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Journal of Finance

  1. A Theory of Friendly Boards, 2007, Renée B. Adams; Daniel Ferreira
  2. A Theory of Takeovers and Disinvestment, 2007, Bart M. Lambrecht; Stewart C. Myers
  3. Adaptive Traders and the Design of Financial Markets, 2007, Sebastien Pouget
  4. Analyst Disagreement, Mispricing, and Liquidity*, 2007, Ronnie Sadka; Anna Scherbina
  5. Banking Deregulation and Industry Structure: Evidence from the French Banking Reforms of 1985, 2007, Marianne Bertrand; Antoinette Schoar; David Thesmar
  6. Bidding into the Red: A Model of Post‐Auction Bankruptcy, 2007, Simon Board
  7. Common Failings: How Corporate Defaults Are Correlated, 2007, Sanjiv R. Das; Darrell Duffie; Nikunj Kapadia; Leandro Saita
  8. Corporate Bond Market Transaction Costs and Transparency, 2007, Amy K. Edwards; Lawrence E. Harris; Michael S. Piwowar
  9. Corporate Governance and Acquirer Returns, 2007, Ronald W. Masulis; Cong Wang; Fei Xie
  10. Corporate Governance and Firm Value: The Impact of the 2002 Governance Rules, 2007, Vidhi Chhaochharia; Yaniv Grinstein
  11. Corporate Governance, Idiosyncratic Risk, and Information Flow, 2007, Miguel A. Ferreira; Paul A. Laux
  12. Corporate Yield Spreads and Bond Liquidity, 2007, Long Chen; David A. Lesmond; Jason Wei
  13. Decoupling CEO Wealth and Firm Performance: The Case of Acquiring CEOs, 2007, Jarrad Harford; Kai Li
  14. Do Tests of Capital Structure Theory Mean What They Say?, 2007, Ilya A. Strebulaev
  15. Efficiency and the Bear: Short Sales and Markets Around the World, 2007, Arturo Bris; William N. Goetzmann; Ning Zhu
  16. Episodic Liquidity Crises: Cooperative and Predatory Trading, 2007, Bruce Ian Carlin; Miguel Sousa Lobo; S. Viswanathan
  17. Equilibrium Exhaustible Resource Price Dynamics, 2007, Murray Carlson; Zeigham Khokher; Sheridan Titman
  18. Exchange Rates and Cash Flows in Differentiated Product Industries: A Simulation Approach, 2007, Richard Friberg; Mattias Ganslandt
  19. Executive Financial Incentives and Payout Policy: Firm Responses to the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut, 2007, Jeffrey R. Brown; Nellie Liang; Scott Weisbenner
  20. Financial Constraints, Competition, and Hedging in Industry Equilibrium, 2007, Tim Adam; Sudipto Dasgupta; Sheridan Titman
  21. Financial Speculators' Underperformance: Learning, Self‐Selection, and Endogenous Liquidity, 2007, Dan Bernhardt; Reza Mahani
  22. Financial Synergies and the Optimal Scope of the Firm: Implications for Mergers, Spinoffs, and Structured Finance, 2007, Hayne E. Leland
  23. Fund Manager Use of Public Information: New Evidence on Managerial Skills, 2007, Marcin Kacperczyk; Amit Seru
  24. Giving Content to Investor Sentiment: The Role of Media in the Stock Market, 2007, Paul C. Tetlock
  25. Global Growth Opportunities and Market Integration, 2007, Geert Bekaert; Campbell R. Harvey; Christian Lundblad; Stephan Siegel
  26. Growth Opportunities and the Choice of Leverage, Debt Maturity, and Covenants, 2007, Matthew T. Billett; Tao‐Hsien Dolly King; David C. Mauer
  27. Habit Formation and Macroeconomic Models of the Term Structure of Interest Rates, 2007, Andrea Buraschi; Alexei Jiltsov
  28. How Are Firms Sold?, 2007, Audra L. Boone; J. Harold Mulherin
  29. How Costly Is External Financing? Evidence from a Structural Estimation, 2007, Christopher A. Hennessy; Toni M. Whited
  30. How Laws and Institutions Shape Financial Contracts: The Case of Bank Loans, 2007, Jun Qian; Philip E. Strahan
  31. How Smart Is Smart Money? A Two‐Sided Matching Model of Venture Capital, 2007, Morten Sørensen
  32. Incentive Effects of Stock and Option Holdings of Target and Acquirer CEOs, 2007, Jie Cai; Anand M. Vijh
  33. Information Asymmetry and Financing Arrangements: Evidence from Syndicated Loans, 2007, Amir Sufi
  34. Information Cascades: Evidence from a Field Experiment with Financial Market Professionals, 2007, Jonathan E. Alevy; Michael S. Haigh; John A. List
  35. Interest Rate Caps “Smile” Too! But Can the LIBOR Market Models Capture the Smile?, 2007, Robert Jarrow; Haitao Li; Feng Zhao
  36. Is the Corporate Loan Market Globally Integrated? A Pricing Puzzle, 2007, Mark Carey; Greg Nini
  37. Lazy Investors, Discretionary Consumption, and the Cross‐Section of Stock Returns, 2007, Ravi Jagannathan; Yong Wang
  38. Learning by Observing: Information Spillovers in the Execution and Valuation of Commercial Bank M&As, 2007, Gayle Delong; Robert Deyoung
  39. Limits of Arbitrage: Theory and Evidence from the Mortgage‐Backed Securities Market, 2007, Xavier Gabaix; Arvind Krishnamurthy; Olivier Vigneron
  40. Liquidity Coinsurance, Moral Hazard, and Financial Contagion, 2007, Sandro Brusco; Fabio Castiglionesi
  41. Liquidity Premia and Transaction Costs, 2007, Bong‐Gyu Jang; Hyeng Keun Koo; Hong Liu; Mark Loewenstein
  42. Liquidity and the Law of One Price: The Case of the Futures‐Cash Basis, 2007, Richard Roll; Eduardo Schwartz; Avanidhar Subrahmanyam
  43. Liquidity or Credit Risk? The Determinants of Very Short‐Term Corporate Yield Spreads, 2007, Dan Covitz; Chris Downing
  44. Long‐Term Return Reversals: Overreaction or Taxes?, 2007, Thomas J. George; Chuan‐Yang Hwang
  45. Lower Salaries and No Options? On the Optimal Structure of Executive Pay, 2007, Ingolf Dittmann; Ernst Maug
  46. Managerial Ability, Compensation, and the Closed‐End Fund Discount, 2007, Jonathan B. Berk; Richard Stanton
  47. Measuring Distress Risk: The Effect of R&D Intensity, 2007, Laurel A. Franzen; Kimberly J. Rodgers; Timothy T. Simin
  48. Model Specification and Risk Premia: Evidence from Futures Options, 2007, Mark Broadie; Mikhail Chernov; Michael Johannes
  49. Momentum and Credit Rating, 2007, Doron Avramov; Tarun Chordia; Gergana Jostova; Alexander Philipov
  50. Multimarket Trading and Liquidity: Theory and Evidence, 2007, Shmuel Baruch; G. Andrew Karolyi; Michael L. Lemmon
  51. On the Importance of Measuring Payout Yield: Implications for Empirical Asset Pricing, 2007, Jacob Boudoukh; Roni Michaely; Matthew Richardson; Michael R. Roberts
  52. Optimal Debt and Equity Values in the Presence of Chapter 7 and Chapter 11, 2007, Mark Broadie; Mikhail Chernov; Suresh Sundaresan
  53. Participation Costs and the Sensitivity of Fund Flows to Past Performance, 2007, Jennifer Huang; Kelsey D. Wei; Hong Yan
  54. Pay Me Later: Inside Debt and Its Role in Managerial Compensation, 2007, Rangarajan K. Sundaram; David L. Yermack
  55. Portfolio Choice over the Life‐Cycle when the Stock and Labor Markets Are Cointegrated, 2007, Luca Benzoni; Pierre Collin‐Dufresne; Robert S. Goldstein
  56. Presidential Address: Issuers, Underwriter Syndicates, and Aftermarket Transparency, 2007, Richard C. Green
  57. Price Convexity and Skewness, 2007, Jianguo Xu
  58. Rational Inattention and Portfolio Selection, 2007, Lixin Huang; Hong Liu
  59. Report of the Editor of The Journal of Finance for the Year 2006, 2007, Campbell R. Harvey
  60. Report of the Executive Secretary and Treasurer for the Year Ending September 30, 2006, 2007, David H. Pyle
  61. Reputation Effects in Trading on the New York Stock Exchange, 2007, Robert Battalio; Andrew Ellul; Robert Jennings
  62. Security Design with Investor Private Information, 2007, Ulf Axelson
  63. Short‐Sales Constraints and Price Discovery: Evidence from the Hong Kong Market, 2007, Eric C. Chang; Joseph W. Cheng; Yinghui Yu
  64. Simple Forecasts and Paradigm Shifts, 2007, Harrison Hong; Jeremy C. Stein; Jialin Yu
  65. Smart Institutions, Foolish Choices: The Limited Partner Performance Puzzle, 2007, Josh Lerner; Antoinette Schoar; Wan Wongsunwai
  66. Sports Sentiment and Stock Returns, 2007, Alex Edmans; Diego García; Øyvind Norli
  67. Stochastic Volatilities and Correlations of Bond Yields, 2007, Bing Han
  68. Strategic Actions and Credit Spreads: An Empirical Investigation, 2007, Sergei A. Davydenko; Ilya A. Strebulaev
  69. Supply and Demand Shifts in the Shorting Market, 2007, Lauren Cohen; Karl B. Diether; Christopher J. Malloy
  70. Taking a View: Corporate Speculation, Governance, and Compensation, 2007, Christopher C. Géczy; Bernadette A. Minton; Catherine M. Schrand
  71. The Impact of Collateralization on Swap Rates, 2007, Michael Johannes; Suresh Sundaresan
  72. The Initial Public Offerings of Listed Firms, 2007, François Derrien; Ambrus Kecskés
  73. The Risk‐Adjusted Cost of Financial Distress, 2007, Heitor Almeida; Thomas Philippon
  74. The Takeover Deterrent Effect of Open Market Share Repurchases, 2007, Matthew T. Billett; Hui Xue
  75. The U.S. Treasury Buyback Auctions: The Cost of Retiring Illiquid Bonds, 2007, Bing Han; Francis A. Longstaff; Craig Merrill
  76. The Underwriter Persistence Phenomenon, 2007, Gerard Hoberg
  77. The Value of Corporate Risk Management, 2007, Peter Mackay; Sara B. Moeller
  78. The Value of Embedded Real Options: Evidence from Consumer Automobile Lease Contracts, 2007, Carmelo Giaccotto; Gerson M. Goldberg; Shantaram P. Hegde
  79. U.S. Banking Deregulation, Small Businesses, and Interstate Insurance of Personal Income, 2007, Yuliya Demyanyk; Charlotte Ostergaard; Bent E. Sørensen
  80. Vote Trading and Information Aggregation, 2007, Susan E.K. Christoffersen; Christopher C. Geczy; David K. Musto; Adam V. Reed
  81. Whom You Know Matters: Venture Capital Networks and Investment Performance, 2007, Yael V. Hochberg; Alexander Ljungqvist; Yang Lu
  82. Why Do Firms Become Widely Held? An Analysis of the Dynamics of Corporate Ownership, 2007, Jean Helwege; Christo Pirinsky; René M. Stulz
  83. Why Do Firms Issue Equity?, 2007, Amy Dittmar; Anjan Thakor
  84. Why Is Long‐Horizon Equity Less Risky? A Duration‐Based Explanation of the Value Premium, 2007, Martin Lettau; Jessica A. Wachter
  85. Winners or Losers? The Effects of Banking Consolidation on Corporate Borrowers, 2007, Giorgio Gobbi; Emilia Bonaccorsi Di Patti
  86. Working Orders in Limit Order Markets and Floor Exchanges, 2007, Kerry Back; Shmuel Baruch

Journal of Financial Economics

  1. A lender-based theory of collateral, 2007, Roman Inderst; Holger M. Mueller
  2. Affiliated firms and financial support: Evidence from Indian business groups, 2007, Radhakrishnan Gopalan; Vikram Nanda; Amit Seru
  3. Affiliated mutual funds and the allocation of initial public offerings, 2007, Jay R. Ritter; Donghang Zhang
  4. Affirmative obligations and market making with inventory, 2007, Marios A. Panayides
  5. An analysis of trade-size clustering and its relation to stealth trading, 2007, Gordon J. Alexander; Mark A. Peterson
  6. Are small investors naive about incentives?, 2007, Ulrike Malmendier; Devin Shanthikumar
  7. Arrogance can be a virtue: Overconfidence, information acquisition, and market efficiency, 2007, Zhijian (James) Huang; K. Jeremy Ko
  8. Asset fire sales (and purchases) in equity markets, 2007, Joshua Coval; Erik Stafford
  9. Asymmetric stock market volatility and the cyclical behavior of expected returns, 2007, Antonio Mele
  10. Bank relationships and underwriter competition: Evidence from Japan, 2007, Ayako Yasuda
  11. Banking crises, financial dependence, and growth, 2007, Daniela Klingebiel; Randall S. Kroszner; Luc Laeven
  12. Banks and bubbles: How good are bankers at spotting winners?, 2007, Laura Gonzalez; Christopher James
  13. Board structure, mergers, and shareholder wealth: A study of the mutual fund industry, 2007, Ajay Khorana; Peter Tufano; Lei Wedge
  14. Business ties and proxy voting by mutual funds, 2007, Gerald F. Davis; E. Han Kim
  15. Classified boards, firm value, and managerial entrenchment, 2007, Olubunmi Faleye
  16. Collateral, debt capacity, and corporate investment: Evidence from a natural experiment, 2007, Jie Gan
  17. Comparative advantage, demand for external finance, and financial development, 2007, Quy-Toan Do; Andrei A. Levchenko
  18. Comparing the stock recommendation performance of investment banks and independent research firms, 2007, Brad M. Barber; Reuven Lehavy; Brett Trueman
  19. Conflicts of interest in sell-side research and the moderating role of institutional investors, 2007, Alexander Ljungqvist; Felicia Marston; Laura T. Starks; Kelsey D. Wei; Hong Yan
  20. Conflicts of interest, information provision, and competition in the financial services industry, 2007, Patrick Bolton; Xavier Freixas; Joel Shapiro
  21. Corporate capital structure and the characteristics of suppliers and customers, 2007, Jayant R. Kale; Husayn Shahrur
  22. Corporate financing decisions when investors take the path of least resistance, 2007, Malcolm Baker; Joshua Coval; Jeremy C. Stein
  23. Corporate governance and the value of cash holdings, 2007, Amy Dittmar; Jan Mahrt-Smith
  24. Credit-spread determinants and interlocking contracts: A study of the Ras Gas project, 2007, Mansoor Dailami; Robert Hauswald
  25. Dealer intermediation and price behavior in the aftermarket for new bond issues, 2007, Richard C. Green; Burton Hollifield; Norman Schurhoff
  26. Determinants of the floating-to-fixed rate debt structure of firms, 2007, Sudheer Chava; Amiyatosh Purnanandam
  27. Disagreement, tastes, and asset prices, 2007, Eugene F. Fama; Kenneth R. French
  28. Disclosure frequency and earnings management, 2007, Hoje Jo; Yongtae Kim
  29. Do asset prices reflect fundamentals? Freshly squeezed evidence from the OJ market, 2007, Jacob Boudoukh; Matthew Richardson; Yuqing (Jeff) Shen; Robert F. Whitelaw
  30. Do hedge funds deliver alpha? A Bayesian and bootstrap analysis, 2007, Robert Kosowski; Narayan Y. Naik; Melvyn Teo
  31. Do industries lead stock markets?, 2007, Harrison Hong; Walter Torous; Rossen Valkanov
  32. Do managers intentionally use repurchase tender offers to signal private information? Evidence from firm financial reporting behavior, 2007, Henock Louis; Hal White
  33. Do mutual funds time the market? Evidence from portfolio holdings, 2007, George J. Jiang; Tong Yao; Tong Yu
  34. Do today's trades affect tomorrow's IPO allocations?, 2007, M. Nimalendran; Jay R. Ritter; Donghang Zhang
  35. Does backdating explain the stock price pattern around executive stock option grants?, 2007, Randall A. Heron; Erik Lie
  36. Does industry-wide distress affect defaulted firms? Evidence from creditor recoveries, 2007, Viral V. Acharya; Sreedhar T. Bharath; Anand Srinivasan
  37. Drexel Burnham Lambert's bankruptcy and the subsequent decline in underwriter fees, 2007, Miles Livingston; Glenn Williams
  38. Employee sentiment and stock option compensation, 2007, Nittai K. Bergman; Dirk Jenter
  39. Estimating and testing beta pricing models: Alternative methods and their performance in simulations, 2007, Jay Shanken; Guofu Zhou
  40. Estimating systemic risk in the international financial system, 2007, Sohnke M. Bartram; Gregory W. Brown; John E. Hund
  41. Executive stock options and IPO underpricing, 2007, Michelle Lowry; Kevin J. Murphy
  42. Extending quadrature methods to value multi-asset and complex path dependent options, 2007, Ari D. Andricopoulos; Peter W. Duck; David P. Newton; Martin Widdicks
  43. Financial fraud, director reputation, and shareholder wealth, 2007, Eliezer M. Fich; Anil Shivdasani
  44. Firm-specific attributes and the cross-section of momentum, 2007, Jacob S. Sagi; Mark S. Seasholes
  45. Firm-specific risk and equity market development, 2007, Gregory Brown; Nishad Kapadia
  46. Firms' histories and their capital structures, 2007, Ayla Kayhan; Sheridan Titman
  47. Foreign currency-denominated borrowing in the absence of operating incentives, 2007, Matthew R. Mcbrady; Michael J. Schill
  48. Foreign entry and bank competition, 2007, Rajdeep Sengupta
  49. Geographical segmentation of US capital markets, 2007, Bo Becker
  50. Good and bad credit contagion: Evidence from credit default swaps, 2007, Philippe Jorion; Gaiyan Zhang
  51. Heterogeneous preferences and equilibrium trading volume, 2007, Tony Berrada; Julien Hugonnier; Marcel Rindisbacher
  52. Housing, consumption and asset pricing, 2007, Monika Piazzesi; Martin Schneider; Selale Tuzel
  53. How much of the corporate bond spread is due to personal taxes?, 2007, Sheen Liu; Jian Shi; Junbo Wang; Chunchi Wu
  54. Informed finance and technological change: Evidence from credit relationships, 2007, Ana María Herrera; Raoul Minetti
  55. Insider trading in credit derivatives, 2007, Viral V. Acharya; Timothy C. Johnson
  56. International asset pricing under segmentation and PPP deviations, 2007, Ines Chaieb; Vihang Errunza
  57. Investment under uncertainty and time-inconsistent preferences, 2007, Steven R. Grenadier; Neng Wang
  58. Investment, consumption, and hedging under incomplete markets, 2007, Jianjun Miao; Neng Wang
  59. Investor protection and the Coasian view, 2007, Nittai K. Bergman; Daniel Nicolaievsky
  60. Is Chapter 11 costly?, 2007, Avner Kalay; Rajeev Singhal; Elizabeth Tashjian
  61. Is there a diversification discount in financial conglomerates?, 2007, Luc Laeven; Ross Levine
  62. Is universal banking justified? Evidence from bank underwriting of corporate bonds in Japan, 2007, Jun-Koo Kang; Wei-Lin Liu
  63. Laddering in initial public offerings, 2007, Qing Hao
  64. Local ownership as private information: Evidence on the monitoring-liquidity trade-off, 2007, Jose-Miguel Gaspar; Massimo Massa
  65. Market price of risk specifications for affine models: Theory and evidence, 2007, Patrick Cheridito; Damir Filipovic; Robert L. Kimmel
  66. Maximum likelihood estimation of stochastic volatility models, 2007, Yacine Ai[Diaeresis]T-Sahalia; Robert Kimmel
  67. Mimicking repurchases, 2007, Massimo Massa; Zahid Rehman; Theo Vermaelen
  68. Monitoring: Which institutions matter?, 2007, Xia Chen; Jarrad Harford; Kai Li
  69. Multi-period corporate default prediction with stochastic covariates, 2007, Darrell Duffie; Leandro Saita; Ke Wang
  70. Multifrequency news and stock returns, 2007, Laurent E. Calvet; Adlai J. Fisher
  71. Optimism and economic choice, 2007, Manju Puri; David T. Robinson
  72. Order flow, dealer profitability, and price formation, 2007, Peter Locke; Zhan Onayev
  73. Politically connected CEOs, corporate governance, and Post-IPO performance of China's newly partially privatized firms, 2007, Joseph P.H. Fan; T.J. Wong; Tianyu Zhang
  74. Portfolio manager ownership and fund performance, 2007, Ajay Khorana; Henri Servaes; Lei Wedge
  75. Private credit in 129 countries, 2007, Simeon Djankov; Caralee Mcliesh; Andrei Shleifer
  76. Productivity-based asset pricing: Theory and evidence, 2007, Ronald J. Balvers; Dayong Huang
  77. Reaching out: Access to and use of banking services across countries, 2007, Thorsten Beck; Asli Demirguc-Kunt; Maria Soledad Martinez Peria
  78. Risk, return, and dividends, 2007, Andrew Ang; Jun Liu
  79. SV mixture models with application to S&P 500 index returns, 2007, Garland B. Durham
  80. Saving and investing for early retirement: A theoretical analysis, 2007, Emmanuel Farhi; Stavros Panageas
  81. Share restrictions and asset pricing: Evidence from the hedge fund industry, 2007, George O. Aragon
  82. So what do I get? The bank's view of lending relationships, 2007, Sreedhar Bharath; Sandeep Dahiya; Anthony Saunders; Anand Srinivasan
  83. Stochastic skew in currency options, 2007, Peter Carr; Liuren Wu
  84. Technological innovation and real investment booms and busts, 2007, Peter Demarzo; Ron Kaniel; Ilan Kremer
  85. Testing Q theory with financing frictions, 2007, Christopher A. Hennessy; Amnon Levy; Toni M. Whited
  86. Testing financing constraints on firm investment using variable capital, 2007, Andrea Caggese
  87. The determinants of corporate board size and composition: An empirical analysis, 2007, Audra L. Boone; Laura Casares Field; Jonathan M. Karpoff; Charu G. Raheja
  88. The economics of conflicts of interest in financial institutions, 2007, Hamid Mehran; Rene M. Stulz
  89. The effect of state laws on capital structure, 2007, Michael S. Long; John K. Wald
  90. The empirical risk-return relation: A factor analysis approach, 2007, Sydney C. Ludvigson; Serena Ng
  91. The impact of all-star analyst job changes on their coverage choices and investment banking deal flow, 2007, Jonathan Clarke; Ajay Khorana; Ajay Patel; P. Raghavendra Rau
  92. The influence of product market dynamics on a firm's cash holdings and hedging behavior, 2007, David Haushalter; Sandy Klasa; William F. Maxwell
  93. The price of corporate liquidity: Acquisition discounts for unlisted targets, 2007, Micah S. Officer
  94. The risk return tradeoff in the long run: 1836-2003, 2007, Christian Lundblad
  95. The term structure of commercial paper rates, 2007, Chris Downing; Stephen Oliner
  96. Theft and taxes, 2007, Mihir A. Desai; Alexander Dyck; Luigi Zingales
  97. Trade credit and bank credit: Evidence from recent financial crises, 2007, Inessa Love; Lorenzo A. Preve; Virginia Sarria-Allende
  98. Was there too little entry during the Dot Com Era?, 2007, Brent Goldfarb; David Kirsch; David A. Miller
  99. Why are IPO investors net buyers through lead underwriters?, 2007, John M. Griffin; Jeffrey H. Harris; Selim Topaloglu
  100. Why are IPOs underpriced? Evidence from Japan's hybrid auction-method offerings, 2007, Frank Kerins; Kenji Kutsuna; Richard Smith
  101. Why do corporate managers misstate financial statements? The role of option compensation and other factors, 2007, Jap Efendi; Anup Srivastava; Edward P. Swanson
  102. Why do countries matter so much for corporate governance?, 2007, Craig Doidge; G. Andrew Karolyi; Rene M. Stulz
  103. Why do firms hold so much cash? A tax-based explanation, 2007, C. Fritz Foley; Jay C. Hartzell; Sheridan Titman; Garry Twite

Review of Financial Studies

  1. A Theory of IPO Waves, 2007, Ping He
  2. Agency and Optimal Investment Dynamics, 2007, Peter M. Demarzo; Michael J. Fishman
  3. An Equilibrium Model of Investment Under Uncertainty, 2007, Robert Novy-Marx
  4. Analyst Hype in IPOs: Explaining the Popularity of Bookbuilding, 2007, Francois Degeorge; Francois Derrien; Kent L. Womack
  5. Approximation and Calibration of Short-Term Implied Volatilities Under Jump-Diffusion Stochastic Volatility, 2007, Alexey Medvedev; Olivier Scaillet
  6. Asset Prices and Exchange Rates, 2007, Anna Pavlova; Roberto Rigobon
  7. Booms, Busts, and Fraud, 2007, Paul Povel; Rajdeep Singh; Andrew Winton
  8. Can the Trade-off Theory Explain Debt Structure?, 2007, Dirk Hackbarth; Christopher A. Hennessy; Hayne E. Leland
  9. Do Investors Trade More When Stocks Have Performed Well? Evidence from 46 Countries, 2007, John M. Griffin; Federico Nardari; René M. Stulz
  10. Do Termination Provisions Truncate the Takeover Bidding Process?, 2007, Audra L. Boone; J. Harold Mulherin
  11. Does Anonymity Matter in Electronic Limit Order Markets?, 2007, Thierry Foucault; Sophie Moinas; Erik Theissen
  12. Does Motivation Matter When Assessing Trade Performance? An Analysis of Mutual Funds, 2007, Gordon J. Alexander; Gjergji Cici; Scott Gibson
  13. Equilibrium Underdiversification and the Preference for Skewness, 2007, Todd Mitton; Keith Vorkink
  14. Financial Constraints, Asset Tangibility, and Corporate Investment, 2007, Heitor Almeida; Murillo Campello
  15. Financial Intermediation and the Costs of Trading in an Opaque Market, 2007, Richard C. Green; Burton Hollifield; Norman Schürhoff
  16. Good Stewards, Cheap Talkers, or Family Men? The Impact of Mutual Fund Closures on Fund Managers, Flows, Fees, and Performance, 2007, Arturo Bris; Huseyin Gulen; Padma Kadiyala; P. Raghavendra Rau
  17. Governance Mechanisms and Bond Prices, 2007, K.J. Martijn Cremers; Vinay B. Nair; Chenyang Wei
  18. How Do Diversity of Opinion and Information Asymmetry Affect Acquirer Returns?, 2007, Sara B. Moeller; Frederik P. Schlingemann; René M. Stulz
  19. Imperfect Competition, Information Heterogeneity, and Financial Contagion, 2007, Paolo Pasquariello
  20. Industry Information Diffusion and the Lead-lag Effect in Stock Returns, 2007, Kewei Hou
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  22. Informed and Strategic Order Flow in the Bond Markets, 2007, Paolo Pasquariello; Clara Vega
  23. Insider Trades and Private Information: The Special Case of Delayed-Disclosure Trades, 2007, Shijun Cheng; Venky Nagar; Madhav V. Rajan
  24. International Evidence on Cash Holdings and Expected Managerial Agency Problems, 2007, Ivalina Kalcheva; Karl V. Lins
  25. Life-Cycle Portfolio Choice with Additive Habit Formation Preferences and Uninsurable Labor Income Risk, 2007, Valery Polkovnichenko
  26. Liquidity and Expected Returns: Lessons from Emerging Markets, 2007, Geert Bekaert; Campbell R. Harvey; Christian Lundblad
  27. Optimal Asset Allocation and Risk Shifting in Money Management, 2007, Suleyman Basak; Anna Pavlova; Alexander Shapiro
  28. Optimal Equity Stakes and Corporate Control, 2007, Richmond D. Mathews
  29. Optimal Long-Term Financial Contracting, 2007, Peter M. Demarzo; Michael J. Fishman
  30. Option Market Activity, 2007, Josef Lakonishok; Inmoo Lee; Neil D. Pearson; Allen M. Poteshman
  31. Options and Bubbles, 2007, Steven L. Heston; Mark Loewenstein; Gregory A. Willard
  32. Portfolio Performance Manipulation and Manipulation-proof Performance Measures, 2007, Jonathan Ingersoll; Ivo Welch
  33. Portfolio Selection in Stochastic Environments, 2007, Jun Liu
  34. Portfolio Selection with Parameter and Model Uncertainty: A Multi-Prior Approach, 2007, Lorenzo Garlappi; Raman Uppal; Tan Wang
  35. Price Informativeness and Investment Sensitivity to Stock Price, 2007, Qi Chen; Itay Goldstein; Wei Jiang
  36. Public Disclosure and Private Decisions: Equity Market Execution Quality and Order Routing, 2007, Ekkehart Boehmer; Robert Jennings; Li Wei
  37. Regime Shifts in a Dynamic Term Structure Model of U.S. Treasury Bond Yields, 2007, Qiang Dai; Kenneth J. Singleton; Wei Yang
  38. Relationship Banking, Fragility, and the Asset-Liability Matching Problem, 2007, Fenghua Song; Anjan V. Thakor
  39. Risk and Return in Fixed-Income Arbitrage: Nickels in Front of a Steamroller?, 2007, Jefferson Duarte; Francis A. Longstaff; Fan Yu
  40. Spin-offs, Divestitures, and Conglomerate Investment, 2007, Toni M. Whited; Gönül Çolak
  41. Stock Return Predictability: Is it There?, 2007, Andrew Ang; Geert Bekaert
  42. Strategic Cost of Diversification, 2007, Evgeny Lyandres
  43. The Cross-Section of Expected Trading Activity, 2007, Tarun Chordia; Sahn-Wook Huh; Avanidhar Subrahmanyam
  44. The Effect of Private-Debt-Underwriting Reputation on Bank Public-Debt Underwriting, 2007, Rajesh P. Narayanan; Kasturi P. Rangan; Nanda K. Rangan
  45. The Forgone Gains of Incomplete Portfolios, 2007, Monica Paiella
  46. The Real Effects of Asset Market Bubbles: Loan- and Firm-Level Evidence of a Lending Channel, 2007, Jie Gan
  47. The Role of Knowhow Acquisition in the Formation and Duration of Joint Ventures, 2007, Michel A. Habib; Pierre Mella-Barral
  48. Tipping, 2007, Paul Irvine; Marc Lipson; Andy Puckett
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  55. Walrasian Tâtonnement Auctions on the Tokyo Grain Exchange, 2007, James Eaves; Jeffrey Williams
  56. When Does Extra Risk Strictly Increase an Option's Value?, 2007, Eric Rasmusen
  57. Why Does Implied Risk Aversion Smile?, 2007, Alexandre Ziegler