheet data with Compustat/CRSP, I use the PERMCO-RSSD link table by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.1 I saved the most recent copy in my server, and formatted it so that it can used directly. It is available at

%let beg_yr = 1986;
%let end_yr = 2018;

proc sql;
create table lnk as
select *
from crsp.ccmxpf_lnkhist
    linktype in ("LU", "LC") and
    (&end_yr+1 >= year(linkdt) or linkdt = .B) and 
    (&beg_yr-1 <= year(linkenddt) or linkenddt = .E)
order by 
    gvkey, linkdt;

/* PERMCO-RSSD link table by New York FED */
filename csv url "";
proc import datafile=csv out=work.crsp_20181231 dbms=csv replace; run;
proc sql;
create table gvkey_permno_permco_rssd as 
    select *
from lnk join crsp_20181231 as fed
on lnk.lpermco=fed.permco;

Please run these programs on the WRDS cloud. You’ll need to modify them in order to run locally with SAS/Connect.

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