Mingze Gao

Curated Reading List - 2020

Journal of Finance

  1. A Macrofinance View of U.S. Sovereign CDS Premiums, 2020, Mikhail Chernov; Lukas Schmid; Andres Schneider
  2. A Tale of Two Premiums: The Role of Hedgers and Speculators in Commodity Futures Markets, 2020, Wenjin Kang; K. Geert Rouwenhorst; Ke Tang
  4. AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION: Publisher of The Journal of Finance, 2020, John Graham
  5. Access to Collateral and the Democratization of Credit: France's Reform of the Napoleonic Security Code, 2020, Kevin Aretz; Murillo Campello; Maria‐Teresa Marchica
  6. Bad Credit, No Problem? Credit and Labor Market Consequences of Bad Credit Reports, 2020, Will Dobbie; Paul Goldsmith‐Pinkham; Neale Mahoney; Jae Song
  7. Bank Quality, Judicial Efficiency, and Loan Repayment Delays in Italy, 2020, Fabio Schiantarelli; Massimiliano Stacchini; Philip E. Strahan
  8. Beyond Random Assignment: Credible Inference and Extrapolation in Dynamic Economies, 2020, Christopher A. Hennessy; Ilya A. Strebulaev
  9. Can Unemployment Insurance Spur Entrepreneurial Activity? Evidence from France, 2020, Johan Hombert; Antoinette Schoar; David Sraer; David Thesmar
  10. Cash Flow News and Stock Price Dynamics, 2020, Davide Pettenuzzo; Riccardo Sabbatucci; Allan Timmermann
  11. Consumption Fluctuations and Expected Returns, 2020, Victoria Atanasov; Stig V. Møller; Richard Priestley
  12. Corporate Control around the World, 2020, Gur Aminadav; Elias Papaioannou
  13. Credit Rating Inflation and Firms' Investments, 2020, Itay Goldstein; Chong Huang
  14. Debt Contracting on Management, 2020, Brian Akins; David De Angelis; Maclean Gaulin
  15. Declining Labor and Capital Shares, 2020, Simcha Barkai
  16. Do CEOs Matter? Evidence from Hospitalization Events, 2020, Morten Bennedsen; Francisco Pérez‐González; Daniel Wolfenzon
  17. Does Borrowing from Banks Cost More than Borrowing from the Market?, 2020, Michael Schwert
  18. Drilling and Debt, 2020, Erik P. Gilje; Elena Loutskina; Daniel Murphy
  19. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining: Fast Trading, Microwave Connectivity, and Trading Costs, 2020, Andriy Shkilko; Konstantin Sokolov
  20. False (and Missed) Discoveries in Financial Economics, 2020, Campbell R. Harvey; Yan Liu
  21. Glued to the TV: Distracted Noise Traders and Stock Market Liquidity, 2020, Joel Peress; Daniel Schmidt
  22. High‐Frequency Trading and Market Performance, 2020, Markus Baldauf; Joshua Mollner
  23. Houses as ATMs: Mortgage Refinancing and Macroeconomic Uncertainty, 2020, Hui Chen; Michael Michaux; Nikolai Roussanov
  24. How Does Credit Supply Expansion Affect the Real Economy? The Productive Capacity and Household Demand Channels, 2020, Atif Mian; Amir Sufi; Emil Verner
  25. How Skilled Are Security Analysts?, 2020, Alan Crane; Kevin Crotty
  26. Informational Frictions and the Credit Crunch, 2020, Olivier Darmouni
  27. Informed Trading and Intertemporal Substitution, 2020, Yizhou Xiao
  28. Insider Investment Horizon, 2020, Ferhat Akbas; Chao Jiang; Paul D. Koch
  29. Is Bitcoin Really Untethered?, 2020, John M. Griffin; Amin Shams
  30. Lazy Prices, 2020, Lauren Cohen; Christopher Malloy; Quoc Nguyen
  31. Learning from Coworkers: Peer Effects on Individual Investment Decisions, 2020, Paige Ouimet; Geoffrey Tate
  32. Local Crowding‐Out in China, 2020, Yi Huang; Marco Pagano; Ugo Panizza
  33. Low‐Risk Anomalies?, 2020, Paul Schneider; Christian Wagner; Josef Zechner
  34. Market Structure and Transaction Costs of Index CDSs, 2020, Pierre Collin‐Dufresne; Benjamin Junge; Anders B. Trolle
  35. Measuring Innovation and Product Differentiation: Evidence from Mutual Funds, 2020, Leonard Kostovetsky; Jerold B. Warner
  36. Measuring Mutual Fund Flow Pressure as Shock to Stock Returns, 2020, Malcolm Wardlaw
  37. Monetary Policy and Global Banking, 2020, Falk Bräuning; Victoria Ivashina
  38. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Existence and Uniqueness of Recursive Utilities, 2020, Jaroslav Borovička; John Stachurski
  39. No Job, No Money, No Refi: Frictions to Refinancing in a Recession, 2020, Anthony A. Defusco; John Mondragon
  40. On Comparing Asset Pricing Models, 2020, Siddhartha Chib; Xiaming Zeng; Lingxiao Zhao
  41. Option Profit and Loss Attribution and Pricing: A New Framework, 2020, Peter Carr; Liuren Wu
  42. Pledgeability, Industry Liquidity, and Financing Cycles, 2020, Douglas W. Diamond; Yunzhi Hu; Raghuram G. Rajan
  43. Political Connections and the Informativeness of Insider Trades, 2020, Alan D. Jagolinzer; David F. Larcker; Gaizka Ormazabal; Daniel J. Taylor
  44. Presidential Address: Social Transmission Bias in Economics and Finance, 2020, David Hirshleifer
  45. Price and Probability: Decomposing the Takeover Effects of Anti‐Takeover Provisions, 2020, Vicente Cuñat; Mireia Giné; Maria Guadalupe
  46. Relationship Trading in Over‐the‐Counter Markets, 2020, Terrence Hendershott; Dan Li; Dmitry Livdan; Norman Schürhoff
  47. Report of the Editor of The Journal of Finance for the Year 2019, 2020, Stefan Nagel
  48. Retracted: Risk Management in Financial Institutions, 2020, Adriano A. Rampini; S. Viswanathan; Guillaume Vuillemey
  49. Robust Inference for Consumption‐Based Asset Pricing, 2020, Frank Kleibergen; Zhaoguo Zhan
  50. Safety Transformation and the Structure of the Financial System, 2020, William Diamond
  51. Securitization, Ratings, and Credit Supply, 2020, Brendan Daley; Brett Green; Victoria Vanasco
  52. Shorting in Speculative Markets, 2020, Marcel Nutz; José A. Scheinkman
  53. Sovereign Debt Portfolios, Bond Risks, and the Credibility of Monetary Policy, 2020, Wenxin Du; Carolin E. Pflueger; Jesse Schreger
  54. Star Ratings and the Incentives of Mutual Funds, 2020, Chong Huang; Fei Li; Xi Weng
  55. Stimulating Housing Markets, 2020, David Berger; Nicholas Turner; Eric Zwick
  56. Stock Market Returns and Consumption, 2020, Amir Kermani; Marco Di Maggio; Kaveh Majlesi
  57. Taming the Factor Zoo: A Test of New Factors, 2020, Guanhao Feng; Stefano Giglio; Dacheng Xiu
  58. Tax‐Efficient Asset Management: Evidence from Equity Mutual Funds, 2020, Clemens Sialm; Hanjiang Zhang
  59. The Banking View of Bond Risk Premia, 2020, Valentin Haddad; David Sraer
  60. The Causal Effect of Limits to Arbitrage on Asset Pricing Anomalies, 2020, Yongqiang Chu; David Hirshleifer; Liang Ma
  61. The Employment Effects of Faster Payment: Evidence from the Federal Quickpay Reform, 2020, Jean‐Noël Barrot; Ramana Nanda
  62. The Forced Safety Effect: How Higher Capital Requirements Can Increase Bank Lending, 2020, Saleem Bahaj; Frederic Malherbe
  63. The Impact of Salience on Investor Behavior: Evidence from a Natural Experiment, 2020, Cary Frydman; Baolian Wang
  64. The Impact of Supervision on Bank Performance, 2020, Beverly Hirtle; Anna Kovner; Matthew Plosser
  65. The Insurance Is the Lemon: Failing to Index Contracts, 2020, Barney Hartman‐Glaser; Benjamin Hébert
  66. The Market for Conflicted Advice, 2020, Briana Chang; Martin Szydlowski
  67. The Mismatch Between Mutual Fund Scale and Skill, 2020, Yang Song
  68. The Value of Central Clearing, 2020, Guillaume Vuillemey
  69. Trading Against the Random Expiration of Private Information: A Natural Experiment, 2020, Mohammadreza Bolandnazar; Robert J. Jackson; Wei Jiang; Joshua Mitts
  70. Understanding Systematic Risk: A High‐Frequency Approach, 2020, Markus Pelger
  71. Venturing beyond the IPO: Financing of Newly Public Firms by Venture Capitalists, 2020, Peter Iliev; Michelle Lowry
  72. What Drives Anomaly Returns?, 2020, Lars A. Lochstoer; Paul C. Tetlock
  73. What Is a Patent Worth? Evidence from the U.S. Patent “Lottery”, 2020, Joan Farre‐Mensa; Deepak Hegde; Alexander Ljungqvist
  74. What Matters to Individual Investors? Evidence from the Horse's Mouth, 2020, James J. Choi; Adriana Z. Robertson
  75. Why Don't We Agree? Evidence from a Social Network of Investors, 2020, J. Anthony Cookson; Marina Niessner
  76. Words Speak Louder without Actions, 2020, Doron Levit

Journal of Financial Economics

  1. A comparison of some structural models of private information arrival, 2020, Jefferson Duarte; Edwin Hu; Lance Young
  2. Active catering to dividend clienteles: Evidence from takeovers, 2020, Andrey Golubov; Meziane Lasfer; Valeriya Vitkova
  3. Activism and empire building, 2020, Nickolay Gantchev; Merih Sevilir; Anil Shivdasani
  4. Adverse selection and the performance of private equity co-investments, 2020, Reiner Braun; Tim Jenkinson; Christoph Schemmerl
  5. Agency conflicts and short- versus long-termism in corporate policies, 2020, Sebastian Gryglewicz; Simon Mayer; Erwan Morellec
  6. All the president's friends: Political access and firm value, 2020, Jeffrey R. Brown; Jiekun Huang
  7. An ill wind? Terrorist attacks and CEO compensation, 2020, Yunhao Dai; P. Raghavendra Rau; Aris Stouraitis; Weiqiang Tan
  8. An inconvenient cost: The effects of climate change on municipal bonds, 2020, Marcus Painter
  9. Anomalies across the globe: Once public, no longer existent?, 2020, Heiko Jacobs; Sebastian Müller
  10. Are early stage investors biased against women?, 2020, Michael Ewens; Richard R. Townsend
  11. Asset pricing: A tale of night and day, 2020, Terrence Hendershott; Dmitry Livdan; Dominik Rösch
  12. At the table but can not break through the glass ceiling:Board leadership positions elude diverse directors, 2020, Laura Casares Field; Matthew E. Souther; Adam S. Yore
  13. Bank net worth and frustrated monetary policy, 2020, Alexander K. Zentefis
  14. Betting against correlation: Testing theories of the low-risk effect, 2020, Cliff Asness; Andrea Frazzini; Niels Joachim Gormsen; Lasse Heje Pedersen
  15. Blockholder voting, 2020, Heski Bar-Isaac; Joel Shapiro
  16. Board structure, director expertise, and advisory role of outside directors, 2020, Sheng-Syan Chen; Yan-Shing Chen; Jun-Koo Kang; Shu-Cing Peng
  17. Business cycles and currency returns, 2020, Riccardo Colacito; Steven J. Riddiough; Lucio Sarno
  18. CEO-board dynamics, 2020, John R. Graham; Hyunseob Kim; Mark Leary
  19. CEOs’ outside opportunities and relative performance evaluation: evidence from a natural experiment, 2020, Ke Na
  20. Can ethics be taught? Evidence from securities exams and investment adviser misconduct, 2020, Zachary T. Kowaleski; Andrew G. Sutherland; Felix W. Vetter
  21. Capital gains taxation and funding for start-ups, 2020, Alexander Edwards; Maximilian Todtenhaupt
  22. Capital requirements, risk choice, and liquidity provision in a business-cycle model, 2020, Juliane Begenau
  23. Cheap-stock tunneling around preemptive rights, 2020, Jesse M. Fried; Holger Spamann
  24. CoCo issuance and bank fragility, 2020, Stefan Avdjiev; Bilyana Bogdanova; Patrick Bolton; Wei Jiang; Anastasia Kartasheva
  25. Collateral constraints and asset prices, 2020, Georgy Chabakauri; Brandon Yueyang Han
  26. Competition and cooperation in mutual fund families, 2020, Richard Burtis Evans; Melissa Porras Prado; Rafael Zambrana
  27. Concentration of control rights in leveraged loan syndicates, 2020, Mitchell Berlin; Greg Nini; Edison G. Yu
  28. Corporate bond mutual funds and asset fire sales, 2020, Jaewon Choi; Saeid Hoseinzade; Sean Seunghun Shin; Hassan Tehranian
  29. Credit and social unrest: Evidence from 1930s China, 2020, Fabio Braggion; Alberto Manconi; Haikun Zhu
  30. Credit migration and covered interest rate parity, 2020, Gordon Y. Liao
  31. Cross-asset signals and time series momentum, 2020, Aleksi Pitkäjärvi; Matti Suominen; Lauri Vaittinen
  32. Dancing with activists, 2020, Lucian A. Bebchuk; Alon Brav; Wei Jiang; Thomas Keusch
  33. Dealers’ insurance, market structure, and liquidity, 2020, Francesca Carapella; Cyril Monnet
  34. Debt collection agencies and the supply of consumer credit, 2020, Viktar Fedaseyeu
  35. Democracy and credit, 2020, Manthos D. Delis; Iftekhar Hasan; Steven Ongena
  36. Disguised corruption: Evidence from consumer credit in China, 2020, Sumit Agarwal; Wenlan Qian; Amit Seru; Jian Zhang
  37. Do dividends convey information about future earnings?, 2020, Charles G. Ham; Zachary R. Kaplan; Mark T. Leary
  38. Do fire sales create externalities?, 2020, Sergey Chernenko; Adi Sunderam
  39. Do people feel less at risk? Evidence from disaster experience, 2020, Ming Gao; Yu-Jane Liu; Yushui Shi
  40. Does protectionist anti-takeover legislation lead to managerial entrenchment?, 2020, Marc Frattaroli
  41. Does size matter? Bailouts with large and small banks, 2020, Eduardo Dávila; Ansgar Walther
  42. Does the Ross recovery theorem work empirically?, 2020, Jens Carsten Jackwerth; Marco Menner
  43. Does the lack of financial stability impair the transmission of monetary policy?, 2020, Viral V. Acharya; Björn Imbierowicz; Sascha Steffen; Daniel Teichmann
  44. Does the stock market make firms more productive?, 2020, Benjamin Bennett; René Stulz; Zexi Wang
  45. Dynamic interventions and informational linkages, 2020, Lin William Cong; Steven R. Grenadier; Yunzhi Hu
  46. Earnings, retained earnings, and book-to-market in the cross section of expected returns, 2020, Ray Ball; Joseph Gerakos; Juhani T. Linnainmaa; Valeri Nikolaev
  47. Economic momentum and currency returns, 2020, Magnus Dahlquist; Henrik Hasseltoft
  48. Emergency loans and collateral upgrades: How broker-dealers used Federal Reserve credit during the 2008 financial crisis, 2020, Mark Carlson; Marco Macchiavelli
  49. Empirical analysis of corporate tax reforms: What is the null and where did it come from?, 2020, Christopher A. Hennessy; Akitada Kasahara; Ilya A. Strebulaev
  50. Employment effects of unconventional monetary policy: Evidence from QE, 2020, Stephan Luck; Tom Zimmermann
  51. Exchanges of innovation resources inside venture capital portfolios, 2020, Juanita González-Uribe
  52. Financial intermediation and capital reallocation, 2020, Hengjie Ai; Kai Li; Fang Yang
  53. Financing dies in darkness? The impact of newspaper closures on public finance, 2020, Pengjie Gao; Chang Lee; Dermot Murphy
  54. Fiscal policy driven bond risk premia, 2020, Lorenzo Bretscher; Alex Hsu; Andrea Tamoni
  55. Fund tradeoffs, 2020, Ľuboš Pástor; Robert F. Stambaugh; Lucian A. Taylor
  56. Global currency hedging with common risk factors, 2020, Wei Opie; Steven J. Riddiough
  57. Governance through shame and aspiration: Index creation and corporate behavior, 2020, Akash Chattopadhyay; Matthew D. Shaffer; Charles C.Y. Wang
  58. Heterogeneous beliefs and return volatility around seasoned equity offerings, 2020, Ann Marie Hibbert; Qiang Kang; Alok Kumar; Suchi Mishra
  59. How do venture capitalists make decisions?, 2020, Paul A. Gompers; Will Gornall; Steven N. Kaplan; Ilya A. Strebulaev
  60. How does labor market size affect firm capital structure? Evidence from large plant openings, 2020, Hyunseob Kim
  61. I can see clearly now: The impact of disclosure requirements on 401(k) fees, 2020, Dominique C. Badoer; Charles P. Costello; Christopher M. James
  62. IQ from IP: Simplifying search in portfolio choice, 2020, Huaizhi Chen; Lauren Cohen; Umit Gurun; Dong Lou; Christopher Malloy
  63. Idea sharing and the performance of mutual funds, 2020, Julien Cujean
  64. Information arrival, delay, and clustering in financial markets with dynamic freeriding, 2020, Cyrus Aghamolla; Tadashi Hashimoto
  65. Information flows among rivals and corporate investment, 2020, Darren Bernard; Terrence Blackburne; Jacob Thornock
  66. Institutional allocations in the primary market for corporate bonds, 2020, Stanislava Nikolova; Liying Wang; Juan (Julie) Wu
  67. Institutional shareholders and corporate social responsibility, 2020, Tao Chen; Hui Dong; Chen Lin
  68. International R&D spillovers and asset prices, 2020, Federico Gavazzoni; Ana Maria Santacreu
  69. Inventor CEOs, 2020, Emdad Islam; Jason Zein
  70. Investor experiences and financial market dynamics, 2020, Ulrike Malmendier; Demian Pouzo; Victoria Vanasco
  71. Investor ideology, 2020, Patrick Bolton; Tao Li; Enrichetta Ravina; Howard Rosenthal
  72. Is conflicted investment advice better than no advice?, 2020, John Chalmers; Jonathan Reuter
  73. Is information risk priced? Evidence from abnormal idiosyncratic volatility, 2020, Yung Chiang Yang; Bohui Zhang; Chu Zhang
  74. Is the active fund management industry concentrated enough?, 2020, David Feldman; Konark Saxena; Jingrui Xu
  75. Is the credit spread puzzle a myth?, 2020, Jennie Bai; Robert S. Goldstein; Fan Yang
  76. Is there a paradox of pledgeability?, 2020, Dan Bernhardt; Kostas Koufopoulos; Giulio Trigilia
  77. Left-tail momentum: Underreaction to bad news, costly arbitrage and equity returns, 2020, Yigit Atilgan; Turan G. Bali; K. Ozgur Demirtas; A. Doruk Gunaydin
  78. Leveraged buyouts and bond credit spreads, 2020, Yael Eisenthal-Berkovitz; Peter Feldhütter; Vikrant Vig
  79. Limited liability and investment: Evidence from changes in marital property laws in the US South, 1840–1850, 2020, Peter Koudijs; Laura Salisbury
  80. Liquidity regimes and optimal dynamic asset allocation, 2020, Pierre Collin-Dufresne; Kent Daniel; Mehmet Sağlam
  81. Liquidity risk and exchange-traded fund returns, variances, and tracking errors, 2020, Kyounghun Bae; Daejin Kim
  82. Liquidity supply by broker-dealers and real activity, 2020, Jonathan Goldberg
  83. Location choice, portfolio choice, 2020, Ioannis Branikas; Harrison Hong; Jiangmin Xu
  84. Locked in by leverage: Job search during the housing crisis, 2020, Jennifer Brown; David A. Matsa
  85. Managerial control benefits and takeover market efficiency, 2020, Wenyu Wang; Yufeng Wu
  86. Measuring skewness premia, 2020, Hugues Langlois
  87. Medicaid and household savings behavior: New evidence from tax refunds, 2020, Emily A. Gallagher; Radhakrishnan Gopalan; Michal Grinstein-Weiss; Jorge Sabat
  88. Monetary stimulus and bank lending, 2020, Indraneel Chakraborty; Itay Goldstein; Andrew Mackinlay
  89. Mood beta and seasonalities in stock returns, 2020, Yuting Meng Digiovanni; David Hirshleifer; Danling Jiang
  90. Mutual fund investments in private firms, 2020, Sungjoung Kwon; Michelle Lowry; Yiming Qian
  91. OTC premia, 2020, Gino Cenedese; Angelo Ranaldo; Michalis Vasios
  92. Off-balance sheet funding, voluntary support and investment efficiency, 2020, Anatoli Segura; Jing Zeng
  93. On the performance of volatility-managed portfolios, 2020, Scott Cederburg; Michael S. O’Doherty; Feifei Wang; Xuemin (Sterling) Yan
  94. Persuasion in relationship finance, 2020, Ehsan Azarmsa; Lin William Cong
  95. Policy uncertainty and corporate credit spreads, 2020, Mahsa S. Kaviani; Lawrence Kryzanowski; Hosein Maleki; Pavel Savor
  96. Portfolio rebalancing in general equilibrium, 2020, Miles S. Kimball; Matthew D. Shapiro; Tyler Shumway; Jing Zhang
  97. Potential pilot problems: Treatment spillovers in financial regulatory experiments, 2020, Ekkehart Boehmer; Charles M. Jones; Xiaoyan Zhang
  98. Pre-trade hedging: Evidence from the issuance of retail structured products, 2020, Brian J. Henderson; Neil D. Pearson; Li Wang
  99. Pricing structured products with economic covariates, 2020, Yong Seok Choi; Hitesh Doshi; Kris Jacobs; Stuart M. Turnbull
  100. Prime (information) brokerage, 2020, Nitish Kumar; Kevin Mullally; Sugata Ray; Yuehua Tang
  101. Private money creation with safe assets and term premia, 2020, Sebastian Infante
  102. Providing liquidity in an illiquid market: Dealer behavior in US corporate bonds, 2020, Michael A. Goldstein; Edith S. Hotchkiss
  103. Quantify the quantitative easing: Impact on bonds and corporate debt issuance, 2020, Karamfil Todorov
  104. Real effects of workers’ financial distress: Evidence from teacher spillovers, 2020, Gonzalo Maturana; Jordan Nickerson
  105. Reducing information frictions in venture capital: The role of new venture competitions, 2020, Sabrina T. Howell
  106. Regulatory cooperation and foreign portfolio investment, 2020, Mark Lang; Mark Maffett; James D. Omartian; Roger Silvers
  107. Reputations and credit ratings: Evidence from commercial mortgage-backed securities, 2020, Ramin P. Baghai; Bo Becker
  108. Risky bank guarantees, 2020, Taneli Mäkinen; Lucio Sarno; Gabriele Zinna
  109. Security analysts and capital market anomalies, 2020, Li Guo; Frank Weikai Li; K.C. John Wei
  110. Shared analyst coverage: Unifying momentum spillover effects, 2020, Usman Ali; David Hirshleifer
  111. Short-term debt and incentives for risk-taking, 2020, Erwan Morellec; Marco Della Seta; Francesca Zucchi
  112. Shorting flows, public disclosure, and market efficiency, 2020, Xue Wang; Xuemin (Sterling) Yan; Lingling Zheng
  113. Show me the money: The monetary policy risk premium, 2020, Ali Ozdagli; Mihail Velikov
  114. Shrinking the cross-section, 2020, Serhiy Kozak; Stefan Nagel; Shrihari Santosh
  115. Sophisticated investors and market efficiency: Evidence from a natural experiment, 2020, Yong Chen; Bryan Kelly; Wei Wu
  116. Squaring venture capital valuations with reality, 2020, Will Gornall; Ilya A. Strebulaev
  117. Strategic trading and unobservable information acquisition, 2020, Snehal Banerjee; Bradyn Breon-Drish
  118. Stress tests and small business lending, 2020, Kristle R. Cortés; Yuliya Demyanyk; Lei Li; Elena Loutskina; Philip E. Strahan
  119. Swap trading after Dodd-Frank: Evidence from index CDS, 2020, Esen Onur; David Reiffen; Lynn Riggs; Haoxiang Zhu
  120. Terrorist attacks and investor risk preference: Evidence from mutual fund flows, 2020, Albert Y. Wang; Michael Young
  121. The US Treasury floating rate note puzzle: Is there a premium for mark-to-market stability?, 2020, Matthias Fleckenstein; Francis A. Longstaff
  122. The conditional expected market return, 2020, Fousseni Chabi-Yo; Johnathan Loudis
  123. The creation and evolution of entrepreneurial public markets, 2020, Shai Bernstein; Abhishek Dev; Josh Lerner
  124. The economic impact of right-to-work laws: Evidence from collective bargaining agreements and corporate policies, 2020, Sudheer Chava; András Danis; Alex Hsu
  125. The effect of exogenous information on voluntary disclosure and market quality, 2020, Sivan Frenkel; Ilan Guttman; Ilan Kremer
  126. The effect of minority veto rights on controller pay tunneling, 2020, Jesse M. Fried; Ehud Kamar; Yishay Yafeh
  127. The financing of local government in China: Stimulus loan wanes and shadow banking waxes, 2020, Zhuo Chen; Zhiguo He; Chun Liu
  128. The importance of being special: Repo markets during the crisis, 2020, Stefano Corradin; Angela Maddaloni
  129. The job rating game: Revolving doors and analyst incentives, 2020, Elisabeth Kempf
  130. The paradox of pledgeability, 2020, Jason Roderick Donaldson; Denis Gromb; Giorgia Piacentino
  131. The persistent effect of initial success: Evidence from venture capital, 2020, Ramana Nanda; Sampsa Samila; Olav Sorenson
  132. The price effects of liquidity shocks: A study of the SEC’s tick size experiment, 2020, Rui Albuquerque; Shiyun Song; Chen Yao
  133. The redistributive effects of bank capital regulation, 2020, Elena Carletti; Robert Marquez; Silvio Petriconi
  134. The scarcity effect of QE on repo rates: Evidence from the euro area, 2020, William Arrata; Benoît Nguyen; Imène Rahmouni-Rousseau; Miklos Vari
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  137. The timing and consequences of seasoned equity offerings: A regression discontinuity approach, 2020, Amy Dittmar; Ran Duchin; Shuran Zhang
  138. Tick size, liquidity for small and large orders, and price informativeness: Evidence from the Tick Size Pilot Program, 2020, Kee H. Chung; Albert J. Lee; Dominik Rösch
  139. Time series momentum: Is it there?, 2020, Dashan Huang; Jiangyuan Li; Liyao Wang; Guofu Zhou
  140. Time to build and the real-options channel of residential investment, 2020, Hyunseung Oh; Chamna Yoon
  141. Time-varying demand for lottery: Speculation ahead of earnings announcements, 2020, Bibo Liu; Huijun Wang; Jianfeng Yu; Shen Zhao
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  143. Trading and arbitrage in cryptocurrency markets, 2020, Igor Makarov; Antoinette Schoar
  144. Trading out of sight: An analysis of cross-trading in mutual fund families, 2020, Alexander Eisele; Tamara Nefedova; Gianpaolo Parise; Kim Peijnenburg
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  150. Why do option returns change sign from day to night?, 2020, Dmitriy Muravyev; Xuechuan (Charles) Ni
  151. Why does public news augment information asymmetries?, 2020, Julio A. Crego

Review of Financial Studies

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  9. Asymmetric or Incomplete Information about Asset Values?, 2020, Crocker H Liu; Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh; Adam D Nowak; Patrick S Smith
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  11. Back-Running: Seeking and Hiding Fundamental Information in Order Flows, 2020, Liyan Yang; Haoxiang Zhu
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