Mingze Gao

Curated Reading List - 2021

Journal of Finance

  1. A Dynamic Model of Optimal Creditor Dispersion, 2021, Hongda Zhong
  2. A Theory of Zombie Lending, 2021, Yunzhi Hu; Felipe Varas
  3. A Unified Model of Firm Dynamics with Limited Commitment and Assortative Matching, 2021, Hengjie Ai; Dana Kiku; Rui Li; Jincheng Tong
  4. Anonymous Trading in Equities, 2021, Tom Grimstvedt Meling
  5. Are CEOs Different?, 2021, Steven N. Kaplan; Morten Sorensen
  6. Asset Managers: Institutional Performance and Factor Exposures, 2021, Joseph Gerakos; Juhani T. Linnainmaa; Adair Morse
  7. Asset Pricing and Sports Betting, 2021, Tobias J. Moskowitz
  8. Banking on Deposits: Maturity Transformation without Interest Rate Risk, 2021, Itamar Drechsler; Alexi Savov; Philipp Schnabl
  9. Can the Market Multiply and Divide? Non‐Proportional Thinking in Financial Markets, 2021, Kelly Shue; Richard R. Townsend
  10. Currency Mispricing and Dealer Balance Sheets, 2021, Gino Cenedese; Pasquale Della Corte; Tianyu Wang
  11. Do Household Wealth Shocks Affect Productivity? Evidence from Innovative Workers During the Great Recession, 2021, Shai Bernstein; Timothy Mcquade; Richard R. Townsend
  12. Do Intermediaries Matter for Aggregate Asset Prices?, 2021, Valentin Haddad; Tyler Muir
  13. Do Physiological and Spiritual Factors Affect Economic Decisions?, 2021, Cem Demiroglu; Oguzhan Ozbas; Rui C. Silva; Mehmet Fati̇h Ulu
  14. Don't Take Their Word for It: The Misclassification of Bond Mutual Funds, 2021, Huaizhi Chen; Lauren Cohen; Umit G. Gurun
  15. Economic Stimulus at the Expense of Routine‐Task Jobs, 2021, Selale Tuzel; Miao Ben Zhang
  16. Equilibrium Asset Pricing with Leverage and Default, 2021, João F. Gomes; Lukas Schmid
  17. Financial Fragility with SAM?, 2021, Daniel L. Greenwald; Tim Landvoigt; Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
  18. Fire‐Sale Spillovers and Systemic Risk, 2021, Fernando Duarte; Thomas M. Eisenbach
  19. Fire‐Sale Spillovers in Debt Markets, 2021, Antonio Falato; Ali Hortaçsu; Dan Li; Chaehee Shin
  20. For Richer, for Poorer: Bankers' Liability and Bank Risk in New England, 1867 to 1880, 2021, Peter Koudijs; Laura Salisbury; Gurpal Sran
  21. Foreign Safe Asset Demand and the Dollar Exchange Rate, 2021, Zhengyang Jiang; Arvind Krishnamurthy; Hanno Lustig
  22. How Debit Cards Enable the Poor to Save More, 2021, Pierre Bachas; Paul Gertler; Sean Higgins; Enrique Seira
  23. Inalienable Customer Capital, Corporate Liquidity, and Stock Returns, 2021, Winston Wei Dou; Yan Ji; David Reibstein; Wei Wu
  24. Inequality Aversion, Populism, and the Backlash against Globalization, 2021, Ľuboš Pástor; Pietro Veronesi
  25. Information Asymmetry, Mispricing, and Security Issuance, 2021, Jiyoon Lee
  26. Information Consumption and Asset Pricing, 2021, Azi Ben‐Rephael; Bruce I. Carlin; Zhi Da; Ryan D. Israelsen
  27. Information Inertia, 2021, Scott Condie; Jayant V. Ganguli; Philipp K. Illeditsch
  28. Intermediation Variety, 2021, Jason Roderick Donaldson; Giorgia Piacentino; Anjan Thakor
  29. Inventory Management, Dealers' Connections, and Prices in Over‐the‐Counter Markets, 2021, Jean‐Edouard Colliard; Thierry Foucault; Peter Hoffmann
  30. Learning From Disagreement in the U.S. Treasury Bond Market, 2021, Marco Giacoletti; Kristoffer T. Laursen; Kenneth J. Singleton
  31. Leverage Dynamics without Commitment, 2021, Peter M. Demarzo; Zhiguo He
  32. Leverage Regulation and Market Structure: A Structural Model of the U.K. Mortgage Market, 2021, Matteo Benetton
  33. Leveraged Funds and the Shadow Cost of Leverage Constraints, 2021, Zhongjin Lu; Zhongling Qin
  34. Limited Risk Sharing and International Equity Returns, 2021, Shaojun Zhang
  35. Liquidity Supply in the Corporate Bond Market, 2021, Jonathan Goldberg; Yoshio Nozawa
  36. Matteo Maggiori: Winner of the 2021 Fischer Black Prize, 2021, Hanno Lustig
  37. Model‐Free International Stochastic Discount Factors, 2021, Mirela Sandulescu; Fabio Trojani; Andrea Vedolin
  38. Monetary Policy and Reaching for Income, 2021, Kent Daniel; Lorenzo Garlappi; Kairong Xiao
  39. Mortgage Design in an Equilibrium Model of the Housing Market, 2021, Adam M. Guren; Arvind Krishnamurthy; Timothy J. Mcquade
  40. Mutual Fund Holdings of Credit Default Swaps: Liquidity, Yield, and Risk, 2021, Wei Jiang; Jitao Ou; Zhongyan Zhu
  41. Negative Home Equity and Household Labor Supply, 2021, Asaf Bernstein
  42. Out‐of‐Town Home Buyers and City Welfare, 2021, Jack Favilukis; Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
  43. Partisan Professionals: Evidence from Credit Rating Analysts, 2021, Elisabeth Kempf; Margarita Tsoutsoura
  44. Presidential Address: How Much “Rationality” Is There in Bond‐Market Risk Premiums?, 2021, Kenneth J. Singleton
  45. Property Rights to Client Relationships and Financial Advisor Incentives, 2021, Christopher P. Clifford; William C. Gerken
  46. Prospect Theory and Stock Market Anomalies, 2021, Nicholas Barberis; Lawrence J. Jin; Baolian Wang
  47. Public Thrift, Private Perks: Signaling Board Independence with Executive Pay, 2021, Pablo Ruiz‐Verdú; Ravi Singh
  48. Real Estate Shocks and Financial Advisor Misconduct, 2021, Tyson Van Alfen; Stephen G. Dimmock; William C. Gerken
  49. Reinvestment Risk and the Equity Term Structure, 2021, Andrei S. Gonçalves
  50. Rent Extraction with Securities Plus Cash, 2021, Dan Bernhardt; Tingjun Liu
  51. Report of the Editor of The Journal of Finance for the Year 2020, 2021, Stefan Nagel
  52. Risk Management in Financial Institutions: A Replication, 2021, Paul M. Guest
  53. Sentiment Trading and Hedge Fund Returns, 2021, Yong Chen; Bing Han; Jing Pan
  54. Structuring Mortgages for Macroeconomic Stability, 2021, John Y. Campbell; Nuno Clara; João F. Cocco
  55. Subjective Cash Flow and Discount Rate Expectations, 2021, Sean Myers; Ricardo De La O
  56. Talent in Distressed Firms: Investigating the Labor Costs of Financial Distress, 2021, Ramin P. Baghai; Rui C. Silva; Viktor Thell; Vikrant Vig
  57. The Capitalization of Consumer Financing into Durable Goods Prices, 2021, Bronson Argyle; Taylor Nadauld; Christopher Palmer; Ryan Pratt
  58. The Cross Section of MBS Returns, 2021, Peter Diep; Andrea L. Eisfeldt; Scott Richardson
  59. The Economics of Hedge Fund Startups: Theory and Empirical Evidence, 2021, Charles Cao; Grant Farnsworth; Hong Zhang
  60. The Impact of Repossession Risk on Mortgage Default, 2021, Terry O'Malley
  61. The Limits of Limited Liability: Evidence from Industrial Pollution, 2021, Pat Akey; Ian Appel
  62. The Limits of p‐Hacking: Some Thought Experiments, 2021, Andrew Y. Chen
  63. The Misallocation of Finance, 2021, Toni M. Whited; Jake Zhao
  64. The Misguided Beliefs of Financial Advisors, 2021, Juhani T. Linnainmaa; Brian T. Melzer; Alessandro Previtero
  65. The Perception of Dependence, Investment Decisions, and Stock Prices, 2021, Michael Ungeheuer; Martin Weber
  66. The Private Production of Safe Assets, 2021, Marcin Kacperczyk; Christophe Pérignon; Guillaume Vuillemey
  67. Time Variation of the Equity Term Structure, 2021, Niels Joachim Gormsen
  68. Tracking Retail Investor Activity, 2021, Ekkehart Boehmer; Charles M. Jones; Xiaoyan Zhang; Xinran Zhang
  69. Trading Costs and Informational Efficiency, 2021, Eduardo Dávila; Cecilia Parlatore
  70. Valuing Private Equity Investments Strip by Strip, 2021, Arpit Gupta; Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
  71. Volatility, Valuation Ratios, and Bubbles: An Empirical Measure of Market Sentiment, 2021, Can Gao; Ian W. R. Martin
  72. Weathering Cash Flow Shocks, 2021, James R. Brown; Matthew T. Gustafson; Ivan T. Ivanov
  73. What Explains Differences in Finance Research Productivity during the Pandemic?, 2021, Brad M. Barber; Wei Jiang; Adair Morse; Manju Puri; Heather Tookes; Ingrid M. Werner
  74. Who Wears the Pants? Gender Identity Norms and Intrahousehold Financial Decision‐Making, 2021, Da Ke

Journal of Financial Economics

  1. A BIT goes a long way: Bilateral investment treaties and cross-border mergers, 2021, Vineet Bhagwat; Jonathan Brogaard; Brandon Julio
  2. A day late and a dollar short: Liquidity and household formation among student borrowers, 2021, Sarena Goodman; Adam Isen; Constantine Yannelis
  3. A dynamic theory of multiple borrowing, 2021, Daniel Green; Ernest Liu
  4. A tale of two types: Generalists vs. specialists in asset management, 2021, Rafael Zambrana; Fernando Zapatero
  5. Access to public capital markets and employment growth, 2021, Alexander Borisov; Andrew Ellul; Merih Sevilir
  6. Accounting for financial stability: Bank disclosure and loss recognition in the financial crisis, 2021, Jannis Bischof; Christian Laux; Christian Leuz
  7. Air pollution, affect, and forecasting bias: Evidence from Chinese financial analysts, 2021, Rui Dong; Raymond Fisman; Yongxiang Wang; Nianhang Xu
  8. Air pollution, behavioral bias, and the disposition effect in China, 2021, Jennifer (Jie) Li; Massimo Massa; Hong Zhang; Jian Zhang
  9. Anatomy of a liquidity crisis: Corporate bonds in the COVID-19 crisis, 2021, Maureen O'Hara; Xing (Alex) Zhou
  10. And the children shall lead: Gender diversity and performance in venture capital, 2021, Sophie Calder-Wang; Paul A. Gompers
  11. Angels and venture capitalists: Substitutes or complements?, 2021, Thomas Hellmann; Paul Schure; Dan H. Vo
  12. Are disagreements agreeable? Evidence from information aggregation, 2021, Dashan Huang; Jiangyuan Li; Liyao Wang
  13. Are return seasonalities due to risk or mispricing?, 2021, Matti Keloharju; Juhani T. Linnainmaa; Peter Nyberg
  14. Asset mispricing, 2021, Kurt F. Lewis; Francis A. Longstaff; Lubomir Petrasek
  15. Asset prices, midterm elections, and political uncertainty, 2021, Kam Fong Chan; Terry Marsh
  16. Asset pricing with heterogeneous agents and long-run risk, 2021, Walter Pohl; Karl Schmedders; Ole Wilms
  17. Asset pricing with index investing, 2021, Georgy Chabakauri; Oleg Rytchkov
  18. Asymmetric information risk in FX markets, 2021, Angelo Ranaldo; Fabricius Somogyi
  19. Bank capital, government bond holdings, and sovereign debt capacity, 2021, Matteo Crosignani
  20. Bank monitoring: Evidence from syndicated loans, 2021, Matthew T. Gustafson; Ivan T. Ivanov; Ralf R. Meisenzahl
  21. Banks as patient lenders: Evidence from a tax reform, 2021, Elena Carletti; Vasso Ioannidou; Filippo De Marco; Enrico Sette
  22. Banks funding, leverage, and investment, 2021, Alessandro Barattieri; Laura Moretti; Vincenzo Quadrini
  23. Benchmark interest rates when the government is risky, 2021, P. Augustin; M. Chernov; L. Schmid; D. Song
  24. Bias in the effective bid-ask spread, 2021, Björn Hagströmer
  25. Brexit and the contraction of syndicated lending, 2021, Tobias Berg; Anthony Saunders; Larissa Schäfer; Sascha Steffen
  26. Business groups and the incorporation of firm-specific shocks into stock prices, 2021, Mara Faccio; Randall Morck; M. Deniz Yavuz
  27. Calendar rotations: A new approach for studying the impact of timing using earnings announcements, 2021, Suzie Noh; Eric C. So; Rodrigo S. Verdi
  28. Can investors time their exposure to private equity?, 2021, Gregory Brown; Robert Harris; Wendy Hu; Tim Jenkinson; Steven N. Kaplan; David T. Robinson
  29. Can unpredictable risk exposure be priced?, 2021, Ricardo Barahona; Joost Driessen; Rik Frehen
  30. Capital supply and corporate bond issuances: Evidence from mutual fund flows, 2021, Qifei Zhu
  31. Central bank communication and the yield curve, 2021, Matteo Leombroni; Andrea Vedolin; Gyuri Venter; Paul Whelan
  32. Color and credit: Race, regulation, and the quality of financial services, 2021, Taylor A. Begley; Amiyatosh Purnanandam
  33. Common ownership and competition in product markets, 2021, Andrew Koch; Marios Panayides; Shawn Thomas
  34. Common pricing across asset classes: Empirical evidence revisited, 2021, Nikolay Gospodinov; Cesare Robotti
  35. Common shocks in stocks and bonds, 2021, Anna Cieslak; Hao Pang
  36. Compensation disclosures and strategic commitment: Evidence from revenue-based pay, 2021, Matthew J. Bloomfield
  37. Competition among liquidity providers with access to high-frequency trading technology, 2021, Mark Van Achter; Dion Bongaerts
  38. Competition, profitability, and discount rates, 2021, Winston Wei Dou; Yan Ji; Wei Wu
  39. Contracting without contracting institutions: The trusted assistant loan in 19th century China, 2021, Meng Miao; Guanjie Niu; Thomas Noe
  40. Contracts with (Social) benefits: The implementation of impact investing, 2021, Christopher Geczy; Jessica S. Jeffers; David K. Musto; Anne M. Tucker
  41. Core earnings: New data and evidence, 2021, Ethan Rouen; Eric C. So; Charles C.Y. Wang
  42. Corporate green bonds, 2021, Caroline Flammer
  43. Corporate immunity to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021, Wenzhi Ding; Ross Levine; Chen Lin; Wensi Xie
  44. Creditor control rights and resource allocation within firms, 2021, Nuri Ersahin; Rustom M. Irani; Hanh Le
  45. Death by committee? An analysis of corporate board (sub-) committees, 2021, Renée B. Adams; Vanitha Ragunathan; Robert Tumarkin
  46. Debt relief and slow recovery: A decade after Lehman, 2021, Tomasz Piskorski; Amit Seru
  47. Deleting misconduct: The expungement of BrokerCheck records, 2021, Colleen Honigsberg; Matthew Jacob
  48. Diagnostic bubbles, 2021, Pedro Bordalo; Nicola Gennaioli; Spencer Yongwook Kwon; Andrei Shleifer
  49. Did technology contribute to the housing boom? Evidence from MERS, 2021, Stefan Lewellen; Emily Williams
  50. Directors’ career concerns: Evidence from proxy contests and board interlocks, 2021, Shuran Zhang
  51. Dissecting bankruptcy frictions, 2021, Winston Wei Dou; Lucian A. Taylor; Wei Wang; Wenyu Wang
  52. Do activist hedge funds target female CEOs? The role of CEO gender in hedge fund activism, 2021, Bill B. Francis; Iftekhar Hasan; Yinjie (Victor) Shen; Qiang Wu
  53. Do investors care about carbon risk?, 2021, Patrick Bolton; Marcin Kacperczyk
  54. Do limits to arbitrage explain the benefits of volatility-managed portfolios?, 2021, Pedro Barroso; Andrew Detzel
  55. Do low search costs facilitate like-buys-like mergers? Evidence from common bank networks1, 2021, Jiakai Chen; Joon Ho Kim; S. Ghon Rhee
  56. Does common ownership really increase firm coordination?, 2021, Katharina Lewellen; Michelle Lowry
  57. Does personal liability deter individuals from serving as independent directors?, 2021, S. Lakshmi Naaraayanan; Kasper Meisner Nielsen
  58. Does regulatory cooperation help integrate equity markets?, 2021, Roger Silvers
  59. Does target firm insider trading signal the target's synergy potential in mergers and acquisitions?, 2021, Inho Suk; Mengmeng Wang
  60. Dynamic multitasking and managerial investment incentives, 2021, Florian Hoffmann; Sebastian Pfeil
  61. Dynamic resource allocation with hidden volatility, 2021, Felix Zhiyu Feng; Mark M. Westerfield
  62. Dynastic control without ownership: Evidence from post-war Japan, 2021, Morten Bennedsen; Vikas Mehrotra; Jungwook Shim; Yupana Wiwattanakantang
  63. Engineering lemons, 2021, Petra Vokata
  64. Entangled risks in incomplete FX markets, 2021, Thomas Maurer; Ngoc-Khanh Tran
  65. Entrepreneurship and information on past failures: A natural experiment, 2021, Christophe Cahn; Mattia Girotti; Augustin Landier
  66. Estimating the anomaly base rate, 2021, Alex Chinco; Andreas Neuhierl; Michael Weber
  67. Extrapolative beliefs in the cross-section: What can we learn from the crowds?, 2021, Zhi Da; Xing Huang; Lawrence J. Jin
  68. Eye in the sky: Private satellites and government macro data, 2021, Abhiroop Mukherjee; George Panayotov; Janghoon Shon
  69. Factors and risk premia in individual international stock returns, 2021, Ines Chaieb; Hugues Langlois; Olivier Scaillet
  70. Failing to forecast rare events, 2021, Philip Bond; James Dow
  71. Family comes first: Reproductive health and the gender gap in entrepreneurship, 2021, Jonathan Zandberg
  72. Feedback loops in industry trade networks and the term structure of momentum profits, 2021, Ali Sharifkhani; Mikhail Simutin
  73. Finance and the supply of housing quality, 2021, Michael Reher
  74. Firm leverage and employment dynamics, 2021, Xavier Giroud; Holger M. Mueller
  75. Firm selection and corporate cash holdings, 2021, Juliane Begenau; Berardino Palazzo
  76. Flying under the radar: The effects of short-sale disclosure rules on investor behavior and stock prices, 2021, Stephan Jank; Christoph Roling; Esad Smajlbegovic
  77. Frequency dependent risk, 2021, Andreas Neuhierl; Rasmus T. Varneskov
  78. Friends with bankruptcy protection benefits, 2021, Kristoph Kleiner; Noah Stoffman; Scott E. Yonker
  79. Funding liquidity shocks in a quasi-experiment: Evidence from the CDS Big Bang, 2021, Xinjie Wang; Yangru Wu; Hongjun Yan; Zhaodong (Ken) Zhong
  80. GSIB surcharges and bank lending: Evidence from US corporate loan data, 2021, Giovanni Favara; Ivan Ivanov; Marcelo Rezende
  81. Geographic diversification and bank lending during crises, 2021, Sebastian Doerr; Philipp Schaz
  82. Global factor premiums, 2021, Guido Baltussen; Laurens Swinkels; Pim Van Vliet
  83. Global market inefficiencies, 2021, Söhnke M. Bartram; Mark Grinblatt
  84. Hedging demand and market intraday momentum, 2021, Guido Baltussen; Zhi Da; Sten Lammers; Martin Martens
  85. Hedging macroeconomic and financial uncertainty and volatility, 2021, Ian Dew-Becker; Stefano Giglio; Bryan Kelly
  86. Heterogeneous intermediary asset pricing, 2021, Mahyar Kargar
  87. High-cost debt and perceived creditworthiness: Evidence from the UK, 2021, Andres Liberman; Daniel Paravisini; Vikram Pathania
  88. Identifying and boosting “Gazelles”: Evidence from business accelerators, 2021, Juanita González-Uribe; Santiago Reyes
  89. Impact investing, 2021, Brad M. Barber; Adair Morse; Ayako Yasuda
  90. Impact of marketplace lending on consumers’ future borrowing capacities and borrowing outcomes, 2021, Sudheer Chava; Rohan Ganduri; Nikhil Paradkar; Yafei Zhang
  91. Implied volatility duration: A measure for the timing of uncertainty resolution, 2021, Christian Schlag; Julian Thimme; Rüdiger Weber
  92. Index option returns and generalized entropy bounds, 2021, Yan Liu
  93. Information shocks, disagreement, and drift, 2021, Will J. Armstrong; Laura Cardella; Nasim Sabah
  94. Informed trading in government bond markets, 2021, Robert Czech; Shiyang Huang; Dong Lou; Tianyu Wang
  95. Inside brokers, 2021, Frank Weikai Li; Abhiroop Mukherjee; Rik Sen
  96. Inspecting the mechanism of quantitative easing in the euro area, 2021, Ralph S.J. Koijen; François Koulischer; Benoît Nguyen; Motohiro Yogo
  97. Internet searching and stock price crash risk: Evidence from a quasi-natural experiment, 2021, Yongxin Xu; Yuhao Xuan; Gaoping Zheng
  98. Intraday arbitrage between ETFs and their underlying portfolios, 2021, Travis Box; Ryan Davis; Richard Evans; Andrew Lynch
  99. Investment responses to tax policy under uncertainty, 2021, Maciej Albinowski; Irem Guceri
  100. Investment, capital stock, and replacement cost of assets when economic depreciation is non-geometric, 2021, Dmitry Livdan; Alexander Nezlobin
  101. Investors’ appetite for money-like assets: The MMF industry after the 2014 regulatory reform, 2021, Marco Cipriani; Gabriele La Spada
  102. Is there a risk-return tradeoff in the corporate bond market? Time-series and cross-sectional evidence, 2021, Jennie Bai; Turan G. Bali; Quan Wen
  103. It’s not so bad: Director bankruptcy experience and corporate risk-taking, 2021, Radhakrishnan Gopalan; Todd A. Gormley; Ankit Kalda
  104. Labor leverage, coordination failures, and aggregate risk, 2021, Matthieu Bouvard; Adolfo De Motta
  105. Learning from noise: Evidence from India’s IPO lotteries, 2021, Santosh Anagol; Vimal Balasubramaniam; Tarun Ramadorai
  106. Life after LIBOR, 2021, Sven Klingler; Olav Syrstad
  107. Lifting the veil: The price formation of corporate bond offerings, 2021, Liying Wang
  108. Loan guarantees and credit supply, 2021, Natalie Bachas; Olivia S. Kim; Constantine Yannelis
  109. Long-term discount rates do not vary across firms, 2021, Matti Keloharju; Juhani T. Linnainmaa; Peter Nyberg
  110. Long-term reversals in the corporate bond market, 2021, Turan G. Bali; Avanidhar Subrahmanyam; Quan Wen
  111. Lucky factors, 2021, Campbell R. Harvey; Yan Liu
  112. M&A rumors about unlisted firms, 2021, Yan Alperovych; Douglas Cumming; Veronika Czellar; Alexander Groh
  113. Macro risks and the term structure of interest rates, 2021, Geert Bekaert; Eric Engstrom; Andrey Ermolov
  114. Macroprudential FX regulations: Shifting the snowbanks of FX vulnerability?, 2021, Toni Ahnert; Kristin Forbes; Christian Friedrich; Dennis Reinhardt
  115. Market efficiency and limits to arbitrage: Evidence from the Volkswagen short squeeze, 2021, Franklin Allen; Marlene D. Haas; Eric Nowak; Angel Tengulov
  116. Market expectations of a warming climate, 2021, Wolfram Schlenker; Charles A. Taylor
  117. Measuring institutional trading costs and the implications for finance research: The case of tick size reductions, 2021, Gregory W. Eaton; Paul J. Irvine; Tingting Liu
  118. Mispricing, short-sale constraints, and the cross-section of option returns, 2021, Lakshmi Shankar Ramachandran; Jitendra Tayal
  119. Monetary policy at work: Security and credit application registers evidence, 2021, José-Luis Peydró; Andrea Polo; Enrico Sette
  120. Mutual fund flows and fluctuations in credit and business cycles, 2021, Azi Ben-Rephael; Jaewon Choi; Itay Goldstein
  121. Negative peer disclosure, 2021, Sean Shun Cao; Vivian W. Fang; Lijun (Gillian) Lei
  122. Network risk and key players: A structural analysis of interbank liquidity, 2021, Edward Denbee; Christian Julliard; Ye Li; Kathy Yuan
  123. Network structure and pricing in the FX market, 2021, Joel Hasbrouck; Richard M. Levich
  124. On the direct and indirect real effects of credit supply shocks, 2021, Laura Alfaro; Manuel García-Santana; Enrique Moral-Benito
  125. Optimal financing with tokens, 2021, Sebastian Gryglewicz; Simon Mayer; Erwan Morellec
  126. Out of sight no more? The effect of fee disclosures on 401(k) investment allocations, 2021, Mathias Kronlund; Veronika K. Pool; Clemens Sialm; Irina Stefanescu
  127. Persistent government debt and aggregate risk distribution, 2021, M. Croce; Thien T. Nguyen; S. Raymond
  128. Persistent negative cash flows, staged financing, and the stockpiling of cash balances, 2021, David J. Denis; Stephen B. Mckeon
  129. Pervasive underreaction: Evidence from high-frequency data, 2021, Hao Jiang; Sophia Zhengzi Li; Hao Wang
  130. Picking funds with confidence, 2021, Niels S. Grønborg; Asger Lunde; Allan Timmermann; Russ Wermers
  131. Politicizing consumer credit, 2021, Pat Akey; Rawley Z. Heimer; Stefan Lewellen
  132. Portfolio similarity and asset liquidation in the insurance industry, 2021, Giulio Girardi; Kathleen W. Hanley; Stanislava Nikolova; Loriana Pelizzon; Mila Getmansky Sherman
  133. Procyclicality of the comovement between dividend growth and consumption growth, 2021, Nancy R. Xu
  134. Psychological barrier and cross-firm return predictability, 2021, Shiyang Huang; Tse-Chun Lin; Hong Xiang
  135. Ransomware activity and blockchain congestion, 2021, Konstantin Sokolov
  136. Rare disaster probability and options pricing, 2021, Robert J. Barro; Gordon Y. Liao
  137. Real effects of share repurchases legalization on corporate behaviors, 2021, Zigan Wang; Qie Ellie Yin; Luping Yu
  138. Reciprocal lending relationships in shadow banking, 2021, Yi Li
  139. Reconstructing the yield curve, 2021, Yan Liu; Jing Cynthia Wu
  140. Regulatory effects on short-term interest rates, 2021, Angelo Ranaldo; Patrick Schaffner; Michalis Vasios
  141. Rejected stock exchange applicants, 2021, Sturla L. Fjesme; Neal E. Galpin; Lyndon Moore
  142. Reputation and investor activism: A structural approach, 2021, Travis L. Johnson; Nathan Swem
  143. Responsible investing: The ESG-efficient frontier, 2021, Shaun Fitzgibbons; Lasse Heje Pedersen; Lukasz Pomorski
  144. Risk management, firm reputation, and the impact of successful cyberattacks on target firms, 2021, Shinichi Kamiya; Jun-Koo Kang; Jungmin Kim; Andreas Milidonis; René M. Stulz
  145. Risk perceptions and politics: Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021, John M. Barrios; Yael V. Hochberg
  146. Robust benchmark design, 2021, Darrell Duffie; Piotr Dworczak
  147. Salience theory and stock prices: Empirical evidence, 2021, Mathijs Cosemans; Rik Frehen
  148. Should information be sold separately? Evidence from MiFID II, 2021, Yifeng Guo; Lira Mota
  149. Signaling safety, 2021, Roni Michaely; Stefano Rossi; Michael Weber
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  151. Socially responsible corporate customers, 2021, Rui Dai; Hao Liang; Lilian Ng
  152. Spectral factor models, 2021, Federico M. Bandi; Shomesh E. Chaudhuri; Andrew W. Lo; Andrea Tamoni
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  154. Sticking to your plan: The role of present bias for credit card paydown, 2021, Theresa Kuchler; Michaela Pagel
  155. Stock market liberalization and innovation, 2021, Fariborz Moshirian; Xuan Tian; Bohui Zhang; Wenrui Zhang
  156. Subnational debt of China: The politics-finance nexus, 2021, Haoyu Gao; Hong Ru; Dragon Yongjun Tang
  157. Surprise election for Trump connections, 2021, Travers Barclay Child; Nadia Massoud; Mario Schabus; Yifan Zhou
  158. Sustainable investing in equilibrium, 2021, Ľuboš Pástor; Robert F. Stambaugh; Lucian A. Taylor
  159. Systematic risk, debt maturity, and the term structure of credit spreads, 2021, Hui Chen; Yu Xu; Jun Yang
  160. Targeted monetary policy and bank lending behavior, 2021, Matteo Benetton; Davide Fantino
  161. Testing the effectiveness of consumer financial disclosure: Experimental evidence from savings accounts, 2021, Paul Adams; Stefan Hunt; Christopher Palmer; Redis Zaliauskas
  162. The Big Three and corporate carbon emissions around the world, 2021, José Azar; Miguel Duro; Igor Kadach; Gaizka Ormazabal
  163. The Sources of Financing Constraints, 2021, Boris Nikolov; Lukas Schmid; Roberto Steri
  164. The bank as Grim Reaper: Debt composition and bankruptcy thresholds, 2021, Mark Carey; Michael B. Gordy
  165. The benchmark inclusion subsidy, 2021, Anil K Kashyap; Natalia Kovrijnykh; Jian Li; Anna Pavlova
  166. The cross-section of currency volatility premia, 2021, Pasquale Della Corte; Roman Kozhan; Anthony Neuberger
  167. The cross-section of intraday and overnight returns, 2021, Vincent Bogousslavsky
  168. The design and transmission of central bank liquidity provisions, 2021, Luisa Carpinelli; Matteo Crosignani
  169. The difference a day makes: Timely disclosure and trading efficiency in the muni market, 2021, John Chalmers; Yu (Steve) Liu; Z. Jay Wang
  170. The effect of stock liquidity on cash holdings: The repurchase motive, 2021, Kjell G. Nyborg; Zexi Wang
  171. The electronic evolution of corporate bond dealers, 2021, Maureen O'Hara; Xing Alex Zhou
  172. The hidden costs of being public: Evidence from multinational firms operating in an emerging market, 2021, Pablo Slutzky
  173. The high volume return premium and economic fundamentals, 2021, Zijun Wang
  174. The impact of arbitrage on market liquidity, 2021, Dominik Rösch
  175. The impact of consumer credit access on self-employment and entrepreneurship, 2021, Ethan Cohen-Cole; Kyle Herkenhoff; Gordon M. Phillips
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