Mingze Gao

Curated Reading List - 2014

Journal of Finance

  1. A Mean-Variance Benchmark for Intertemporal Portfolio Theory, 2014, John H. Cochrane
  2. A Pyrrhic Victory? Bank Bailouts and Sovereign Credit Risk, 2014, Viral Acharya; Itamar Drechsler; Philipp Schnabl
  3. A Theory of Debt Maturity: The Long and Short of Debt Overhang, 2014, Douglas W. Diamond; Zhiguo He
  4. Agency Conflicts and Cash: Estimates from a Dynamic Model, 2014, Boris Nikolov; Toni M. Whited
  5. Alpha and Performance Measurement: The Effects of Investor Disagreement and Heterogeneity, 2014, Wayne Ferson; Jerchern Lin
  6. An Anatomy of Commodity Futures Risk Premia, 2014, Rob Goorbergh; Theo Nijman; Frans Roon; Marta Szymanowska
  7. Are Analysts’ Recommendations Informative? Intraday Evidence on the Impact of Time Stamp Delays, 2014, Daniel Bradley; Jonathan Clarke; Suzanne Lee; Chayawat Ornthanalai
  8. Asset Pricing with Dynamic Margin Constraints, 2014, Oleg Rytchkov
  9. Biased Beliefs, Asset Prices, and Investment: A Structural Approach, 2014, Aydoğan Alti; Paul C. Tetlock
  10. Broad-Based Employee Stock Ownership: Motives and Outcomes, 2014, E. Han Kim; Paige Ouimet
  11. CEO Ownership, Stock Market Performance, and Managerial Discretion, 2014, Ulf Von Lilienfeld-Toal; Stefan Ruenzi
  12. Connected Stocks, 2014, Miguel Antón; Christopher Polk
  13. Corporate Innovations and Mergers and Acquisitions, 2014, Jan Bena; Kai Li
  14. Do Peer Firms Affect Corporate Financial Policy?, 2014, Mark T. Leary; Michael R. Roberts
  15. Does Stock Liquidity Enhance or Impede Firm Innovation?, 2014, Vivian W. Fang; Xuan Tian; Sheri Tice
  16. Duration of Executive Compensation, 2014, Radhakrishnan Gopalan; Todd Milbourn; Fenghua Song; Anjan V. Thakor
  17. Financial Intermediaries and the Cross-Section of Asset Returns, 2014, Tobias Adrian; Erkko Etula; Tyler Muir
  18. Financial Protectionism? First Evidence, 2014, Andrew K. Rose; Tomasz Wieladek
  19. Growth Opportunities, Technology Shocks, and Asset Prices, 2014, Leonid Kogan; Dimitris Papanikolaou
  20. Have Rating Agencies Become More Conservative? Implications for Capital Structure and Debt Pricing, 2014, Ramin P. Baghai; Henri Servaes; Ane Tamayo
  21. Incentives and Endogenous Risk Taking: A Structural View on Hedge Fund Alphas, 2014, Andrea Buraschi; Robert Kosowski; Worrawat Sritrakul
  22. Informed Trading through the Accounts of Children, 2014, Henk Berkman; Paul D. Koch; P. Joakim Westerholm
  23. Investment-Based Corporate Bond Pricing, 2014, Lars-Alexander Kuehn; Lukas Schmid
  24. Labor Mobility: Implications for Asset Pricing, 2014, Andrés Donangelo
  25. Legal Investor Protection and Takeovers, 2014, Mike Burkart; Denis Gromb; Holger M. Mueller; Fausto Panunzi
  26. Liquidity Measurement Problems in Fast, Competitive Markets: Expensive and Cheap Solutions, 2014, Craig W. Holden; Stacey Jacobsen
  27. Managerial Incentives and Stock Price Manipulation, 2014, Lin Peng; Ailsa Röell
  28. Measuring Readability in Financial Disclosures, 2014, Tim Loughran; Bill Mcdonald
  29. Merger Negotiations with Stock Market Feedback, 2014, Sandra Betton; B. Espen Eckbo; Rex Thompson; Karin S. Thorburn
  30. Mergers and Acquisitions Accounting and the Diversification Discount, 2014, Cláudia Custódio
  31. Minutes of the 2014 Annual Membership Meeting, 2014, Jim Schallheim
  32. Mutual Fund Performance and the Incentive to Generate Alpha, 2014, Diane Del Guercio; Jonathan Reuter
  33. Presidential Address: Investment Noise and Trends, 2014, Robert F. Stambaugh
  34. Private Equity Performance: What Do We Know?, 2014, Robert S. Harris; Tim Jenkinson; Steven N. Kaplan
  35. Product Market Threats, Payouts, and Financial Flexibility, 2014, Gerard Hoberg; Gordon Phillips; Nagpurnanand Prabhala
  36. Refinancing Risk and Cash Holdings, 2014, Jarrad Harford; Sandy Klasa; William F. Maxwell
  37. Repo Runs: Evidence from the Tri-Party Repo Market, 2014, Adam Copeland; Antoine Martin; Michael Walker
  38. Report of the Editor of the Journal of Finance for the Year 2013, 2014, Kenneth J. Singleton
  39. Report of the Executive Secretary and Treasurer, 2014, Jim Schallheim
  40. Rise of the Machines: Algorithmic Trading in the Foreign Exchange Market, 2014, Alain P. Chaboud; Benjamin Chiquoine; Erik Hjalmarsson; Clara Vega
  41. Risk Premiums in Dynamic Term Structure Models with Unspanned Macro Risks, 2014, Scott Joslin; Marcel Priebsch; Kenneth J. Singleton
  42. Securitization and Capital Structure in Nonfinancial Firms: An Empirical Investigation, 2014, Michael Lemmon; Laura Xiaolei Liu; Mike Qinghao Mao; Greg Nini
  43. Self-Fulfilling Liquidity Dry-Ups, 2014, Frederic Malherbe
  44. Sequential Learning, Predictability, and Optimal Portfolio Returns, 2014, Michael Johannes; Arthur Korteweg; Nicholas Polson
  45. Shaping Liquidity: On the Causal Effects of Voluntary Disclosure, 2014, Karthik Balakrishnan; Mary Brooke Billings; Bryan Kelly; Alexander Ljungqvist
  46. Sizing Up Repo, 2014, Arvind Krishnamurthy; Stefan Nagel; Dmitry Orlov
  47. Skin in the Game and Moral Hazard, 2014, Gilles Chemla; Christopher A. Hennessy
  48. Sources of Entropy in Representative Agent Models, 2014, David Backus; Mikhail Chernov; Stanley Zin
  49. Sovereign Default, Domestic Banks, and Financial Institutions, 2014, Nicola Gennaioli; Alberto Martin; Stefano Rossi
  50. Stock Options as Lotteries, 2014, Brian H. Boyer; Keith Vorkink
  51. Strategic Asset Allocation in Money Management, 2014, Suleyman Basak; Dmitry Makarov
  52. Strategic and Financial Bidders in Takeover Auctions, 2014, Alexander S. Gorbenko; Andrey Malenko
  53. The Business Cycle, Investor Sentiment, and Costly External Finance, 2014, R. David Mclean; Mengxin Zhao
  54. The Cross-Section of Credit Risk Premia and Equity Returns, 2014, Nils Friewald; Christian Wagner; Josef Zechner
  55. The Cross-Section of Managerial Ability, Incentives, and Risk Preferences, 2014, Ralph S.J. Koijen
  56. The Executive Turnover Risk Premium, 2014, Florian S. Peters; Alexander F. Wagner
  57. The Global Crisis and Equity Market Contagion, 2014, Geert Bekaert; Michael Ehrmann; Marcel Fratzscher; Arnaud Mehl
  58. The Importance of Industry Links in Merger Waves, 2014, Kenneth R. Ahern; Jarrad Harford
  59. The Joint Cross Section of Stocks and Options, 2014, Byeong-Je An; Andrew Ang; Turan G. Bali; Nusret Cakici
  60. The Market Value of Corporate Votes: Theory and Evidence from Option Prices, 2014, Avner Kalay; Oǧuzhan Karakaş; Shagun Pant
  61. The Media and the Diffusion of Information in Financial Markets: Evidence from Newspaper Strikes, 2014, Joel Peress
  62. The Real Effects of Government-Owned Banks: Evidence from an Emerging Market, 2014, Daniel Carvalho
  63. The Real Impact of Improved Access to Finance: Evidence from Mexico, 2014, Miriam Bruhn; Inessa Love
  64. The Real Product Market Impact of Mergers, 2014, Albert Sheen
  65. The TIPS-Treasury Bond Puzzle, 2014, Matthias Fleckenstein; Francis A. Longstaff; Hanno Lustig
  66. Thirty Years of Shareholder Rights and Firm Value, 2014, Martijn Cremers; Allen Ferrell
  67. Time-Varying Fund Manager Skill, 2014, Marcin Kacperczyk; Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh; Laura Veldkamp
  68. Twin Picks: Disentangling the Determinants of Risk-Taking in Household Portfolios, 2014, Laurent E. Calvet; Paolo Sodini
  69. Using Neural Data to Test a Theory of Investor Behavior: An Application to Realization Utility, 2014, Nicholas Barberis; Peter Bossaerts; Colin Camerer; Cary Frydman; Antonio Rangel
  70. Volatility, the Macroeconomy, and Asset Prices, 2014, Ravi Bansal; Dana Kiku; Ivan Shaliastovich; Amir Yaron
  71. What's Not There: Odd Lots and Market Data, 2014, Maureen O'Hara; Chen Yao; Mao Ye
  72. When Uncertainty Blows in the Orchard: Comovement and Equilibrium Volatility Risk Premia, 2014, Andrea Buraschi; Fabio Trojani; Andrea Vedolin
  73. Who Writes the News? Corporate Press Releases during Merger Negotiations, 2014, Kenneth R. Ahern; Denis Sosyura
  74. Why Do Firms Evade Taxes? The Role of Information Sharing and Financial Sector Outreach, 2014, Thorsten Beck; Chen Lin; Yue Ma

Journal of Financial Economics

  1. A dynamic limit order market with fast and slow traders, 2014, Peter Hoffmann
  2. Access to management and the informativeness of analyst research, 2014, T. Clifton Green; Russell Jame; Stanimir Markov; Musa Subasi
  3. Accountability of independent directors: Evidence from firms subject to securities litigation, 2014, Francois Brochet; Suraj Srinivasan
  4. Acquirer-target social ties and merger outcomes, 2014, Joy Ishii; Yuhai Xuan
  5. Advancing the universality of quadrature methods to any underlying process for option pricing, 2014, Ding Chen; Hannu J. Härkönen; David P. Newton
  6. Are hedge fund managers systematically misreporting? Or not?, 2014, Philippe Jorion; Christopher Schwarz
  7. Are red or blue companies more likely to go green? Politics and corporate social responsibility, 2014, Alberta Di Giuli; Leonard Kostovetsky
  8. Asset pricing: A tale of two days, 2014, Pavel Savor; Mungo Wilson
  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: The effect of corporate tax avoidance on the cost of bank loans, 2014, Iftekhar Hasan; Chun Keung (Stan) Hoi; Qiang Wu; Hao Zhang
  10. Betting against beta, 2014, Andrea Frazzini; Lasse Heje Pedersen
  11. Birds of a feather: Value implications of political alignment between top management and directors, 2014, Jongsub Lee; Kwang J. Lee; Nandu J. Nagarajan
  12. Board composition and CEO power, 2014, Tim Baldenius; Nahum Melumad; Xiaojing Meng
  13. Bond market access and investment, 2014, Jarrad Harford; Vahap B. Uysal
  14. CEO deal-making activities and compensation, 2014, Eliezer M. Fich; Laura T. Starks; Adam S. Yore
  15. CEO optimism and incentive compensation, 2014, Clemens A. Otto
  16. Can investor-paid credit rating agencies improve the information quality of issuer-paid rating agencies?, 2014, Han Xia
  17. China׳s secondary privatization: Perspectives from the Split-Share Structure Reform, 2014, Li Liao; Bibo Liu; Hao Wang
  18. Comovement and investment banking networks, 2014, Gustavo Grullon; Shane Underwood; James P. Weston
  19. Composition of wealth, conditioning information, and the cross-section of stock returns, 2014, Nikolai Roussanov
  20. Conditional risk premia in currency markets and other asset classes, 2014, Martin Lettau; Matteo Maggiori; Michael Weber
  21. Corporate distress and lobbying: Evidence from the Stimulus Act, 2014, Manuel Adelino; I. Serdar Dinc
  22. Countercyclical currency risk premia, 2014, Hanno Lustig; Nikolai Roussanov; Adrien Verdelhan
  23. Crash-neutral currency carry trades, 2014, Jakub W. Jurek
  24. Credit lines as monitored liquidity insurance: Theory and evidence, 2014, Viral Acharya; Heitor Almeida; Filippo Ippolito; Ander Perez
  25. Crises and confidence: Systemic banking crises and depositor behavior, 2014, Una Okonkwo Osili; Anna Paulson
  26. Death and jackpot: Why do individual investors hold overpriced stocks?, 2014, Jennifer Conrad; Nishad Kapadia; Yuhang Xing
  27. Debt covenant renegotiations and creditor control rights, 2014, David J. Denis; Jing Wang
  28. Did CDS trading improve the market for corporate bonds?, 2014, Sanjiv Das; Madhu Kalimipalli; Subhankar Nayak
  29. Did bank distress stifle innovation during the Great Depression?, 2014, Ramana Nanda; Tom Nicholas
  30. Did going public impair Moody׳s credit ratings?, 2014, Simi Kedia; Shivaram Rajgopal; Xing Zhou
  31. Disagreement and asset prices, 2014, Bruce I. Carlin; Francis A. Longstaff; Kyle Matoba
  32. Dispersion in beliefs among active mutual funds and the cross-section of stock returns, 2014, Hao Jiang; Zheng Sun
  33. Distracted directors: Does board busyness hurt shareholder value?, 2014, Antonio Falato; Dalida Kadyrzhanova; Ugur Lel
  34. Do independent directors cause improvements in firm transparency?, 2014, Christopher S. Armstrong; John E. Core; Wayne R. Guay
  35. Does PIN affect equity prices around the world?, 2014, Sandy Lai; Lilian Ng; Bohui Zhang
  36. Does option trading convey stock price information?, 2014, Jianfeng Hu
  37. Dynamic debt runs and financial fragility: Evidence from the 2007 ABCP crisis, 2014, Enrique Schroth; Gustavo A. Suarez; Lucian A. Taylor
  38. Dynamic risk management, 2014, Adriano A. Rampini; Amir Sufi; S. Viswanathan
  39. Elections, political competition and bank failure, 2014, Wai-Man Liu; Phong T.H. Ngo
  40. Fact or friction: Jumps at ultra high frequency, 2014, Kim Christensen; Roel C.A. Oomen; Mark Podolskij
  41. Fails-to-deliver, short selling, and market quality, 2014, Veljko Fotak; Vikas Raman; Pradeep K. Yadav
  42. Financial development and innovation: Cross-country evidence, 2014, Po-Hsuan Hsu; Xuan Tian; Yan Xu
  43. Financial expert CEOs: CEO׳s work experience and firm׳s financial policies, 2014, Cláudia Custódio; Daniel Metzger
  44. Firm boundaries matter: Evidence from conglomerates and R&D activity, 2014, Amit Seru
  45. Forecasting stock returns under economic constraints, 2014, Davide Pettenuzzo; Allan Timmermann; Rossen Valkanov
  46. Freedom of choice between unitary and two-tier boards: An empirical analysis, 2014, François Belot; Edith Ginglinger; Myron B. Slovin; Marie E. Sushka
  47. Fund Manager Allocation, 2014, Jieyan Fang; Alexander Kempf; Monika Trapp
  48. Government policy and ownership of equity securities, 2014, Kristian Rydqvist; Joshua Spizman; Ilya Strebulaev
  49. Income hedging and portfolio decisions, 2014, Yosef Bonaparte; George M. Korniotis; Alok Kumar
  50. Independent director incentives: Where do talented directors spend their limited time and energy?, 2014, Ronald W. Masulis; Shawn Mobbs
  51. Investment busts, reputation, and the temptation to blend in with the crowd, 2014, Steven R. Grenadier; Andrey Malenko; Ilya A. Strebulaev
  52. Learning from peers' stock prices and corporate investment, 2014, Thierry Foucault; Laurent Fresard
  53. Limited partner performance and the maturing of the private equity industry, 2014, Berk A. Sensoy; Yingdi Wang; Michael S. Weisbach
  54. Lévy jump risk: Evidence from options and returns, 2014, Chayawat Ornthanalai
  55. Macroeconomic effects of corporate default crisis: A long-term perspective, 2014, Kay Giesecke; Francis A. Longstaff; Stephen Schaefer; Ilya A. Strebulaev
  56. Macroeconomic risk and hedge fund returns, 2014, Turan G. Bali; Stephen J. Brown; Mustafa O. Caglayan
  57. Managerial risk taking incentives and corporate pension policy, 2014, Divya Anantharaman; Yong Gyu Lee
  58. Monetary policy regimes: Implications for the yield curve and bond pricing, 2014, Francesco Audrino; Kameliya Filipova; Enrico De Giorgi
  59. Money and liquidity in financial markets, 2014, Kjell G. Nyborg; Per Östberg
  60. Mortgage convexity, 2014, Samuel G. Hanson
  61. Motivating innovation in newly public firms, 2014, Nina Baranchuk; Robert Kieschnick; Rabih Moussawi
  62. Mutual fund performance evaluation with active peer benchmarks, 2014, David Hunter; Eugene Kandel; Shmuel Kandel; Russ Wermers
  63. Networks and productivity: Causal evidence from editor rotations, 2014, Jonathan Brogaard; Joseph Engelberg; Christopher A. Parsons
  64. News-driven return reversals: Liquidity provision ahead of earnings announcements, 2014, Eric C. So; Sean Wang
  65. On the systematic volatility of unpriced earnings, 2014, Timothy C. Johnson; Jaehoon Lee
  66. Overcoming limits of arbitrage: Theory and evidence, 2014, Johan Hombert; David Thesmar
  67. Performance evaluation with high moments and disaster risk, 2014, Ohad Kadan; Fang Liu
  68. Politicians and the IPO decision: The impact of impending political promotions on IPO activity in China, 2014, Joseph D. Piotroski; Tianyu Zhang
  69. Predatory lending and the subprime crisis, 2014, Sumit Agarwal; Gene Amromin; Itzhak Ben-David; Souphala Chomsisengphet; Douglas D. Evanoff
  70. Predicting anomaly performance with politics, the weather, global warming, sunspots, and the stars, 2014, Robert Novy-Marx
  71. Preemptive bidding, target resistance, and takeover premiums, 2014, Theodosios Dimopoulos; Stefano Sacchetto
  72. Price informativeness and stock return synchronicity: Evidence from the pricing of seasoned equity offerings, 2014, Kalok Chan; Yue-Cheong Chan
  73. Price pressures, 2014, Terrence Hendershott; Albert J. Menkveld
  74. Refinancing, profitability, and capital structure, 2014, András Danis; Daniel A. Rettl; Toni M. Whited
  75. Risk tolerance and entrepreneurship, 2014, Hans K. Hvide; Georgios A. Panos
  76. Safer ratios, riskier portfolios: Banks׳ response to government aid, 2014, Ran Duchin; Denis Sosyura
  77. Shareholder democracy in play: Career consequences of proxy contests, 2014, Vyacheslav Fos; Margarita Tsoutsoura
  78. Speculating on home improvements, 2014, Hyun-Soo Choi; Harrison Hong; Jose Scheinkman
  79. Stock market returns and annuitization, 2014, Alessandro Previtero
  80. Syndicated loan spreads and the composition of the syndicate, 2014, Jongha Lim; Bernadette A. Minton; Michael S. Weisbach
  81. Tailspotting: Identifying and profiting from CEO vacation trips, 2014, David Yermack
  82. The Idealized Electoral College voting mechanism and shareholder power, 2014, Edward D. Van Wesep
  83. The death of the deal: Are withdrawn acquisition deals informative of CEO quality?, 2014, Stacey Jacobsen
  84. The determinants of recovery rates in the US corporate bond market, 2014, Rainer Jankowitsch; Florian Nagler; Marti G. Subrahmanyam
  85. The euro and corporate financing before the crisis, 2014, Arturo Bris; Yrjö Koskinen; Mattias Nilsson
  86. The evolution of capital structure and operating performance after leveraged buyouts: Evidence from U.S. corporate tax returns, 2014, Jonathan B. Cohn; Lillian F. Mills; Erin M. Towery
  87. The genetics of investment biases, 2014, Henrik Cronqvist; Stephan Siegel
  88. The impact of central clearing on counterparty risk, liquidity, and trading: Evidence from the credit default swap market, 2014, Yee Cheng Loon; Zhaodong Ken Zhong
  89. The internal capital markets of business groups: Evidence from intra-group loans, 2014, David Buchuk; Francisco Urzúa I.; Borja Larrain; Francisco Muñoz
  90. The international transmission of bank capital requirements: Evidence from the UK, 2014, Shekhar Aiyar; Charles W. Calomiris; John Hooley; Yevgeniya Korniyenko; Tomasz Wieladek
  91. The long of it: Odds that investor sentiment spuriously predicts anomaly returns, 2014, Robert F. Stambaugh; Jianfeng Yu; Yu Yuan
  92. The price of skill: Performance evaluation by households, 2014, Alexi Savov
  93. The role of investment banker directors in M&A, 2014, Qianqian Huang; Feng Jiang; Erik Lie; Ke Yang
  94. The role of stock ownership by US members of Congress on the market for political favors, 2014, Ahmed Tahoun
  95. The value of diffusing information, 2014, Asaf Manela
  96. Time-changed Lévy LIBOR market model: Pricing and joint estimation of the cap surface and swaption cube, 2014, Markus Leippold; Jacob Strømberg
  97. Trading in derivatives when the underlying is scarce, 2014, Snehal Banerjee; Jeremy J. Graveline
  98. Trading networks and liquidity provision, 2014, Ethan Cohen-Cole; Andrei Kirilenko; Eleonora Patacchini
  99. Uncertainty, market structure, and liquidity, 2014, Kee H. Chung; Chairat Chuwonganant
  100. What do firms do when dividend tax rates change? An examination of alternative payout responses, 2014, Michelle Hanlon; Jeffrey L. Hoopes
  101. Who works for startups? The relation between firm age, employee age, and growth, 2014, Paige Ouimet; Rebecca Zarutskie
  102. Winners in the spotlight: Media coverage of fund holdings as a driver of flows, 2014, David H. Solomon; Eugene Soltes; Denis Sosyura

Review of Financial Studies

  1. Advance Disclosure of Insider Trading, 2014, Stephen L. Lenkey
  2. Aggregate Investment and Investor Sentiment, 2014, Salman Arif; Charles M. C. Lee
  3. Ambiguity Aversion and Asset Prices in Production Economies, 2014, Mohammad R. Jahan-Parvar; Hening Liu
  4. Asset Prices and Real Exchange Rates with Deep Habits, 2014, Christian Heyerdahl-Larsen
  5. Asset Prices with Heterogeneity in Preferences and Beliefs, 2014, Harjoat S. Bhamra; Raman Uppal
  6. Attracting Investor Attention through Advertising, 2014, Dong Lou
  7. Board Expertise: Do Directors from Related Industries Help Bridge the Information Gap?, 2014, Nishant Dass; Omesh Kini; Vikram Nanda; Bunyamin Onal; Jun Wang
  8. Bond Supply and Excess Bond Returns, 2014, Robin Greenwood; Dimitri Vayanos
  9. Cash-Flow Sensitivities and the Allocation of Internal Cash Flow, 2014, Xin Chang; Sudipto Dasgupta; George Wong; Jiaquan Yao
  10. Co-opted Boards, 2014, Jeffrey L. Coles; Naveen D. Daniel; Lalitha Naveen
  11. Collateral-Motivated Financial Innovation, 2014, Ji Shen; Hongjun Yan; Jinfan Zhang
  12. Common Errors: How to (and Not to) Control for Unobserved Heterogeneity, 2014, Todd A. Gormley; David A. Matsa
  13. Communication and Decision-Making in Corporate Boards, 2014, Nadya Malenko
  14. Complex Securities and Underwriter Reputation: Do Reputable Underwriters Produce Better Securities?, 2014, John Griffin; Richard Lowery; Alessio Saretto
  15. Corporate Venture Capital, Value Creation, and Innovation, 2014, Thomas J. Chemmanur; Elena Loutskina; Xuan Tian
  16. Debtholder Responses to Shareholder Activism: Evidence from Hedge Fund Interventions, 2014, Jayanthi Sunder; Shyam V. Sunder; Wan Wongsunwai
  17. Do Dark Pools Harm Price Discovery?, 2014, Haoxiang Zhu
  18. Do Going-Private Transactions Affect Plant Efficiency and Investment?, 2014, Sreedhar Bharath; Amy Dittmar; Jagadeesh Sivadasan
  19. Do Lenders Still Monitor When They Can Securitize Loans?, 2014, Yihui Wang; Han Xia
  20. Do Security Analysts Speak in Two Tongues?, 2014, Ulrike Malmendier; Devin Shanthikumar
  21. Does Media Coverage of Stocks Affect Mutual Funds' Trading and Performance?, 2014, Lily H. Fang; Joel Peress; Lu Zheng
  22. Does Stock Liquidity Affect Incentives to Monitor? Evidence from Corporate Takeovers, 2014, Peter Roosenboom; Frederik P. Schlingemann; Manuel Vasconcelos
  23. Does the Tail Wag the Dog?: The Effect of Credit Default Swaps on Credit Risk, 2014, Marti G. Subrahmanyam; Dragon Yongjun Tang; Sarah Qian Wang
  24. Editor's Choice Fooling Some of the People All of the Time: The Inefficient Performance and Persistence of Commodity Trading Advisors, 2014, Geetesh Bhardwaj; Gary B. Gorton; K. Geert Rouwenhorst
  25. Editor's Choice No News Is News: Do Markets Underreact to Nothing?, 2014, Stefano Giglio; Kelly Shue
  26. Editor's Choice Tail Risk and Asset Prices, 2014, Hao Jiang; Bryan Kelly
  27. Editor's Choice The Labor Market for Bankers and Regulators, 2014, Philip Bond; Vincent Glode
  28. Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation: An Introduction and Agenda for Future Research, 2014, Thomas J. Chemmanur; Paolo Fulghieri
  29. Expectations of Returns and Expected Returns, 2014, Robin Greenwood; Andrei Shleifer
  30. Expected Returns and Dividend Growth Rates Implied by Derivative Markets, 2014, Benjamin Golez
  31. Financial Flexibility, Risk Management, and Payout Choice, 2014, Alice Adams Bonaimé; Kristine Watson Hankins; Jarrad Harford
  32. Financial Market Dislocations, 2014, Paolo Pasquariello
  33. Frictions in Shadow Banking: Evidence from the Lending Behavior of Money Market Mutual Funds, 2014, Sergey Chernenko; Adi Sunderam
  34. Frog in the Pan: Continuous Information and Momentum, 2014, Zhi Da; Umit G. Gurun; Mitch Warachka
  35. Guarantees, Leverage, and Taxes, 2014, Elisa Luciano; Giovanna Nicodano
  36. Heterogeneity and Stability: Bolster the Strong, Not the Weak, 2014, Dong Beom Choi
  37. High-Frequency Trading and Price Discovery, 2014, Jonathan Brogaard; Terrence Hendershott; Ryan Riordan
  38. Household Debt and Social Interactions, 2014, Dimitris Georgarakos; Michael Haliassos; Giacomo Pasini
  39. Illiquidity Contagion and Liquidity Crashes, 2014, Giovanni Cespa; Thierry Foucault
  40. In Harm's Way? Payday Loan Access and Military Personnel Performance, 2014, Scott Carrell; Jonathan Zinman
  41. Incentives to Innovate and the Decision to Go Public or Private, 2014, Daniel Ferreira; Gustavo Manso; André C. Silva
  42. Index Option Returns: Still Puzzling, 2014, Donald R. Chambers; Matthew Foy; Jeffrey Liebner; Qin Lu
  43. Informational Holdup and Performance Persistence in Venture Capital, 2014, Yael V. Hochberg; Alexander Ljungqvist; Annette Vissing-Jørgensen
  44. Interbank Liquidity Crunch and the Firm Credit Crunch: Evidence from the 2007--2009 Crisis, 2014, Rajkamal Iyer; José-Luis Peydró; Antoinette Schoar; Samuel Da-Rocha-Lopes
  45. Internal Capital Market and Dividend Policies: Evidence From Business Groups, 2014, Radhakrishnan Gopalan; Vikram Nanda; Amit Seru
  46. Investor Networks in the Stock Market, 2014, Recep Bildik; Han N. Ozsoylev; Johan Walden; M. Deniz Yavuz
  47. Investors' and Central Bank's Uncertainty Embedded in Index Options, 2014, Alexander David; Pietro Veronesi
  48. Learning from Stock Prices and Economic Growth, 2014, Joel Peress
  49. Limited and Varying Consumer Attention: Evidence from Shocks to the Salience of Bank Overdraft Fees, 2014, Victor Stango; Jonathan Zinman
  50. Liquidity Shocks and Stock Market Reactions, 2014, Turan G. Bali; Lin Peng; Yannan Shen; Yi Tang
  51. Media Makes Momentum, 2014, Alexander Hillert; Heiko Jacobs; Sebastian Müller
  52. Microprudential Regulation in a Dynamic Model of Banking, 2014, Andrea Gamba; Marcella Lucchetta; Gianni De Nicolò
  53. Misspecification-Robust Inference in Linear Asset-Pricing Models with Irrelevant Risk Factors, 2014, Nikolay Gospodinov; Raymond Kan; Cesare Robotti
  54. Money Left on the Table: An Analysis of Participation in Employee Stock Purchase Plans, 2014, Ilona Babenko; Rik Sen
  55. Mutual Funds and Information Diffusion: The Role of Country-Level Governance, 2014, Chunmei Lin; Massimo Massa; Hong Zhang
  56. Nationalism and Economic Exchange: Evidence from Shocks to Sino-Japanese Relations, 2014, Raymond Fisman; Yasushi Hamao; Yongxiang Wang
  57. Opacity in Financial Markets, 2014, Yuki Sato
  58. Opaque Trading, Disclosure, and Asset Prices: Implications for Hedge Fund Regulation, 2014, David Easley; Maureen O'Hara; Liyan Yang
  59. Optimal Portfolio Choice with Predictability in House Prices and Transaction Costs, 2014, Stefano Corradin; José L. Fillat; Carles Vergara-Alert
  60. Peer Effects in Risk Aversion and Trust, 2014, Kenneth R. Ahern; Ran Duchin; Tyler Shumway
  61. Preventing Zombie Lending, 2014, Max Bruche; Gerard Llobet
  62. Prior Client Performance and the Choice of Investment Bank Advisors in Corporate Acquisitions, 2014, John J. Mcconnell; Valeriy Sibilkov
  63. Procyclical Leverage and Value-at-Risk, 2014, Tobias Adrian; Hyun Song Shin
  64. Real Estate Prices and Firm Capital Structure, 2014, Dragana Cvijanović
  65. Real Option Financing Under Asymmetric Information, 2014, Matthieu Bouvard
  66. Referee Recommendations, 2014, Ivo Welch
  67. Repo Runs, 2014, Antoine Martin; David Skeie; Ernst-Ludwig Von Thadden
  68. Repossession and the Democratization of Credit, 2014, Juliano J. Assunção; Efraim Benmelech; Fernando S. S. Silva
  69. Resource Allocation within Firms and Financial Market Dislocation: Evidence from Diversified Conglomerates, 2014, Gregor Matvos; Amit Seru
  70. Risk Choice under High-Water Marks, 2014, Itamar Drechsler
  71. Securitization and Loan Performance: Ex Ante and Ex Post Relations in the Mortgage Market, 2014, Wei Jiang; Ashlyn Aiko Nelson; Edward Vytlacil
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