Mingze Gao

Curated Reading List - 2019

Journal of Finance

  1. (Almost) Model‐Free Recovery, 2019, Paul Schneider; Fabio Trojani
  2. A Dynamic Model of Characteristic‐Based Return Predictability, 2019, Aydoğan Alti; Sheridan Titman
  3. A Note on “Risk Reduction in Large Portfolios: Why Imposing the Wrong Constraints Helps”, 2019, Ravi Jagannathan; Tongshu Ma; Jiaqi Zhang
  4. A Test of the Modigliani‐Miller Invariance Theorem and Arbitrage in Experimental Asset Markets, 2019, Gary Charness; Tibor Neugebauer
  6. AMERICAN FINANCE ASSOCIATION, 2019, Kenneth Singleton
  7. An Explanation of Negative Swap Spreads: Demand for Duration from Underfunded Pension Plans, 2019, Sven Klingler; Suresh Sundaresan
  8. Asset Allocation in Bankruptcy, 2019, Shai Bernstein; Emanuele Colonnelli; Benjamin Iverson
  9. Basis‐Momentum, 2019, Martijn Boons; Melissa Porras Prado
  10. Brokers and Order Flow Leakage: Evidence from Fire Sales, 2019, Andrea Barbon; Francesco Franzoni; Augustin Landier; Marco Di Maggio
  11. Brokers versus Retail Investors: Conflicting Interests and Dominated Products, 2019, Mark Egan
  12. CEO Horizon, Optimal Pay Duration, and the Escalation of Short‐Termism, 2019, Ivan Marinovic; Felipe Varas
  13. Capital Share Dynamics When Firms Insure Workers, 2019, Barney Hartman‐Glaser; Hanno Lustig; Mindy Z. Xiaolan
  14. Capital Share Risk in U.S. Asset Pricing, 2019, Martin Lettau; Sydney C. Ludvigson; Sai Ma
  15. Cautious Risk Takers: Investor Preferences and Demand for Active Management, 2019, Valery Polkovnichenko; Kelsey D. Wei; Feng Zhao
  16. Corrigendum for Dividend Dynamics, Learning, and Expected Stock Index Returns, 2019, Ravi Jagannathan; Binying Liu; Jiaqi Zhang
  17. Costly Information Acquisition, Social Networks, and Asset Prices: Experimental Evidence, 2019, Edward Halim; Yohanes E. Riyanto; Nilanjan Roy
  18. Dealer Networks, 2019, Dan Li; Norman Schürhoff
  19. Diagnostic Expectations and Stock Returns, 2019, Pedro Bordalo; Nicola Gennaioli; Rafael La Porta; Andrei Shleifer
  20. Dividend Dynamics, Learning, and Expected Stock Index Returns, 2019, Ravi Jagannathan; Binying Liu
  21. Do Investors Value Sustainability? A Natural Experiment Examining Ranking and Fund Flows, 2019, Samuel M. Hartzmark; Abigail B. Sussman
  22. Do Portfolio Manager Contracts Contract Portfolio Management?, 2019, Jung Hoon Lee; Charles Trzcinka; Shyam Venkatesan
  23. Employee Stock Option Exercise and Firm Cost, 2019, Jennifer N. Carpenter; Richard Stanton; Nancy Wallace
  24. Equity Misvaluation and Default Options, 2019, Assaf Eisdorfer; Amit Goyal; Alexei Zhdanov
  25. Financial Markets Where Traders Neglect the Informational Content of Prices, 2019, Erik Eyster; Matthew Rabin; Dimitri Vayanos
  26. Financial Markets, the Real Economy, and Self‐Fulfilling Uncertainties, 2019, Jess Benhabib; Xuewen Liu; Pengfei Wang
  27. Foreclosure Contagion and the Neighborhood Spillover Effects of Mortgage Defaults, 2019, Arpit Gupta
  28. Funding Liquidity without Banks: Evidence from a Shock to the Cost of Very Short‐Term Debt, 2019, Lina Cardona‐Sosa; Felipe Restrepo; Philip E. Strahan
  29. Funding Value Adjustments, 2019, Leif Andersen; Darrell Duffie; Yang Song
  30. High‐Frequency Trading around Large Institutional Orders, 2019, Vincent Van Kervel; Albert J. Menkveld
  31. Household Debt Overhang and Unemployment, 2019, Jason Roderick Donaldson; Giorgia Piacentino; Anjan Thakor
  32. How Crashes Develop: Intradaily Volatility and Crash Evolution, 2019, David S. Bates
  33. How Do Investment Ideas Spread through Social Interaction? Evidence from a Ponzi Scheme, 2019, Ville Rantala
  34. Income Hedging, Dynamic Style Preferences, and Return Predictability, 2019, Jawad M. Addoum; Stefanos Delikouras; George M. Korniotis; Alok Kumar
  35. Information Revelation in Decentralized Markets, 2019, Björn Hagströmer; Albert J. Menkveld
  36. Investment and the Cross‐Section of Equity Returns, 2019, Gian Luca Clementi; Berardino Palazzo
  37. Labor‐Technology Substitution: Implications for Asset Pricing, 2019, Miao Ben Zhang
  38. Leverage and the Cross‐Section of Equity Returns, 2019, Hitesh Doshi; Kris Jacobs; Praveen Kumar; Ramon Rabinovitch
  39. Limited Investment Capital and Credit Spreads, 2019, Emil N. Siriwardane
  40. Liquidity Risk and the Dynamics of Arbitrage Capital, 2019, Péter Kondor; Dimitri Vayanos
  41. Measuring Institutional Investors’ Skill at Making Private Equity Investments, 2019, Daniel R. Cavagnaro; Berk A. Sensoy; Yingdi Wang; Michael S. Weisbach
  42. Nonfinancial Firms as Cross‐Market Arbitrageurs, 2019, Yueran Ma
  43. Nonlinearity and Flight‐to‐Safety in the Risk‐Return Trade‐Off for Stocks and Bonds, 2019, Tobias Adrian; Richard K. Crump; Erik Vogt
  44. On Equilibrium When Contingent Capital Has a Market Trigger: A Correction to Sundaresan and Wang Journal of Finance (2015), 2019, George Pennacchi; Alexei Tchistyi
  45. Optimal Contracting, Corporate Finance, and Valuation with Inalienable Human Capital, 2019, Patrick Bolton; Neng Wang; Jinqiang Yang
  46. Over‐the‐Counter Market Frictions and Yield Spread Changes, 2019, Nils Friewald; Florian Nagler
  47. Personal Experiences and Expectations about Aggregate Outcomes, 2019, Theresa Kuchler; Basit Zafar
  48. Political Connections and Allocative Distortions, 2019, David Schoenherr
  49. Portfolio Manager Compensation in the U.S. Mutual Fund Industry, 2019, Juan‐Pedro Gómez; Linlin Ma; Yuehua Tang
  50. Presidential Address: Collateral and Commitment, 2019, Peter M. Demarzo
  51. Price Discovery without Trading: Evidence from Limit Orders, 2019, Jonathan Brogaard; Terrence Hendershott; Ryan Riordan
  52. Proxy Advisory Firms: The Economics of Selling Information to Voters, 2019, Andrey Malenko; Nadya Malenko
  53. Ratings Quality and Borrowing Choice, 2019, Dominique C. Badoer; Cem Demiroglu; Christopher M. James
  54. Real Anomalies, 2019, Jules H. Van Binsbergen; Christian C. Opp
  55. Reassessing False Discoveries in Mutual Fund Performance: Skill, Luck, or Lack of Power?, 2019, Angie Andrikogiannopoulou; Filippos Papakonstantinou
  56. Report of the Editor of The Journal of Finance for the Year 2018, 2019, Stefan Nagel
  57. Robust Measures of Earnings Surprises, 2019, Chin‐Han Chiang; Wei Dai; Jianqing Fan; Harrison Hong; Jun Tu
  58. Sentiment Metrics and Investor Demand, 2019, Luke Devault; Richard Sias; Laura Starks
  59. Sparse Signals in the Cross‐Section of Returns, 2019, Alex Chinco; Adam D. Clark‐Joseph; Mao Ye
  60. Stealing Deposits: Deposit Insurance, Risk‐Taking, and the Removal of Market Discipline in Early 20th‐Century Banks, 2019, Charles W. Calomiris; Matthew Jaremski
  61. Sticky Expectations and the Profitability Anomaly, 2019, Jean‐Philippe Bouchaud; Philipp Krüger; Augustin Landier; David Thesmar
  62. Stock Returns over the FOMC Cycle, 2019, Anna Cieslak; Adair Morse; Annette Vissing‐Jorgensen
  63. Stockholders’ Unrealized Returns and the Market Reaction to Financial Disclosures, 2019, Eric Weisbrod
  64. The Best of Both Worlds: Accessing Emerging Economies via Developed Markets, 2019, Joon Woo Bae; Redouane Elkamhi; Mikhail Simutin
  65. The Dividend Disconnect, 2019, Samuel M. Hartzmark; David H. Solomon
  66. The Dynamic Properties of Financial‐Market Equilibrium with Trading Fees, 2019, Adrian Buss; Bernard Dumas
  67. The Globalization Risk Premium, 2019, Jean‐Noël Barrot; Erik Loualiche; Julien Sauvagnat
  68. The International Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Policy Rates and QE: Credit Supply, Reach‐for‐Yield, and Real Effects, 2019, Bernardo Morais; José‐Luis Peydró; Jessica Roldán‐Peña; Claudia Ruiz‐Ortega
  69. Thinking about Prices versus Thinking about Returns in Financial Markets, 2019, Markus Glaser; Zwetelina Iliewa; Martin Weber
  70. Time‐Varying Asset Volatility and the Credit Spread Puzzle, 2019, Du Du; Redouane Elkamhi; Jan Ericsson
  71. Trade Network Centrality and Currency Risk Premia, 2019, Robert J. Richmond
  72. Venture Capital and Capital Allocation, 2019, Giorgia Piacentino
  73. What Is the Expected Return on a Stock?, 2019, Ian W. R. Martin; Christian Wagner
  74. Where Is the Risk in Value? Evidence from a Market‐to‐Book Decomposition, 2019, Andrey Golubov; Theodosia Konstantinidi
  75. Who Finances Durable Goods and Why It Matters: Captive Finance and the Coase Conjecture, 2019, Justin Murfin; Ryan Pratt
  76. Women's Liberation as a Financial Innovation, 2019, Moshe Hazan; David Weiss; Hosny Zoabi
  77. YOLO: Mortality Beliefs and Household Finance Puzzles, 2019, Rawley Z. Heimer; Kristian Ove R. Myrseth; Raphael S. Schoenle

Journal of Financial Economics

  1. A capital structure channel of monetary policy, 2019, Benjamin Grosse-Rueschkamp; Sascha Steffen; Daniel Streitz
  2. A large-scale approach for evaluating asset pricing models, 2019, Laurent Barras
  3. A tale of two volatilities: Sectoral uncertainty, growth, and asset prices, 2019, Gill Segal
  4. A trade-off theory of ownership and capital structure, 2019, Giovanna Nicodano; Luca Regis
  5. A tug of war: Overnight versus intraday expected returns, 2019, Dong Lou; Christopher Polk; Spyros Skouras
  6. AAA, 2019, Clifford W. Smith
  7. Acquirer reference prices and acquisition performance, 2019, Qingzhong Ma; David A. Whidbee; Wei Zhang
  8. An anatomy of the market return, 2019, Paul Schneider
  9. An asset pricing approach to testing general term structure models, 2019, Bent Jesper Christensen; Michel Van Der Wel
  10. Are lemons sold first? Dynamic signaling in the mortgage market, 2019, Manuel Adelino; Kristopher Gerardi; Barney Hartman-Glaser
  11. Attention allocation and return co-movement: Evidence from repeated natural experiments, 2019, Shiyang Huang; Yulin Huang; Tse-Chun Lin
  12. Average skewness matters, 2019, Eric Jondeau; Qunzi Zhang; Xiaoneng Zhu
  13. Bankruptcy spillovers, 2019, Shai Bernstein; Emanuele Colonnelli; Xavier Giroud; Benjamin Iverson
  14. Bear beta, 2019, Zhongjin Lu; Scott Murray
  15. Bubbles for Fama, 2019, Robin Greenwood; Andrei Shleifer; Yang You
  16. Capital flows and sovereign debt markets: Evidence from index rebalancings, 2019, Lorenzo Pandolfi; Tomas Williams
  17. Channels of US monetary policy spillovers to international bond markets, 2019, Elias Albagli; Luis Ceballos; Sebastian Claro; Damian Romero
  18. Characteristics are covariances: A unified model of risk and return, 2019, Bryan T. Kelly; Seth Pruitt; Yinan Su
  19. Collateralizing liquidity, 2019, Cecilia Parlatore
  20. Common risk factors in the cross-section of corporate bond returns, 2019, Jennie Bai; Turan G. Bali; Quan Wen
  21. Corporate control activism, 2019, Adrian Aycan Corum; Doron Levit
  22. Corporate leverage and employees’ rights in bankruptcy, 2019, Andrew Ellul; Marco Pagano
  23. Costs and benefits of financial conglomerate affiliation: Evidence from hedge funds, 2019, Francesco Franzoni; Mariassunta Giannetti
  24. Counterparty credit risk and derivatives pricing, 2019, Gang Li; Chu Zhang
  25. Credit default swaps and corporate innovation, 2019, Xin Chang; Yangyang Chen; Sarah Qian Wang; Kuo Zhang; Wenrui Zhang
  26. Cross-sectional alpha dispersion and performance evaluation, 2019, Campbell R. Harvey; Yan Liu
  27. Crowdsourced employer reviews and stock returns, 2019, T. Clifton Green; Ruoyan Huang; Quan Wen; Dexin Zhou
  28. Decision fatigue and heuristic analyst forecasts, 2019, David Hirshleifer; Yaron Levi; Ben Lourie; Siew Hong Teoh
  29. Disaster on the horizon: The price effect of sea level rise, 2019, Asaf Bernstein; Matthew T. Gustafson; Ryan Lewis
  30. Dividend payments as a response to peer influence, 2019, Jillian Grennan
  31. Do firms hedge with foreign currency derivatives for employees?, 2019, Pinghsun Huang; Hsin-Yi Huang; Yan Zhang
  32. Do firms issue more equity when markets become more liquid?, 2019, Mathijs A. Van Dijk; Rogier M. Hanselaar; René M. Stulz
  33. Do idiosyncratic jumps matter?, 2019, Nishad Kapadia; Morad Zekhnini
  34. Do insiders time management buyouts and freezeouts to buy undervalued targets?, 2019, Jarrad Harford; Jared Stanfield; Feng Zhang
  35. Do institutional investors drive corporate social responsibility? International evidence, 2019, Alexander Dyck; Karl V. Lins; Lukas Roth; Hannes F. Wagner
  36. Do labor markets discipline? Evidence from RMBS bankers, 2019, John M. Griffin; Samuel Kruger; Gonzalo Maturana
  37. Do private equity funds manipulate reported returns?, 2019, Gregory W. Brown; Oleg R. Gredil; Steven N. Kaplan
  38. Do real estate agents have information advantages in housing markets?, 2019, Sumit Agarwal; Jia He; Tien Foo Sing; Changcheng Song
  39. Does skin-in-the-game affect security performance?, 2019, Adam B Ashcraft; Kunal Gooriah; Amir Kermani
  40. Does social capital mitigate agency problems? Evidence from Chief Executive Officer (CEO) compensation, 2019, Chun Keung(Stan) Hoi; Qiang Wu; Hao Zhang
  41. Drivers of effort: Evidence from employee absenteeism, 2019, Morten Bennedsen; Margarita Tsoutsoura; Daniel Wolfenzon
  42. Dynamic corporate liquidity, 2019, Boris Nikolov; Lukas Schmid; Roberto Steri
  43. Effects of separating commercial and investment banking: Evidence from the dissolution of a joint venture investment bank, 2019, Fumio Akiyoshi
  44. Empirical tests of asset pricing models with individual assets: Resolving the errors-in-variables bias in risk premium estimation, 2019, Narasimhan Jegadeesh; Joonki Noh; Kuntara Pukthuanthong; Richard Roll; Junbo Wang
  45. Entrusted loans: A close look at China's shadow banking system, 2019, Franklin Allen; Yiming Qian; Guoqian Tu; Frank Yu
  46. Entry and competition in takeover auctions, 2019, Matthew Gentry; Caleb Stroup
  47. Expectation and duration at the effective lower bound, 2019, Thomas B. King
  48. Financial frictions and employment during the Great Depression, 2019, Efraim Benmelech; Carola Frydman; Dimitris Papanikolaou
  49. Financing intangible capital, 2019, Qi Sun; Mindy Z. Xiaolan
  50. Financing intangible capital, 2019, Qi Sun; Mindy Z. Xiaolan
  51. Firing the wrong workers: Financing constraints and labor misallocation, 2019, Andrea Caggese; Vicente Cuñat; Daniel Metzger
  52. Firms’ innovation strategy under the shadow of analyst coverage, 2019, Bing Guo; David Pérez-Castrillo; Anna Toldrà-Simats
  53. From mining to markets: The evolution of bitcoin transaction fees, 2019, Soumya Basu; David Easley; Maureen O'Hara
  54. Generalized recovery, 2019, Christian Skov Jensen; David Lando; Lasse Heje Pedersen
  55. Gold, platinum, and expected stock returns, 2019, Darien Huang; Mete Kilic
  56. Good disclosure, bad disclosure, 2019, Itay Goldstein; Liyan Yang
  57. Government debt and corporate leverage: International evidence, 2019, Irem Demirci; Jennifer Huang; Clemens Sialm
  58. Government debt and the returns to innovation, 2019, M.M. Croce; Thien T. Nguyen; S. Raymond; L. Schmid
  59. Growing up without finance, 2019, James R. Brown; J. Anthony Cookson; Rawley Z. Heimer
  60. High frequency trading and comovement in financial markets, 2019, Laura Malceniece; Kārlis Malcenieks; Tālis J. Putniņš
  61. How do valuations impact outcomes of asset sales with heterogeneous bidders?, 2019, Alexander S. Gorbenko
  62. How effective are trading pauses?, 2019, Nikolaus Hautsch; Akos Horvath
  63. How news and its context drive risk and returns around the world, 2019, Charles W. Calomiris; Harry Mamaysky
  64. How valuable are independent directors? Evidence from external distractions, 2019, Ronald W. Masulis; Emma Jincheng Zhang
  65. In search of preference shock risks: Evidence from longevity risks and momentum profits, 2019, Zhanhui Chen; Bowen Yang
  66. Indexing and stock market serial dependence around the world, 2019, Guido Baltussen; Sjoerd Van Bekkum; Zhi Da
  67. Industry familiarity and trading: Evidence from the personal portfolios of industry insiders, 2019, Itzhak Ben-David; Justin Birru; Andrea Rossi
  68. Inferring latent social networks from stock holdings, 2019, Harrison Hong; Jiangmin Xu
  69. Inferring volatility dynamics and risk premia from the S&P 500 and VIX markets, 2019, Chris Bardgett; Elise Gourier; Markus Leippold
  70. Information and trading targets in a dynamic market equilibrium, 2019, Jin Hyuk Choi; Kasper Larsen; Duane J. Seppi
  71. Institutional herding and its price impact: Evidence from the corporate bond market, 2019, Fang Cai; Song Han; Dan Li; Yi Li
  72. Institutional investor cliques and governance, 2019, Alan D. Crane; Andrew Koch; Sébastien Michenaud
  73. Interconnectedness in the interbank market, 2019, Celso Brunetti; Jeffrey H. Harris; Shawn Mankad; George Michailidis
  74. Internalizing governance externalities: The role of institutional cross-ownership, 2019, Jie (Jack) He; Jiekun Huang; Shan Zhao
  75. Inverted fee structures, tick size, and market quality, 2019, Carole Comerton-Forde; Vincent Grégoire; Zhuo Zhong
  76. JFE special issue on labor and finance, 2019, Toni M Whited
  77. Liquidity standards and the value of an informed lender of last resort, 2019, João A.C. Santos; Javier Suarez
  78. Liquidity windfalls: The consequences of repo rehypothecation, 2019, Sebastian Infante
  79. Liquidity, innovation, and endogenous growth, 2019, Semyon Malamud; Francesca Zucchi
  80. Manager sentiment and stock returns, 2019, Fuwei Jiang; Joshua Lee; Xiumin Martin; Guofu Zhou
  81. Mark Twain’s Cat: Investment experience, categorical thinking, and stock selection, 2019, Xing Huang
  82. Minimum payments and debt paydown in consumer credit cards, 2019, Benjamin J. Keys; Jialan Wang
  83. Mood, firm behavior, and aggregate economic outcomes, 2019, Vidhi Chhaochharia; Dasol Kim; George M. Korniotis; Alok Kumar
  84. Municipal borrowing costs and state policies for distressed municipalities, 2019, Pengjie Gao; Chang Lee; Dermot Murphy
  85. Mutual fund board connections and proxy voting, 2019, Paul Calluzzo; Simi Kedia
  86. New goods and asset prices, 2019, Paul Scanlon
  87. Notes on the yield curve, 2019, Ian W. R. Martin; Stephen A. Ross
  88. Once bitten, twice shy: The power of personal experiences in risk taking, 2019, Steffen Andersen; Tobin Hanspal; Kasper Meisner Nielsen
  89. Optimal capital structure and bankruptcy choice: Dynamic bargaining versus liquidation, 2019, Samuel Antill; Steven R. Grenadier
  90. Option prices and costly short-selling, 2019, Adem Atmaz; Suleyman Basak
  91. Patent trolls and startup employment, 2019, Ian Appel; Joan Farre-Mensa; Elena Simintzi
  92. Pay now or pay later? The economics within the private equity partnership, 2019, Victoria Ivashina; Josh Lerner
  93. Policy externalities and banking integration, 2019, Michael Smolyansky
  94. Preference for dividends and return comovement, 2019, Allaudeen Hameed; Jing Xie
  95. Private equity and human capital risk, 2019, Manfred Antoni; Ernst Maug; Stefan Obernberger
  96. Private information in currency markets, 2019, Alexander Michaelides; Andreas Milidonis; George P. Nishiotis
  97. Probability of price crashes, rational speculative bubbles, and the cross-section of stock returns, 2019, Jeewon Jang; Jangkoo Kang
  98. Property rights institutions, foreign investment, and the valuation of multinational firms, 2019, Leming Lin; Atanas Mihov; Leandro Sanz; Detelina Stoyanova
  99. Public hedge funds, 2019, Lin Sun; Melvyn Teo
  100. Regulating a model, 2019, Yaron Leitner; Bilge Yilmaz
  101. Securitized markets, international capital flows, and global welfare, 2019, Gregory Phelan; Alexis Akira Toda
  102. Selection versus talent effects on firm value, 2019, Briana Chang; Harrison Hong
  103. Shareholder bargaining power and the emergence of empty creditors, 2019, Stefano Colonnello; Matthias Efing; Francesca Zucchi
  104. Should Long-Term Investors Time Volatility?, 2019, Alan Moreira; Tyler Muir
  105. Should investors learn about the timing of equity risk?, 2019, Michael Hasler; Mariana Khapko; Roberto Marfè
  106. Should retail investors’ leverage be limited?, 2019, Rawley Heimer; Alp Simsek
  107. Size and value in China, 2019, Jianan Liu; Robert F. Stambaugh; Yu Yuan
  108. Stunted firms: The long-term impacts of colonial taxation, 2019, Gabriel Natividad
  109. Technological links and predictable returns, 2019, Charles M.C. Lee; Stephen Teng Sun; Rongfei Wang; Ran Zhang
  110. The CAPM strikes back? An equilibrium model with disasters, 2019, Hang Bai; Kewei Hou; Howard Kung; Erica X.N. Li; Lu Zhang
  111. The cash conversion cycle spread, 2019, Baolian Wang
  112. The cross-section of labor leverage and equity returns, 2019, Andres Donangelo; François Gourio; Matthias Kehrig; Miguel Palacios
  113. The effect of bank monitoring on public bond terms, 2019, Zhiming Ma; Derrald Stice; Christopher Williams
  114. The effects of uncertainty on market liquidity: Evidence from Hurricane Sandy, 2019, Dominik Rehse; Ryan Riordan; Nico Rottke; Joachim Zietz
  115. The impact of jumps on carry trade returns, 2019, Suzanne S. Lee; Minho Wang
  116. The information sensitivity of debt in good and bad times, 2019, Emanuele Brancati; Marco Macchiavelli
  117. The leverage effect and the basket-index put spread, 2019, Jennie Bai; Robert S. Goldstein; Fan Yang
  118. The liquidity cost of private equity investments: Evidence from secondary market transactions, 2019, Taylor D. Nadauld; Berk A. Sensoy; Keith Vorkink; Michael S. Weisbach
  119. The power of shareholder votes: Evidence from uncontested director elections, 2019, Reena Aggarwal; Sandeep Dahiya; Nagpurnanand R. Prabhala
  120. The present value relation over six centuries: The case of the Bazacle company, 2019, David Le Bris; William N. Goetzmann; Sébastien Pouget
  121. The profitability and investment premium: Pre-1963 evidence, 2019, Sunil Wahal
  122. The relevance of broker networks for information diffusion in the stock market, 2019, Francesco Franzoni; Amir Kermani; Marco Di Maggio; Carlo Sommavilla
  123. The rise in student loan defaults, 2019, Holger M. Mueller; Constantine Yannelis
  124. The role of executive cash bonuses in providing individual and team incentives, 2019, Wayne R. Guay; John D. Kepler; David Tsui
  125. The use of credit default swaps by bond mutual funds: Liquidity provision and counterparty risk, 2019, George O. Aragon; Lei Li; Jun ‘Qj’ Qian
  126. The value of access to finance: Evidence from M&As, 2019, Jess Cornaggia; Jay Yin Li
  127. The value of collateral in trade finance, 2019, Anna M. Costello
  128. Time-varying ambiguity, credit spreads, and the levered equity premium, 2019, Zhan Shi
  129. Too good to be true? Fallacies in evaluating risk factor models, 2019, Nikolay Gospodinov; Raymond Kan; Cesare Robotti
  130. Trade credit and supplier competition, 2019, Jiri Chod; Evgeny Lyandres; S. Alex Yang
  131. Transparency and dealer networks: Evidence from the initiation of post-trade reporting in the mortgage backed security market, 2019, Paul Schultz; Zhaogang Song
  132. Variance risk in aggregate stock returns and time-varying return predictability, 2019, Sungjune Pyun
  133. Volatility and the cross-section of corporate bond returns, 2019, Kee H. Chung; Junbo Wang; Chunchi Wu
  134. What a difference a (birth) month makes: The relative age effect and fund manager performance, 2019, John (Jianqiu) Bai; Linlin Ma; Kevin A. Mullally; David H. Solomon
  135. What’s in a (school) name? Racial discrimination in higher education bond markets, 2019, Casey Dougal; Pengjie Gao; William J. Mayew; Christopher A. Parsons
  136. Who benefits in a crisis? Evidence from hedge fund stock and option holdings, 2019, George O. Aragon; J. Spencer Martin; Zhen Shi
  137. Why did the q theory of investment start working?, 2019, Daniel Andrei; William Mann; Nathalie Moyen

Review of Financial Studies

  1. A Protocol for Factor Identification, 2019, Kuntara Pukthuanthong; Richard Roll; Avanidhar Subrahmanyam
  2. A Theory of Multiperiod Debt Structure, 2019, Chong Huang; Martin Oehmke; Hongda Zhong
  3. Analyst Career Concerns, Effort Allocation, and Firms’ Information Environment, 2019, Jarrad Harford; Feng Jiang; Rong Wang; Fei Xie
  4. Anticollusion Enforcement: Justice for Consumers and Equity for Firms, 2019, Sudipto Dasgupta; Alminas Žaldokas
  5. Approaching Mean-Variance Efficiency for Large Portfolios, 2019, Mengmeng Ao; Li Yingying; Xinghua Zheng
  6. Arbitrage Trading: The Long and the Short of It, 2019, Yong Chen; Zhi Da; Dayong Huang
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  16. Birds of a Feather: The Impact of Homophily on the Propensity to Follow Financial Advice, 2019, Oscar Stolper; Andreas Walter
  17. Blockchain Disruption and Smart Contracts, 2019, Lin William Cong; Zhiguo He
  18. Blockchain-Based Settlement for Asset Trading, 2019, Jonathan Chiu; Thorsten V Koeppl
  19. Blockholder Heterogeneity, Multiple Blocks, and the Dance between Blockholders, 2019, Charles J Hadlock; Miriam Schwartz-Ziv
  20. Cancellable Insider Trading Plans: An Analysis of SEC Rule 10b5-1, 2019, Stephen L Lenkey
  21. Characteristic-Based Benchmark Returns and Corporate Events, 2019, Hendrik Bessembinder; Michael J Cooper; Feng Zhang
  22. Chasing Private Information, 2019, Marcin Kacperczyk; Emiliano S Pagnotta
  23. Comparables Pricing, 2019, Justin Murfin; Ryan Pratt
  24. Consumption Taxes and Corporate Investment, 2019, Martin Jacob; Roni Michaely; Maximilian A Müller
  25. Contingent Convertibles with Stock Price Triggers: The Case of Perpetuities, 2019, George Pennacchi; Alexei Tchistyi
  26. Corporate Investment and Innovation in the Presence of Competitor Constraints, 2019, William Grieser; Zack Liu
  27. Corporate Strategy, Conformism, and the Stock Market, 2019, Thierry Foucault; Laurent Fresard
  28. Credit Allocation Under Economic Stimulus: Evidence from China, 2019, Lin William Cong; Haoyu Gao; Jacopo Ponticelli; Xiaoguang Yang
  29. Credit Supply and the Rise in College Tuition: Evidence from the Expansion in Federal Student Aid Programs, 2019, David O Lucca; Taylor Nadauld; Karen Shen
  30. Cumulative Prospect Theory, Option Returns, and the Variance Premium, 2019, Lieven Baele; Joost Driessen; Sebastian Ebert; Juan M Londono; Oliver G Spalt
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  32. Demand for Crash Insurance, Intermediary Constraints, and Risk Premia in Financial Markets, 2019, Hui Chen; Scott Joslin; Sophie Xiaoyan Ni
  33. Do Shocks to Personal Wealth Affect Risk-taking in Delegated Portfolios?, 2019, Veronika K Pool; Noah Stoffman; Scott E Yonker; Hanjiang Zhang
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