Mingze Gao

Curated Reading List - 2022

Journal of Finance

  1. A New Test of Risk Factor Relevance, 2022, Alex Chinco; Samuel M. Hartzmark; Abigail B. Sussman
  2. A Theory of Equivalent Expectation Measures for Contingent Claim Returns, 2022, Sanjay K. Nawalkha; Xiaoyang Zhuo
  3. Anomalies and the Expected Market Return, 2022, Xi Dong; Yan Li; David E. Rapach; Guofu Zhou
  4. Are Analyst Short‐Term Trade Ideas Valuable?, 2022, Justin Birru; Sinan Gokkaya; Xi Liu; René M. Stulz
  5. Asset Pricing with Cohort‐Based Trading in MBS Markets, 2022, Nicola Fusari; Wei Li; Haoyang Liu; Zhaogang Song
  6. Attention‐Induced Trading and Returns: Evidence from Robinhood Users, 2022, Brad M. Barber; Xing Huang; Terrance Odean; Christopher Schwarz
  7. Bank Market Power and Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence from a Structural Estimation, 2022, Yifei Wang; Toni M. Whited; Yufeng Wu; Kairong Xiao
  8. Barbarians at the Store? Private Equity, Products, and Consumers, 2022, Cesare Fracassi; Alessandro Previtero; Albert Sheen
  9. Belief Disagreement and Portfolio Choice, 2022, Maarten Meeuwis; Jonathan A. Parker; Antoinette Schoar; Duncan Simester
  10. Borrowing to Save? The Impact of Automatic Enrollment on Debt, 2022, John Beshears; James J. Choi; David Laibson; Brigitte C. Madrian; William L. Skimmyhorn
  11. CEO Political Leanings and Store‐Level Economic Activity during the COVID‐19 Crisis: Effects on Shareholder Value and Public Health, 2022, John M. Bizjak; Swaminathan L. Kalpathy; Vassil T. Mihov; Jue Ren
  12. Clients' Connections: Measuring the Role of Private Information in Decentralized Markets, 2022, Péter Kondor; Gábor Pintér
  13. Commodity Financialization and Information Transmission, 2022, Itay Goldstein; Liyan Yang
  14. Common Ownership Does Not Have Anticompetitive Effects in the Airline Industry, 2022, Patrick Dennis; Kristopher Gerardi; Carola Schenone
  15. Common Risk Factors in Cryptocurrency, 2022, Yukun Liu; Aleh Tsyvinski; Xi Wu
  16. Cultural Biases in Equity Analysis, 2022, Vesa Pursiainen
  17. Debt Refinancing and Equity Returns, 2022, Nils Friewald; Florian Nagler; Christian Wagner
  18. Dissecting Conglomerate Valuations, 2022, Oliver Boguth; Ran Duchin; Mikhail Simutin
  19. Do Equity Markets Care about Income Inequality? Evidence from Pay Ratio Disclosure, 2022, Yihui Pan; Elena S. Pikulina; Stephan Siegel; Tracy Yue Wang
  20. Do Firms Respond to Gender Pay Gap Transparency?, 2022, Morten Bennedsen; Elena Simintzi; Margarita Tsoutsoura; Daniel Wolfenzon
  21. Do Market Prices Improve the Accuracy of Court Valuations in Chapter 11?, 2022, Cem Demiroglu; Julian Franks; Ryan Lewis
  22. Factor Momentum and the Momentum Factor, 2022, Sina Ehsani; Juhani T. Linnainmaa
  23. Female Representation in the Academic Finance Profession, 2022, Mila Getmansky Sherman; Heather E. Tookes
  24. Financial Crises and Political Radicalization: How Failing Banks Paved Hitler's Path to Power, 2022, Sebastian Doerr; Stefan Gissler; José‐Luis Peydró; Hans‐Joachim Voth
  25. Financial Crisis, Creditor‐Debtor Conflict, and Populism, 2022, Győző Gyöngyösi; Emil Verner
  26. Forced Entrepreneurs, 2022, Isaac Hacamo; Kristoph Kleiner
  27. Fully Closed: Individual Responses to Realized Gains and Losses, 2022, Steffen Meyer; Michaela Pagel
  28. Going the Extra Mile: Distant Lending and Credit Cycles, 2022, João Granja; Christian Leuz; Raghuram G. Rajan
  29. How Do Financial Constraints Affect Product Pricing? Evidence from Weather and Life Insurance Premiums, 2022, Shan Ge
  30. Import Competition and Household Debt, 2022, Jean‐Noël Barrot; Erik Loualiche; Matthew Plosser; Julien Sauvagnat
  31. Increasing Enrollment in Income‐Driven Student Loan Repayment Plans: Evidence from the Navient Field Experiment, 2022, Holger Mueller; Constantine Yannelis
  32. Institutional Investors and Corporate Governance: The Incentive to Be Engaged, 2022, Jonathan Lewellen; Katharina Lewellen
  33. Is There a Risk Premium in the Stock Lending Market? Evidence from Equity Options, 2022, Dmitriy Muravyev; Neil D. Pearson; Joshua M. Pollet
  34. Late to Recessions: Stocks and the Business Cycle, 2022, Roberto Gómez‐Cram
  35. Learning by Owning in a Lemons Market, 2022, Jordan Martel; Kenneth Mirkin; Brian Waters
  36. Liquidity Fluctuations in Over‐the‐Counter Markets, 2022, Vincent Maurin
  37. Loan Terms and Collateral: Evidence from the Bilateral Repo Market, 2022, Jun Kyung Auh; Mattia Landoni
  38. Long‐Run Risk: Is It There?, 2022, Yukun Liu; Ben Matthies
  39. Luck versus Skill in the Cross Section of Mutual Fund Returns: Reexamining the Evidence, 2022, Campbell R. Harvey; Yan Liu
  40. Monetary Policy Spillovers through Invoicing Currencies, 2022, Tony Zhang
  41. Monetary Policy and Asset Valuation, 2022, Francesco Bianchi; Martin Lettau; Sydney C. Ludvigson
  42. Non‐Deal Roadshows, Informed Trading, and Analyst Conflicts of Interest, 2022, Daniel Bradley; Russell Jame; Jared Williams
  43. Payment System Externalities, 2022, Christine A. Parlour; Uday Rajan; Johan Walden
  44. Predictable Financial Crises, 2022, Robin Greenwood; Samuel G. Hanson; Andrei Shleifer; Jakob Ahm Sørensen
  45. Predictably Unequal? The Effects of Machine Learning on Credit Markets, 2022, Andreas Fuster; Paul Goldsmith‐Pinkham; Tarun Ramadorai; Ansgar Walther
  46. Presidential Address: Corporate Finance and Reality, 2022, John R. Graham
  47. Quantifying Reduced‐Form Evidence on Collateral Constraints, 2022, Sylvain Catherine; Thomas Chaney; Zongbo Huang; David Sraer; David Thesmar
  48. Rare Disasters, Financial Development, and Sovereign Debt, 2022, Sergio Rebelo; Neng Wang; Jinqiang Yang
  49. Regulation of Charlatans in High‐Skill Professions, 2022, Jonathan B. Berk; Jules H. Van Binsbergen
  50. Report of the Editor of The Journal of Finance for the Year 2021, 2022, Stefan Nagel
  51. Resource Allocation in Bank Supervision: Trade‐Offs and Outcomes, 2022, Thomas M. Eisenbach; David O. Lucca; Robert M. Townsend
  52. Rising Intangible Capital, Shrinking Debt Capacity, and the U.S. Corporate Savings Glut, 2022, Antonio Falato; Dalida Kadyrzhanova; Jae Sim; Roberto Steri
  53. Risk‐Sharing and the Term Structure of Interest Rates, 2022, Andrés Schneider
  54. Skill, Scale, and Value Creation in the Mutual Fund Industry, 2022, Laurent Barras; Patrick Gagliardini; Olivier Scaillet
  55. Stock Market Spillovers via the Global Production Network: Transmission of U.S. Monetary Policy, 2022, Julian Di Giovanni; Galina Hale
  56. Stock Market and No‐Dividend Stocks, 2022, Adem Atmaz; Suleyman Basak
  57. Stock Market's Assessment of Monetary Policy Transmission: The Cash Flow Effect, 2022, Refet Gürkaynak; Hati̇ce Gökçe Karasoy‐Can; Sang Seok Lee
  58. Testing Disagreement Models, 2022, Yen‐Cheng Chang; Pei‐Jie Hsiao; Alexander Ljungqvist; Kevin Tseng
  59. The Anatomy of the Transmission of Macroprudential Policies, 2022, Viral V. Acharya; Katharina Bergant; Matteo Crosignani; Tim Eisert; Fergal Mccann
  60. The Cost of Capital for Banks: Evidence from Analyst Earnings Forecasts, 2022, Jens Dick‐Nielsen; Jacob Gyntelberg; Christoffer Thimsen
  61. The Economics of Deferral and Clawback Requirements, 2022, Florian Hoffmann; Roman Inderst; Marcus Opp
  62. The Fragility of Market Risk Insurance, 2022, Ralph S.J. Koijen; Motohiro Yogo
  63. The Golden Mean: The Risk‐Mitigating Effect of Combining Tournament Rewards with High‐Powered Incentives, 2022, Dunhong Jin; Thomas Noe
  64. The Limits of Model‐Based Regulation, 2022, Markus Behn; Rainer Haselmann; Vikrant Vig
  65. The Loan Covenant Channel: How Bank Health Transmits to the Real Economy, 2022, Gabriel Chodorow‐Reich; Antonio Falato
  66. The Price of Higher Order Catastrophe Insurance: The Case of VIX Options, 2022, Bjørn Eraker; Aoxiang Yang
  67. The Two‐Pillar Policy for the RMB, 2022, Urban J. Jermann; Bin Wei; Vivian Z. Yue
  68. The Wisdom of the Robinhood Crowd, 2022, Ivo Welch
  69. Volatility Expectations and Returns, 2022, Lars A. Lochstoer; Tyler Muir
  70. When Should Bankruptcy Law Be Creditor‐ or Debtor‐Friendly? Theory and Evidence, 2022, David Schoenherr; Jan Starmans

Journal of Financial Economics

  1. A factor model for option returns, 2022, Matthias Büchner; Bryan Kelly
  2. A frog in every pan: Information discreteness and the lead-lag returns puzzle, 2022, Shiyang Huang; Charles M.C. Lee; Yang Song; Hong Xiang
  3. A picture is worth a thousand words: Measuring investor sentiment by combining machine learning and photos from news, 2022, Khaled Obaid; Kuntara Pukthuanthong
  4. A theory of financial media, 2022, Eitan Goldman; Jordan Martel; Jan Schneemeier
  5. A unified model of distress risk puzzles, 2022, Zhiyao Chen; Dirk Hackbarth; Ilya A. Strebulaev
  6. Ambiguity about volatility and investor behavior, 2022, Dimitrios Kostopoulos; Steffen Meyer; Charline Uhr
  7. Anticompetitive effects of horizontal acquisitions: The impact of within-industry product similarity, 2022, Maryam Fathollahi; Jarrad Harford; Sandy Klasa
  8. Asset pricing on earnings announcement days, 2022, Kam Fong Chan; Terry Marsh
  9. Asset pricing with return extrapolation, 2022, Lawrence J. Jin; Pengfei Sui
  10. Attention triggers and investors’ risk-taking, 2022, Marc Arnold; Matthias Pelster; Marti G. Subrahmanyam
  11. Bank capital structure and regulation: Overcoming and embracing adverse selection, 2022, Sonny Biswas; Kostas Koufopoulos
  12. Bank liquidity provision across the firm size distribution, 2022, Gabriel Chodorow-Reich; Olivier Darmouni; Stephan Luck; Matthew Plosser
  13. Bank transparency and deposit flows, 2022, Qi Chen; Itay Goldstein; Zeqiong Huang; Rahul Vashishtha
  14. Betting against betting against beta, 2022, Robert Novy-Marx; Mihail Velikov
  15. Beyond the target: M&A decisions and rival ownership, 2022, Miguel Antón; José Azar; Mireia Gine; Luca X. Lin
  16. Biases in long-horizon predictive regressions, 2022, Jacob Boudoukh; Ronen Israel; Matthew Richardson
  17. Bitcoin’s limited adoption problem, 2022, Franz J. Hinzen; Kose John; Fahad Saleh
  18. Blood in the water: The value of antitakeover provisions during market shocks, 2022, Scott Guernsey; Simone M. Sepe; Matthew Serfling
  19. Bubbles and the value of innovation, 2022, Valentin Haddad; Paul Ho; Erik Loualiche
  20. Bucking the trend: Why do IPOs choose controversial governance structures and why do investors let them?, 2022, Laura Casares Field; Michelle Lowry
  21. Busy bankruptcy courts and the cost of credit, 2022, Karsten Müller
  22. Can FinTech reduce disparities in access to finance? Evidence from the Paycheck Protection Program, 2022, Isil Erel; Jack Liebersohn
  23. Capital forbearance in the bank recovery and resolution game, 2022, Natalya Martynova; Enrico Perotti; Javier Suarez
  24. Closing auctions: Nasdaq versus NYSE, 2022, Narasimhan Jegadeesh; Yanbin Wu
  25. Collateral and asymmetric information in lending markets, 2022, Vasso Ioannidou; Nicola Pavanini; Yushi Peng
  26. Competition and manipulation in derivative contract markets, 2022, Anthony Lee Zhang
  27. Consumer-lending discrimination in the FinTech Era, 2022, Robert Bartlett; Adair Morse; Richard Stanton; Nancy Wallace
  28. Corporate actions and the manipulation of retail investors in China: An analysis of stock splits, 2022, Sheridan Titman; Chishen Wei; Bin Zhao
  29. Corporate culture: Evidence from the field, 2022, John R. Graham; Jillian Grennan; Campbell R. Harvey; Shivaram Rajgopal
  30. Corporate flexibility in a time of crisis, 2022, John W. Barry; Murillo Campello; John R. Graham; Yueran Ma
  31. Count (and count-like) data in finance, 2022, Jonathan B. Cohn; Zack Liu; Malcolm I. Wardlaw
  32. Credit cycles with market-based household leverage, 2022, William Diamond; Tim Landvoigt
  33. Cross-listings, antitakeover defenses, and the insulation hypothesis, 2022, Albert Tsang; Nan Yang; Lingyi Zheng
  34. Cyber risk and the U.S. financial system: A pre-mortem analysis, 2022, Thomas M. Eisenbach; Anna Kovner; Michael Junho Lee
  35. Debt dynamics with fixed issuance costs, 2022, Luca Benzoni; Lorenzo Garlappi; Robert S. Goldstein; Chao Ying
  36. Decomposing firm value, 2022, Frederico Belo; Vito D. Gala; Juliana Salomao; Maria Ana Vitorino
  37. Democracy and the pricing of initial public offerings around the world, 2022, Huu Nhan Duong; Abhinav Goyal; Vasileios Kallinterakis; Madhu Veeraraghavan
  38. Did the paycheck protection program hit the target?, 2022, João Granja; Christos Makridis; Constantine Yannelis; Eric Zwick
  39. Disappearing and reappearing dividends, 2022, Roni Michaely; Amani Moin
  40. Dissecting currency momentum, 2022, Shaojun Zhang
  41. Dissecting green returns, 2022, Ľuboš Pástor; Robert F. Stambaugh; Lucian A. Taylor
  42. Do real estate values boost corporate borrowing? Evidence from contract-level data, 2022, Murillo Campello; Robert A. Connolly; Gaurav Kankanhalli; Eva Steiner
  43. Do the right firms survive bankruptcy?, 2022, Samuel Antill
  44. Does customer-base structure influence managerial risk-taking incentives?, 2022, Jie Chen; Xunhua Su; Xuan Tian; Bin Xu
  45. Does mutual fund illiquidity introduce fragility into asset prices? Evidence from the corporate bond market, 2022, Hao Jiang; Yi Li; Zheng Sun; Ashley Wang
  46. Does paycheck frequency matter? Evidence from micro data, 2022, Brian Baugh; Filipe Correia
  47. Does short-selling potential influence merger and acquisition payment choice?, 2022, Marie Dutordoir; Norman C. Strong; Ping Sun
  48. Dominant currency debt, 2022, Egemen Eren; Semyon Malamud
  49. Employee output response to stock market wealth shocks, 2022, Teng Li; Wenlan Qian; Wei A. Xiong; Xin Zou
  50. Endogenous inattention and risk-specific price underreaction in corporate bonds, 2022, Jiacui Li
  51. Epidemic disease and financial development, 2022, Jiafu An; Wenxuan Hou; Chen Lin
  52. Equity tail risk and currency risk premiums, 2022, Zhenzhen Fan; Juan M. Londono; Xiao Xiao
  53. Executive stock options and systemic risk, 2022, Christopher Armstrong; Allison Nicoletti; Frank S. Zhou
  54. Expansionary yet different: Credit supply and real effects of negative interest rate policy, 2022, Margherita Bottero; Camelia Minoiu; José-Luis Peydró; Andrea Polo; Andrea F. Presbitero; Enrico Sette
  55. Expected return, volume, and mispricing, 2022, Yufeng Han; Dashan Huang; Dayong Huang; Guofu Zhou
  56. Financial development and labor market outcomes: Evidence from Brazil, 2022, Bernardus Van Doornik; Julia Fonseca
  57. Financial education affects financial knowledge and downstream behaviors, 2022, Tim Kaiser; Annamaria Lusardi; Lukas Menkhoff; Carly Urban
  58. Financial factors and the propagation of the Great Depression, 2022, Gustavo S. Cortes; Bryan Taylor; Marc D. Weidenmier
  59. Financial transaction taxes and the informational efficiency of financial markets: A structural estimation, 2022, Marco Cipriani; Antonio Guarino; Andreas Uthemann
  60. Financially constrained mortgage servicers, 2022, Darren J. Aiello
  61. Financing breakthroughs under failure risk, 2022, Simon Mayer
  62. Financing constraints, home equity and selection into entrepreneurship, 2022, Thais Laerkholm Jensen; Søren Leth-Petersen; Ramana Nanda
  63. Fire-sale risk in the leveraged loan market, 2022, Redouane Elkamhi; Yoshio Nozawa
  64. Flattening the curve: Pandemic-Induced revaluation of urban real estate, 2022, Arpit Gupta; Vrinda Mittal; Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh; Jonas Peeters
  65. Foreign investment of US multinationals: The effect of tax policy and agency conflicts., 2022, James F. Albertus; Brent Glover; Oliver Levine
  66. Fund manager skill in an era of globalization: Offshore concentration and fund performance, 2022, John Jianqiu Bai; Yuehua Tang; Chi Wan; H. Zafer Yüksel
  67. Game on: Social networks and markets, 2022, Lasse Heje Pedersen
  68. Geographic clustering of institutional investors, 2022, Donghyun Kim; Qinghai Wang; Xiaoqiong Wang
  69. Good for your fiscal health? The effect of the affordable care act on healthcare borrowing costs, 2022, Pengjie Gao; Chang Lee; Dermot Murphy
  70. Government policy approval and exchange rates, 2022, Yang Liu; Ivan Shaliastovich
  71. Gravity, counterparties, and foreign investment, 2022, Cristian Badarinza; Tarun Ramadorai; Chihiro Shimizu
  72. Growth forecasts and news about monetary policy, 2022, Nina Karnaukh; Petra Vokata
  73. Have exchange-listed firms become less important for the economy?, 2022, Frederik P. Schlingemann; René M. Stulz
  74. Have risk premia vanished?, 2022, Simon C. Smith; Allan Timmermann
  75. High policy uncertainty and low implied market volatility: An academic puzzle?, 2022, Jędrzej Białkowski; Huong Dieu Dang; Xiaopeng Wei
  76. How monetary policy shaped the housing boom, 2022, Itamar Drechsler; Alexi Savov; Philipp Schnabl
  77. How much should we trust staggered difference-in-differences estimates?, 2022, Andrew C. Baker; David F. Larcker; Charles C.Y. Wang
  78. How voluntary information sharing systems form: Evidence from a U.S. commercial credit bureau, 2022, José Liberti; Jason Sturgess; Andrew Sutherland
  79. IPO peer effects, 2022, Cyrus Aghamolla; Richard T. Thakor
  80. In sickness and in debt: The COVID-19 impact on sovereign credit risk, 2022, Patrick Augustin; Valeri Sokolovski; Marti G. Subrahmanyam; Davide Tomio
  81. Intermediation in the interbank lending market, 2022, Ben Craig; Yiming Ma
  82. International asset pricing with strategic business groups1, 2022, Massimo Massa; James O'Donovan; Hong Zhang
  83. Investing outside the box: Evidence from alternative vehicles in private equity, 2022, Josh Lerner; Jason Mao; Antoinette Schoar; Nan R. Zhang
  84. Investment slumps during financial crises: The real effects of credit supply, 2022, Alexandros Fakos; Plutarchos Sakellaris; Tiago Tavares
  85. Is there a home field advantage in global markets?, 2022, Murali Jagannathan; Wei Jiao; G. Andrew Karolyi
  86. Is there a zero lower bound? The effects of negative policy rates on banks and firms, 2022, Carlo Altavilla; Lorenzo Burlon; Mariassunta Giannetti; Sarah Holton
  87. Issuance overpricing of China's corporate debt securities, 2022, Yi Ding; Wei Xiong; Jinfan Zhang
  88. It’s what you say and what you buy: A holistic evaluation of the corporate credit facilities, 2022, Nina Boyarchenko; Anna Kovner; Or Shachar
  89. Keeping options open: What motivates entrepreneurs?, 2022, Sylvain Catherine
  90. Launching with a parachute: The gig economy and new business formation, 2022, John M. Barrios; Yael V. Hochberg; Hanyi Yi
  91. Learning, slowly unfolding disasters, and asset prices, 2022, Mohammad Ghaderi; Mete Kilic; Sang Byung Seo
  92. Let the rich be flooded: The distribution of financial aid and distress after hurricane harvey, 2022, Stephen B. Billings; Emily A. Gallagher; Lowell Ricketts
  93. Leverage, 2022, Tano Santos; Pietro Veronesi
  94. Liquidity in the global currency market, 2022, Paolo Santucci De Magistris; Angelo Ranaldo
  95. Liquidity, pledgeability, and the nature of lending, 2022, Douglas W. Diamond; Yunzhi Hu; Raghuram G. Rajan
  96. Listening in on investors’ thoughts and conversations, 2022, Hailiang Chen; Byoung-Hyoun Hwang
  97. Local banks, credit supply, and house prices, 2022, Kristian Blickle
  98. Machine learning in the Chinese stock market, 2022, Markus Leippold; Qian Wang; Wenyu Zhou
  99. Macro news and micro news: Complements or substitutes?, 2022, David Hirshleifer; Jinfei Sheng
  100. Market efficiency in the age of big data, 2022, Ian W.R. Martin; Stefan Nagel
  101. Measuring the ex-ante incentive effects of creditor control rights during bankruptcy reorganization, 2022, Ashwini Agrawal; Juanita González-Uribe; Jimmy Martínez-Correa
  102. Measuring the welfare cost of asymmetric information in consumer credit markets, 2022, Anthony A. Defusco; Huan Tang; Constantine Yannelis
  103. Millionaires speak: What drives their personal investment decisions?, 2022, Svetlana Bender; James J. Choi; Danielle Dyson; Adriana Z. Robertson
  104. Monetary policy expectation errors, 2022, Maik Schmeling; Andreas Schrimpf; Sigurd A.M. Steffensen
  105. More informative disclosures, less informative prices? Portfolio and price formation around quarter-ends, 2022, Todd A. Gormley; Zachary Kaplan; Aadhaar Verma
  106. Multivariate crash risk, 2022, Fousseni Chabi-Yo; Markus Huggenberger; Florian Weigert
  107. Music sentiment and stock returns around the world, 2022, Alex Edmans; Adrian Fernandez-Perez; Alexandre Garel; Ivan Indriawan
  108. Network effects in corporate financial policies, 2022, William Grieser; Charles Hadlock; James Lesage; Morad Zekhnini
  109. News as sources of jumps in stock returns: Evidence from 21 million news articles for 9000 companies, 2022, Yoontae Jeon; Thomas H. Mccurdy; Xiaofei Zhao
  110. Oil volatility risk, 2022, Lin Gao; Steffen Hitzemann; Ivan Shaliastovich; Lai Xu
  111. On index investing, 2022, Jeffrey L. Coles; Davidson Heath; Matthew C. Ringgenberg
  112. On the fast track: Information acquisition costs and information production, 2022, Deqiu Chen; Yujing Ma; Xiumin Martin; Roni Michaely
  113. On the information content of credit ratings and market-based measures of default risk, 2022, Oleg R. Gredil; Nishad Kapadia; Jung Hoon Lee
  114. Outlier blindness: A neurobiological foundation for neglect of financial risk, 2022, Elise Payzan-Lenestour; Michael Woodford
  115. Overallocation and secondary market outcomes in corporate bond offerings, 2022, Hendrik Bessembinder; Stacey Jacobsen; William Maxwell; Kumar Venkataraman
  116. Overnight returns, daytime reversals, and future stock returns, 2022, Ferhat Akbas; Ekkehart Boehmer; Chao Jiang; Paul D. Koch
  117. Partisan residential sorting on climate change risk, 2022, Asaf Bernstein; Stephen B. Billings; Matthew T. Gustafson; Ryan Lewis
  118. Patent quality, firm value, and investor underreaction: Evidence from patent examiner busyness, 2022, Tao Shu; Xuan Tian; Xintong Zhan
  119. Paying for beta: Leverage demand and asset management fees, 2022, Steffen Hitzemann; Stanislav Sokolinski; Mingzhu Tai
  120. Peak-Bust rental spreads, 2022, Marco Giacoletti; Christopher A. Parsons
  121. Peer selection and valuation in mergers and acquisitions, 2022, Gregory W. Eaton; Feng Guo; Tingting Liu; Micah S. Officer
  122. Personal finance education mandates and student loan repayment, 2022, Daniel Mangrum
  123. Portfolio choice with sustainable spending: A model of reaching for yield, 2022, John Y. Campbell; Roman Sigalov
  124. Premium for heightened uncertainty: Explaining pre-announcement market returns, 2022, Grace Xing Hu; Jun Pan; Jiang Wang; Haoxiang Zhu
  125. Price revelation from insider trading: Evidence from hacked earnings news, 2022, Pat Akey; Vincent Grégoire; Charles Martineau
  126. Price transparency in OTC equity lending markets: Evidence from a loan fee benchmark, 2022, Fábio Cereda; Fernando Chague; Rodrigo De-Losso; Alan Genaro; Bruno Giovannetti
  127. Price-setting in the foreign exchange swap market: Evidence from order flow, 2022, Olav Syrstad; Ganesh Viswanath-Natraj
  128. Pricing of index options in incomplete markets, 2022, Caio Almeida; Gustavo Freire
  129. Product market strategy and corporate policies, 2022, Jakub Hajda; Boris Nikolov
  130. Real effects of climate policy: Financial constraints and spillovers, 2022, Söhnke M. Bartram; Kewei Hou; Sehoon Kim
  131. Real-time price discovery via verbal communication: Method and application to Fedspeak, 2022, Marco Grotteria; Roberto Gómez-Cram
  132. Realized semibetas: Disentangling “good” and “bad” downside risks, 2022, Tim Bollerslev; Andrew J. Patton; Rogier Quaedvlieg
  133. Recovering the FOMC risk premium, 2022, Hong Liu; Xiaoxiao Tang; Guofu Zhou
  134. Regulatory transparency and the alignment of private and public enforcement: Evidence from the public disclosure of SEC comment letters, 2022, Amy Hutton; Susan Shu; Xin Zheng
  135. Retail shareholder participation in the proxy process: Monitoring, engagement, and voting, 2022, Alon Brav; Matthew Cain; Jonathon Zytnick
  136. Retail trader sophistication and stock market quality: Evidence from brokerage outages, 2022, Gregory W. Eaton; T. Clifton Green; Brian S. Roseman; Yanbin Wu
  137. Revealing corruption: Firm and worker level evidence from Brazil, 2022, Emanuele Colonnelli; Spyridon Lagaras; Jacopo Ponticelli; Mounu Prem; Margarita Tsoutsoura
  138. Ripples into waves: Trade networks, economic activity, and asset prices, 2022, Jeffery (Jinfan) Chang; Huancheng Du; Dong Lou; Christopher Polk
  139. Risk-adjusted capital allocation and misallocation, 2022, Joel M. David; Lukas Schmid; David Zeke
  140. Risk-free interest rates, 2022, Jules H. Van Binsbergen; William F. Diamond; Marco Grotteria
  141. Salience theory and the cross-section of stock returns: International and further evidence, 2022, Nusret Cakici; Adam Zaremba
  142. Searching for the equity premium, 2022, Hang Bai; Lu Zhang
  143. Sentiment and uncertainty, 2022, Justin Birru; Trevor Young
  144. Separating equilibria, underpricing and security design, 2022, Dan Bernhardt; Kostas Koufopoulos; Giulio Trigilia
  145. Shale shocked: Cash windfalls and household debt repayment, 2022, J. Anthony Cookson; Erik P. Gilje; Rawley Z. Heimer
  146. Shielding firm value: Employment protection and process innovation, 2022, Jan Bena; Hernán Ortiz-Molina; Elena Simintzi
  147. Short selling efficiency, 2022, Yong Chen; Zhi Da; Dayong Huang
  148. Signaling, instrumentation, and CFO decision-making, 2022, Gilles Chemla; Christopher A. Hennessy
  149. Silence is safest: Information disclosure when the audience’s preferences are uncertain, 2022, Philip Bond; Yao Zeng
  150. Sitting bucks: Stale pricing in fixed income funds, 2022, Jaewon Choi; Mathias Kronlund; Ji Yeol Jimmy Oh
  151. Size-adapted bond liquidity measures and their asset pricing implications, 2022, Michael Reichenbacher; Philipp Schuster
  152. Skill versus reliability in venture capital, 2022, Naveen Khanna; Richmond D. Mathews
  153. Social interactions and households’ flood insurance decisions, 2022, Zhongchen Hu
  154. Social learning and analyst behavior, 2022, Alok Kumar; Ville Rantala; Rosy Xu
  155. Speculative dynamics of prices and volume, 2022, Anthony A. Defusco; Charles G. Nathanson; Eric Zwick
  156. Stock return ignorance, 2022, Yulia Merkoulova; Chris Veld
  157. Stocks for the long run? Evidence from a broad sample of developed markets, 2022, Aizhan Anarkulova; Scott Cederburg; Michael S. O’Doherty
  158. Strategic fragmented markets, 2022, Ana Babus; Cecilia Parlatore
  159. Student debt and default: The role of for-profit colleges, 2022, Luis Armona; Rajashri Chakrabarti; Michael F. Lovenheim
  160. Sustainable investing with ESG rating uncertainty, 2022, Doron Avramov; Si Cheng; Abraham Lioui; Andrea Tarelli
  161. Taming the bias zoo, 2022, Hongqi Liu; Cameron Peng; Wei A. Xiong; Wei Xiong
  162. The Wall Street stampede: Exit as governance with interacting blockholders, 2022, Dragana Cvijanović; Amil Dasgupta; Konstantinos E. Zachariadis
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