Mingze Gao

Curated Reading List - 2017

Journal of Finance

  1. A Labor Capital Asset Pricing Model, 2017, Lars-Alexander Kuehn; Mikhail Simutin; Jessie Jiaxu Wang
  2. Advance Refundings of Municipal Bonds, 2017, Andrew Ang; Richard C. Green; Francis A. Longstaff; Yuhang Xing
  3. American Finance Association, 2017, David Hirshleifer
  4. Are CDS Auctions Biased and Inefficient?, 2017, Songzi Du; Haoxiang Zhu
  5. Asset Market Participation and Portfolio Choice over the Life-Cycle, 2017, Andreas Fagereng; Charles Gottlieb; Luigi Guiso
  6. Asset Pricing with Countercyclical Household Consumption Risk, 2017, George M. Constantinides; Anisha Ghosh
  7. Asset Pricing without Garbage, 2017, Tim A. Kroencke
  8. Attracting Early-Stage Investors: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment, 2017, Shai Bernstein; Arthur Korteweg; Kevin Laws
  9. Bank Leverage and Monetary Policy's Risk-Taking Channel: Evidence from the United States, 2017, Giovanni Dell'Ariccia; Luc Laeven; Gustavo A. Suarez
  10. Before an Analyst Becomes an Analyst: Does Industry Experience Matter?, 2017, Daniel Bradley; Sinan Gokkaya; Xi Liu
  11. Benchmarks in Search Markets, 2017, Darrell Duffie; Piotr Dworczak; Haoxiang Zhu
  12. Buyout Activity: The Impact of Aggregate Discount Rates, 2017, Valentin Haddad; Erik Loualiche; Matthew Plosser
  13. Capital Account Liberalization and Aggregate Productivity: The Role of Firm Capital Allocation, 2017, Mauricio Larrain; Sebastian Stumpner
  14. Commodity Trade and the Carry Trade: A Tale of Two Countries, 2017, Robert Ready; Nikolai Roussanov; Colin Ward
  15. Consumer Default, Credit Reporting, and Borrowing Constraints, 2017, Mark J. Garmaise; Gabriel Natividad
  16. Consumer Ruthlessness and Mortgage Default during the 2007 to 2009 Housing Bust, 2017, Neil Bhutta; Jane Dokko; Hui Shan
  17. Correlated Default and Financial Intermediation, 2017, Gregory Phelan
  18. Do Cash Flows of Growth Stocks Really Grow Faster?, 2017, Huafeng (Jason) Chen
  19. Do Funds Make More When They Trade More?, 2017, Ľuboš Pástor; Robert F. Stambaugh; Lucian A. Taylor
  20. Does the Scope of the Sell-Side Analyst Industry Matter? An Examination of Bias, Accuracy, and Information Content of Analyst Reports, 2017, Kenneth Merkley; Roni Michaely; Joseph Pacelli
  21. Ex-Dividend Profitability and Institutional Trading Skill, 2017, Tyler R. Henry; Jennifer L. Koski
  22. Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy Uncertainty, 2017, Philippe Mueller; Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi; Andrea Vedolin
  23. Finance and Growth at the Firm Level: Evidence from SBA Loans, 2017, J. David Brown; John S. Earle
  24. Financial Contracting and Organizational Form: Evidence from the Regulation of Trade Credit, 2017, Emily Breza; Andres Liberman
  25. Financial Transaction Taxes, Market Composition, and Liquidity, 2017, Jean‐Edouard Colliard; Peter Hoffmann
  26. Firm Age, Investment Opportunities, and Job Creation, 2017, Manuel Adelino; Song Ma; David Robinson
  27. Firm Investment and Stakeholder Choices: A Top-Down Theory of Capital Budgeting, 2017, Andres Almazan; Zhaohui Chen; Sheridan Titman
  28. Forced Asset Sales and the Concentration of Outstanding Debt: Evidence from the Mortgage Market, 2017, Giovanni Favara; Mariassunta Giannetti
  29. Formative Experiences and Portfolio Choice: Evidence from the Finnish Great Depression, 2017, Samuli Knüpfer; Elias Rantapuska; Matti Sarvimäki
  30. Housing Collateral and Entrepreneurship, 2017, Martin C. Schmalz; David A. Sraer; David Thesmar
  31. How Do Quasi‐Random Option Grants Affect CEO Risk‐Taking?, 2017, Kelly Shue; Richard R. Townsend
  32. Income Insurance and the Equilibrium Term Structure of Equity, 2017, Roberto Marfè
  33. Linear-Rational Term Structure Models, 2017, Damir Filipović; Martin Larsson; Anders B. Trolle
  34. Liquidity in a Market for Unique Assets: Specified Pool and To-Be-Announced Trading in the Mortgage-Backed Securities Market, 2017, Pengjie Gao; Paul Schultz; Zhaogang Song
  35. Local Risk, Local Factors, and Asset Prices, 2017, Selale Tuzel; Miao Ben Zhang
  36. Matching Capital and Labor, 2017, Jonathan B. Berk; Jules H. Van Binsbergen; Binying Liu
  37. Mortgage Debt Overhang: Reduced Investment by Homeowners at Risk of Default, 2017, Brian T. Melzer
  38. Municipal Bond Liquidity and Default Risk, 2017, Michael Schwert
  39. Nonfundamental Speculation Revisited, 2017, Liyan Yang; Haoxiang Zhu
  40. On the Foundations of Corporate Social Responsibility, 2017, Hao Liang; Luc Renneboog
  41. On the Origins of Risk-Taking in Financial Markets, 2017, Sandra E. Black; Paul J. Devereux; Petter Lundborg; Kaveh Majlesi
  42. Politically Connected Private Equity and Employment, 2017, Mara Faccio; Hung-Chia Hsu
  43. Precautionary Savings with Risky Assets: When Cash Is Not Cash, 2017, Ran Duchin; Thomas Gilbert; Jarrad Harford; Christopher Hrdlicka
  44. Presidential Address: The Scientific Outlook in Financial Economics, 2017, Campbell R. Harvey
  45. Report of the Editor of the Journal of Finance for the Year 2016, 2017, Stefan Nagel
  46. Resident Networks and Corporate Connections: Evidence from World War II Internment Camps, 2017, Lauren Cohen; Umit G. Gurun; Christopher Malloy
  47. Retail Financial Advice: Does One Size Fit All?, 2017, Stephen Foerster; Juhani T. Linnainmaa; Brian T. Melzer; Alessandro Previtero
  48. Reverse Mortgage Loans: A Quantitative Analysis, 2017, Makoto Nakajima; Irina A. Telyukova
  49. Selling Failed Banks, 2017, João Granja; Gregor Matvos; Amit Seru
  50. Short-Term Market Risks Implied by Weekly Options, 2017, Torben G. Andersen; Nicola Fusari; Viktor Todorov
  51. Social Capital, Trust, and Firm Performance: The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility during the Financial Crisis, 2017, Karl V. Lins; Henri Servaes; Ane Tamayo
  52. Term Structure of Consumption Risk Premia in the Cross Section of Currency Returns, 2017, Irina Zviadadze
  53. The Downside of Asset Screening for Market Liquidity, 2017, Victoria Vanasco
  54. The Effect of Housing on Portfolio Choice, 2017, Raj Chetty; Adam Szeidl; László Sándor
  55. The Flash Crash: High-Frequency Trading in an Electronic Market, 2017, Andrei Kirilenko; Albert S. Kyle; Mehrdad Samadi; Tugkan Tuzun
  56. The Front Men of Wall Street: The Role of CDO Collateral Managers in the CDO Boom and Bust, 2017, Sergey Chernenko
  57. The Macroeconomics of Shadow Banking, 2017, Alan Moreira; Alexi Savov
  58. The Real Effects of Credit Ratings: The Sovereign Ceiling Channel, 2017, Heitor Almeida; Igor Cunha; Miguel A. Ferreira; Felipe Restrepo
  59. Trader Leverage and Liquidity, 2017, Bige Kahraman; Heather E. Tookes
  60. Volatility-Managed Portfolios, 2017, Alan Moreira; Tyler Muir
  61. What Doesn't Kill You Will Only Make You More Risk-Loving: Early-Life Disasters and CEO Behavior, 2017, Gennaro Bernile; Vineet Bhagwat; P. Raghavendra Rau
  62. What Drives the Cross-Section of Credit Spreads?: A Variance Decomposition Approach, 2017, Yoshio Nozawa
  63. Who Are the Value and Growth Investors?, 2017, Sebastien Betermier; Laurent E. Calvet; Paolo Sodini
  64. Why Do Investors Hold Socially Responsible Mutual Funds?, 2017, Arno Riedl; Paul Smeets
  65. Why Does Return Predictability Concentrate in Bad Times?, 2017, Julien Cujean; Michael Hasler

Journal of Financial Economics

  1. Acquiring growth, 2017, Oliver Levine
  2. Activism mergers, 2017, Nicole M. Boyson; Nickolay Gantchev; Anil Shivdasani
  3. Advising shareholders in takeovers, 2017, Doron Levit
  4. Ambiguity and the corporation: Group disagreement and underinvestment, 2017, Lorenzo Garlappi; Ron Giammarino; Ali Lazrak
  5. An extrapolative model of house price dynamics, 2017, Edward L. Glaeser; Charles G. Nathanson
  6. Are corporate inversions good for shareholders?, 2017, Anton Babkin; Brent Glover; Oliver Levine
  7. Are foreign investors locusts? The long-term effects of foreign institutional ownership, 2017, Jan Bena; Miguel A Ferreira; Pedro Matos; Pedro Pires
  8. Bank capital, liquid reserves, and insolvency risk, 2017, Julien Hugonnier; Erwan Morellec
  9. Bank rescues and bailout expectations: The erosion of market discipline during the financial crisis, 2017, Florian Hett; Alexander Schmidt
  10. Banking integration and house price co-movement, 2017, Augustin Landier; David Sraer; David Thesmar
  11. Board reforms and firm value: Worldwide evidence, 2017, Larry Fauver; Mingyi Hung; Xi Li; Alvaro G. Taboada
  12. CEO talent, CEO compensation, and product market competition, 2017, Hae Won (Henny) Jung; Ajay Subramanian
  13. Capital utilization, market power, and the pricing of investment shocks, 2017, Lorenzo Garlappi; Zhongzhi Song
  14. Changes in corporate effective tax rates over the past 25 years, 2017, Scott D. Dyreng; Michelle Hanlon; Edward L. Maydew; Jacob R. Thornock
  15. Compensation goals and firm performance, 2017, Benjamin Bennett; J. Carr Bettis; Radhakrishnan Gopalan; Todd Milbourn
  16. Confidence, bond risks, and equity returns, 2017, Guihai Zhao
  17. Credit default swaps, exacting creditors and corporate liquidity management, 2017, Marti G. Subrahmanyam; Dragon Yongjun Tang; Sarah Qian Wang
  18. Customer concentration and loan contract terms, 2017, Murillo Campello; Janet Gao
  19. Customer–supplier relationships and corporate tax avoidance, 2017, Ling Cen; Edward L. Maydew; Liandong Zhang; Luo Zuo
  20. Dark pool trading strategies, market quality and welfare, 2017, Sabrina Buti; Barbara Rindi; Ingrid M. Werner
  21. Dealer financial conditions and lender-of-last-resort facilities, 2017, Viral V. Acharya; Michael J. Fleming; Warren B. Hrung; Asani Sarkar
  22. Debt correlations in the wake of the financial crisis: What are appropriate default correlations for structured products?, 2017, John M. Griffin; Jordan Nickerson
  23. Debt enforcement, investment, and risk taking across countries, 2017, Giovanni Favara; Erwan Morellec; Enrique Schroth; Philip Valta
  24. Debt maturity and the liquidity of secondary debt markets, 2017, Max Bruche; Anatoli Segura
  25. Designated market makers still matter: Evidence from two natural experiments, 2017, Adam D. Clark-Joseph; Mao Ye; Chao Zi
  26. Diversification and cash dynamics, 2017, Tor-Erik Bakke; Tiantian Gu
  27. Do corporate taxes hinder innovation?, 2017, Abhiroop Mukherjee; Manpreet Singh; Alminas Žaldokas
  28. Do exogenous changes in passive institutional ownership affect corporate governance and firm value?, 2017, Rüdiger Fahlenbrach; Cornelius Schmidt
  29. Do managers overreact to salient risks? Evidence from hurricane strikes, 2017, Olivier Dessaint; Adrien Matray
  30. Do staggered boards harm shareholders?, 2017, Yakov Amihud; Stoyan Stoyanov
  31. Do takeover laws matter? Evidence from five decades of hostile takeovers, 2017, Matthew D. Cain; Stephen B. Mckeon; Steven Davidoff Solomon
  32. Early peek advantage? Efficient price discovery with tiered information disclosure, 2017, Grace Xing Hu; Jun Pan; Jiang Wang
  33. Efficiency and stability of a financial architecture with too-interconnected-to-fail institutions, 2017, Michael Gofman
  34. Employee bargaining power, inter-firm competition, and equity-based compensation, 2017, Francesco Bova; Liyan Yang
  35. Employment protection and takeovers, 2017, Olivier Dessaint; Andrey Golubov; Paolo Volpin
  36. Endogenous intermediation in over-the-counter markets, 2017, Ana Babus; Tai-Wei Hu
  37. Explaining CEO retention in misreporting firms, 2017, Messod D. Beneish; Cassandra D. Marshall; Jun Yang
  38. Explaining the negative returns to volatility claims: An equilibrium approach, 2017, Bjørn Eraker; Yue Wu
  39. Financial dependence and innovation: The case of public versus private firms, 2017, Viral Acharya; Zhaoxia Xu
  40. Fire sale discount: Evidence from the sale of minority equity stakes, 2017, Serdar Dinc; Isil Erel; Rose Liao
  41. Firm characteristics, consumption risk, and firm-level risk exposures, 2017, Robert F. Dittmar; Christian T. Lundblad
  42. Growth through rigidity: An explanation for the rise in CEO pay, 2017, Kelly Shue; Richard R. Townsend
  43. High frequency trading and the 2008 short-sale ban, 2017, Jonathan Brogaard; Terrence Hendershott; Ryan Riordan
  44. How collateral laws shape lending and sectoral activity, 2017, Charles W. Calomiris; Mauricio Larrain; José Liberti; Jason Sturgess
  45. How persistent is private equity performance? Evidence from deal-level data, 2017, Reiner Braun; Tim Jenkinson; Ingo Stoff
  46. Idiosyncratic risk and the manager, 2017, Brent Glover; Oliver Levine
  47. Independent boards and innovation, 2017, Benjamin Balsmeier; Lee Fleming; Gustavo Manso
  48. Information Shocks and Short-Term Market Underreaction, 2017, George J. Jiang; Kevin X. Zhu
  49. Information disclosure, firm growth, and the cost of capital, 2017, Sunil Dutta; Alexander Nezlobin
  50. Information networks: Evidence from illegal insider trading tips, 2017, Kenneth R. Ahern
  51. Information percolation, momentum and reversal, 2017, Daniel Andrei; Julien Cujean
  52. Informed trading and price discovery before corporate events, 2017, Shmuel Baruch; Marios Panayides; Kumar Venkataraman
  53. Intangible capital and the investment-q relation, 2017, Ryan H. Peters; Lucian A. Taylor
  54. Interbank networks in the National Banking Era: Their purpose and their role in the Panic of 1893, 2017, Charles W. Calomiris; Mark Carlson
  55. Interim fund performance and fundraising in private equity, 2017, Brad M. Barber; Ayako Yasuda
  56. Intermediary asset pricing: New evidence from many asset classes, 2017, Zhiguo He; Bryan Kelly; Asaf Manela
  57. International correlation risk, 2017, Philippe Mueller; Andreas Stathopoulos; Andrea Vedolin
  58. International tests of a five-factor asset pricing model, 2017, Eugene F. Fama; Kenneth R. French
  59. Investment banking relationships and analyst affiliation bias: The impact of the global settlement on sanctioned and non-sanctioned banks, 2017, Shane A. Corwin; Stephannie A. Larocque; Mike A. Stegemoller
  60. Investor flows and fragility in corporate bond funds, 2017, Itay Goldstein; Hao Jiang; David T. Ng
  61. Is economic uncertainty priced in the cross-section of stock returns?, 2017, Turan G. Bali; Stephen J. Brown; Yi Tang
  62. It pays to write well, 2017, Byoung-Hyoun Hwang; Hugh Hoikwang Kim
  63. Large shareholders and credit ratings, 2017, Simi Kedia; Shivaram Rajgopal; Xing (Alex) Zhou
  64. Leverage and strategic preemption: Lessons from entry plans and incumbent investments, 2017, J. Anthony Cookson
  65. Limited disclosure and hidden orders in asset markets, 2017, Cyril Monnet; Erwan Quintin
  66. Maximum likelihood estimation of the equity premium, 2017, Efstathios Avdis; Jessica A. Wachter
  67. Merger activity in industry equilibrium, 2017, Theodosios Dimopoulos; Stefano Sacchetto
  68. Moral hazard in active asset management, 2017, David C. Brown; Shaun William Davies
  69. News implied volatility and disaster concerns, 2017, Asaf Manela; Alan Moreira
  70. Offshore activities and financial vs operational hedging, 2017, Gerard Hoberg; S. Katie Moon
  71. Offshore schemes and tax evasion: The role of banks, 2017, Lucy Chernykh; Sergey Mityakov
  72. Opportunism as a firm and managerial trait: Predicting insider trading profits and misconduct, 2017, Usman Ali; David Hirshleifer
  73. Option repricing, corporate governance, and the effect of shareholder empowerment, 2017, Huseyin Gulen; William J. O'Brien
  74. Pilot CEOs and corporate innovation, 2017, Jayanthi Sunder; Shyam V. Sunder; Jingjing Zhang
  75. Political uncertainty and investment: Causal evidence from U.S. gubernatorial elections, 2017, Candace E. Jens
  76. Portfolio concentration and performance of institutional investors worldwide, 2017, Nicole Choi; Mark Fedenia; Hilla Skiba; Tatyana Sokolyk
  77. Precautionary savings, retirement planning and misperceptions of financial literacy, 2017, Anders Anderson; Forest Baker; David T. Robinson
  78. Reexamining staggered boards and shareholder value, 2017, Alma Cohen; Charles C.Y. Wang
  79. Reference-dependent preferences and the risk–return trade-off, 2017, Huijun Wang; Jinghua Yan; Jianfeng Yu
  80. Reputation and signaling in asset sales, 2017, Barney Hartman-Glaser
  81. Risk, ambiguity, and the exercise of employee stock options, 2017, Yehuda Izhakian; David Yermack
  82. Rollover risk as market discipline: A two-sided inefficiency, 2017, Thomas M. Eisenbach
  83. Shades of darkness: A pecking order of trading venues, 2017, Albert J. Menkveld; Bart Zhou Yueshen; Haoxiang Zhu
  84. Shaped by their daughters: Executives, female socialization, and corporate social responsibility, 2017, Henrik Cronqvist; Frank Yu
  85. Skill and luck in private equity performance, 2017, Arthur Korteweg; Morten Sorensen
  86. Socioeconomic status and learning from financial information, 2017, Camelia M. Kuhnen; Andrei C. Miu
  87. Staggered boards and long-term firm value, revisited, 2017, K.J. Martijn Cremers; Lubomir P. Litov; Simone M. Sepe
  88. Stock liquidity and default risk, 2017, Jonathan Brogaard; Dan Li; Ying Xia
  89. Systematic mistakes in the mortgage market and lack of financial sophistication, 2017, Sumit Agarwal; Itzhak Ben-David; Vincent Yao
  90. Systemic co-jumps, 2017, Massimiliano Caporin; Aleksey Kolokolov; Roberto Renò
  91. Systemic risk in clearing houses: Evidence from the European repo market, 2017, Charles Boissel; François Derrien; Evren Ors; David Thesmar
  92. Tail risk in hedge funds: A unique view from portfolio holdings, 2017, Vikas Agarwal; Stefan Ruenzi; Florian Weigert
  93. Tax uncertainty and retirement savings diversification, 2017, David C. Brown; Scott Cederburg; Michael S. O’Doherty
  94. The U.S. listing gap, 2017, Craig Doidge; G. Andrew Karolyi; René M. Stulz
  95. The advantages of using excess returns to model the term structure, 2017, Adam Goliński; Peter Spencer
  96. The bright side of financial derivatives: Options trading and firm innovation, 2017, Iván Blanco; David Wehrheim
  97. The effect of asymmetric information on product market outcomes, 2017, Matthew T. Billett; Jon A. Garfinkel; Miaomiao Yu
  98. The effect of director experience on acquisition performance, 2017, Laura Casares Field; Anahit Mkrtchyan
  99. The effects of credit default swap trading on information asymmetry in syndicated loans, 2017, Dan Amiram; William H. Beaver; Wayne R. Landsman; Jianxin Zhao
  100. The effects of institutional investor objectives on firm valuation and governance, 2017, Paul Borochin; Jie Yang
  101. The effects of removing barriers to equity issuance, 2017, Matthew T. Gustafson; Peter Iliev
  102. The impact of firm prestige on executive compensation, 2017, Florens Focke; Ernst Maug; Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi
  103. The impact of innovation: Evidence from corporate bond exchange-traded funds (ETFs), 2017, Caitlin D. Dannhauser
  104. The impact of portfolio disclosure on hedge fund performance, 2017, Zhen Shi
  105. The impacts of political uncertainty on asset prices: Evidence from the Bo scandal in China, 2017, Laura Xiaolei Liu; Haibing Shu; K.C. John Wei
  106. The price of variance risk, 2017, Ian Dew-Becker; Stefano Giglio; Anh Le; Marius Rodriguez
  107. The source of information in prices and investment-price sensitivity, 2017, Alex Edmans; Sudarshan Jayaraman; Jan Schneemeier
  108. The term structure of credit spreads, firm fundamentals, and expected stock returns, 2017, Bing Han; Avanidhar Subrahmanyam; Yi Zhou
  109. The term structure of returns: Facts and theory, 2017, Jules H. Van Binsbergen; Ralph S.J. Koijen
  110. The unintended consequences of the zero lower bound policy, 2017, Marcin Kacperczyk; Marco Di Maggio
  111. The value of trading relations in turbulent times, 2017, Amir Kermani; Marco Di Maggio; Zhaogang Song
  112. Tracing out capital flows: How financially integrated banks respond to natural disasters, 2017, Kristle Romero Cortés; Philip E. Strahan
  113. U.S. multinationals and cash holdings, 2017, Tiantian Gu
  114. Uncovering expected returns: Information in analyst coverage proxies, 2017, Charles M.C. Lee; Eric C. So
  115. Variance risk premiums and the forward premium puzzle, 2017, Juan M. Londono; Hao Zhou
  116. Volatility of aggregate volatility and hedge fund returns, 2017, Vikas Agarwal; Y. Eser Arisoy; Narayan Y. Naik
  117. WSJ Category Kings – The impact of media attention on consumer and mutual fund investment decisions, 2017, Ron Kaniel; Robert Parham
  118. Well-connected short-sellers pay lower loan fees: A market-wide analysis, 2017, Fernando Chague; Rodrigo De-Losso; Alan De Genaro; Bruno Giovannetti
  119. What do measures of real-time corporate sales say about earnings surprises and post-announcement returns?, 2017, Kenneth Froot; Namho Kang; Gideon Ozik; Ronnie Sadka
  120. Who is internationally diversified? Evidence from the 401(k) plans of 296 firms, 2017, Geert Bekaert; Kenton Hoyem; Wei-Yin Hu; Enrichetta Ravina
  121. Why do loans contain covenants? Evidence from lending relationships, 2017, Robert Prilmeier

Review of Financial Studies

  1. A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Change: Confirmatory Bias in Financial Markets, 2017, Sebastien Pouget; Julien Sauvagnat; Stephane Villeneuve
  2. A Simple Estimation of Bid-Ask Spreads from Daily Close, High, and Low Prices, 2017, Farshid Abdi; Angelo Ranaldo
  3. Actual Share Repurchases, Price Efficiency, and the Information Content of Stock Prices, 2017, Pascal Busch; Stefan Obernberger
  4. Aggregation of Information About the Cross Section of Stock Returns: A Latent Variable Approach, 2017, Nathaniel Light; Denys Maslov; Oleg Rytchkov
  5. An Asset Pricing Approach to Liquidity Effects in Corporate Bond Markets, 2017, Dion Bongaerts; Joost Driessen; Frank De Jong
  6. Are Stocks Real Assets? Sticky Discount Rates in Stock Markets, 2017, Michael Katz; Hanno Lustig; Lars Nielsen
  7. Asset Pricing When ‘This Time Is Different’, 2017, Pierre Collin-Dufresne; Michael Johannes; Lars A. Lochstoer
  8. Authority, Consensus, and Governance, 2017, Archishman Chakraborty; Bilge Yılmaz
  9. Bank Capital and Dividend Externalities, 2017, Viral V. Acharya; Hanh T. Le; Hyun Song Shin
  10. Being Surprised by the Unsurprising: Earnings Seasonality and Stock Returns, 2017, Tom Y. Chang; Samuel M. Hartzmark; David H. Solomon; Eugene F. Soltes
  11. Bid-Ask Spreads, Trading Networks, and the Pricing of Securitizations, 2017, Burton Hollifield; Artem Neklyudov; Chester Spatt
  12. Bond Market Exposures to Macroeconomic and Monetary Policy Risks, 2017, Dongho Song
  13. Bribes and Firm Value, 2017, Stefan Zeume
  14. Cash Holdings and Labor Heterogeneity: The Role of Skilled Labor, 2017, Viet Anh Dang; Mohamed Ghaly; Konstantinos Stathopoulos
  15. Competition and Ownership Structure of Closely Held Firms, 2017, Jan Bena; Ting Xu
  16. Contingent Capital, Tail Risk, and Debt-Induced Collapse, 2017, Nan Chen; Paul Glasserman; Behzad Nouri; Markus Pelger
  17. Credit-Induced Boom and Bust, 2017, Amir Kermani; Marco Di Maggio
  18. Currency Value, 2017, Lukas Menkhoff; Lucio Sarno; Maik Schmeling; Andreas Schrimpf
  19. De Facto Seniority, Credit Risk, and Corporate Bond Prices, 2017, Jack Bao; Kewei Hou
  20. Deflation Risk, 2017, Matthias Fleckenstein; Francis A. Longstaff; Hanno Lustig
  21. Design of Financial Securities: Empirical Evidence from Private-Label RMBS Deals, 2017, Taylor A. Begley; Amiyatosh Purnanandam
  22. Differences of Opinion and International Equity Markets, 2017, Bernard Dumas; Karen K. Lewis; Emilio Osambela
  23. Distracted Shareholders and Corporate Actions, 2017, Elisabeth Kempf; Alberto Manconi; Oliver Spalt
  24. Do Independent Director Departures Predict Future Bad Events?, 2017, Rüdiger Fahlenbrach; Angie Low; René M. Stulz
  25. Do Managers Give Hometown Labor an Edge?, 2017, Scott E. Yonker
  26. Do Professional Norms in the Banking Industry Favor Risk-taking?, 2017, Alain Cohn; Ernst Fehr; Michel André Maréchal
  27. Do Takeover Defense Indices Measure Takeover Deterrence?, 2017, Jonathan M. Karpoff; Robert J. Schonlau; Eric W. Wehrly
  28. Does Aggregated Returns Disclosure Increase Portfolio Risk Taking?, 2017, John Beshears; James J. Choi; David Laibson; Brigitte C. Madrian
  29. Does Hedging Affect Firm Value? Evidence from a Natural Experiment, 2017, Erik P. Gilje; Jérôme P. Taillard
  30. Does Junior Inherit? Refinancing and the Blocking Power of Second Mortgages, 2017, Philip Bond; Ronel Elul; Sharon Garyn-Tal; David K. Musto
  31. Endogenous Leverage and Advantageous Selection in Credit Markets, 2017, Plamen T. Nenov
  32. Equity Vesting and Investment, 2017, Alex Edmans; Vivian W. Fang; Katharina A. Lewellen
  33. Extending Industry Specialization through Cross-Border Acquisitions, 2017, Laurent Frésard; Ulrich Hege; Gordon Phillips
  34. External Habit in a Production Economy: A Model of Asset Prices and Consumption Volatility Risk, 2017, Andrew Y. Chen
  35. Financing and New Product Decisions of Private and Publicly Traded Firms, 2017, Gordon M. Phillips; Giorgo Sertsios
  36. Foreign Cash: Taxes, Internal Capital Markets, and Agency Problems, 2017, Jarrad Harford; Cong Wang; Kuo Zhang
  37. Fraudulent Income Overstatement on Mortgage Applications During the Credit Expansion of 2002 to 2005, 2017, Atif Mian; Amir Sufi
  38. Fund Flows and Market States, 2017, Francesco Franzoni; Martin C. Schmalz
  39. Fundamental Analysis and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns: A Data-Mining Approach, 2017, Xuemin (Sterling) Yan; Lingling Zheng
  40. Gender and Connections among Wall Street Analysts, 2017, Lily Hua Fang; Sterling Huang
  41. Global Dollar Credit and Carry Trades: A Firm-Level Analysis, 2017, Valentina Bruno; Hyun Song Shin
  42. Housing Demand During the Boom: The Role of Expectations and Credit Constraints, 2017, Tim Landvoigt
  43. How Does Personal Bankruptcy Law Affect Startups?, 2017, Geraldo Cerqueiro; María Fabiana Penas
  44. How Does Risk Management Influence Production Decisions? Evidence from a Field Experiment, 2017, Shawn Cole; Xavier Giné; James Vickery
  45. How Excessive Is Banks’ Maturity Transformation?, 2017, Anatoli Segura; Javier Suarez
  46. How Risky Is Consumption in the Long-Run? Benchmark Estimates from a Robust Estimator, 2017, Ian Dew-Becker
  47. Impact of Financial Leverage on the Incidence and Severity of Product Failures: Evidence from Product Recalls, 2017, Omesh Kini; Jaideep Shenoy; Venkat Subramaniam
  48. Individual Investor Activity and Performance, 2017, Magnus Dahlquist; José Vicente Martinez; Paul Söderlind
  49. Inflation Bets on the Long Bond, 2017, Harrison Hong; David Sraer; Jialin Yu
  50. Information Choice and Amplification of Financial Crises, 2017, Toni Ahnert; Ali Kakhbod
  51. Information Sharing and Rating Manipulation, 2017, Mariassunta Giannetti; José María Liberti; Jason Sturgess
  52. Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Ownership, and Innovation: Evidence from China, 2017, Lily H. Fang; Josh Lerner; Chaopeng Wu
  53. International Corporate Diversification and Financial Flexibility, 2017, Yeejin Jang
  54. It Depends on Where You Search: Institutional Investor Attention and Underreaction to News, 2017, Azi Ben-Rephael; Zhi Da; Ryan D. Israelsen
  55. Labor-Force Heterogeneity and Asset Prices: The Importance of Skilled Labor, 2017, Frederico Belo; Jun Li; Xiaoji Lin; Xiaofei Zhao
  56. Law and Finance Matter: Lessons from Externally Imposed Courts, 2017, James R. Brown; J. Anthony Cookson; Rawley Z. Heimer
  57. Loan Sales and Bank Liquidity Management: Evidence from a U.S. Credit Register, 2017, Rustom M. Irani; Ralf R. Meisenzahl
  58. Market Forces and CEO Pay: Shocks to CEO Demand Induced by IPO Waves, 2017, Jordan Nickerson
  59. Market Segmentation and Differential Reactions of Local and Foreign Investors to Analyst Recommendations, 2017, Chunxin Jia; Yaping Wang; Wei Xiong
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  61. Mind the Gap: The Difference between U.S. and European Loan Rates, 2017, Tobias Berg; Anthony Saunders; Sascha Steffen; Daniel Streitz
  62. Mispricing Factors, 2017, Robert F. Stambaugh; Yu Yuan
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