Mingze Gao

Curated Reading List - 2013

Journal of Finance

  1. A Model of Shadow Banking, 2013, Nicola Gennaioli; Andrei Shleifer; Robert W. Vishny
  2. A Multiple Lender Approach to Understanding Supply and Search in the Equity Lending Market, 2013, Adam C. Kolasinski; Adam V. Reed; Matthew C. Ringgenberg
  3. Access to Collateral and Corporate Debt Structure: Evidence from a Natural Experiment, 2013, Vikrant Vig
  4. Aggregate Risk and the Choice between Cash and Lines of Credit, 2013, Viral V. Acharya; Heitor Almeida; Murillo Campello
  5. Analyst Forecast Consistency, 2013, Gilles Hilary; Charles Hsu
  6. Borrow Cheap, Buy High? The Determinants of Leverage and Pricing in Buyouts, 2013, Ulf Axelson; Tim Jenkinson; Per Strömberg; Michael S. Weisbach
  7. Can Time-Varying Risk of Rare Disasters Explain Aggregate Stock Market Volatility?, 2013, Jessica A. Wachter
  8. Capital Budgeting versus Market Timing: An Evaluation Using Demographics, 2013, Stefano Dellavigna; Joshua M. Pollet
  9. Cheap Credit, Lending Operations, and International Politics: The Case of Global Microfinance, 2013, Mark J. Garmaise; Gabriel Natividad
  10. Conflicting Family Values in Mutual Fund Families, 2013, Utpal Bhattacharya; Jung H. Lee; Veronika K. Pool
  11. Consumption Volatility Risk, 2013, Oliver Boguth; Lars‐Alexander Kuehn
  12. Corporate Diversification and the Cost of Capital, 2013, Rebecca N. Hann; Maria Ogneva; Oguzhan Ozbas
  13. Country Size, Currency Unions, and International Asset Returns, 2013, Tarek A. Hassan
  14. Debt Specialization, 2013, Paolo Colla; Filippo Ippolito; Kai Li
  15. Decentralized Investment Management: Evidence from the Pension Fund Industry, 2013, David Blake; Alberto G. Rossi; Allan Timmermann; Ian Tonks; Russ Wermers
  16. Divisional Managers and Internal Capital Markets, 2013, Ran Duchin; Denis Sosyura
  17. Do Hedge Funds Manipulate Stock Prices?, 2013, Itzhak Ben‐David; Francesco Franzoni; Augustin Landier; Rabih Moussawi
  18. Do Hostile Takeovers Stifle Innovation? Evidence from Antitakeover Legislation and Corporate Patenting, 2013, Julian Atanassov
  19. Dynamic Competition, Valuation, and Merger Activity, 2013, Matthew Spiegel; Heather Tookes
  20. Dynamic Trading with Predictable Returns and Transaction Costs, 2013, Nicolae Gârleanu; Lasse Heje Pedersen
  21. Economic Nationalism in Mergers and Acquisitions, 2013, I. Serdar Dinc; Isil Erel
  22. Efficient Recapitalization, 2013, Thomas Philippon; Philipp Schnabl
  23. Equilibrium Subprime Lending, 2013, Igor Makarov; Guillaume Plantin
  24. Evidence on the Benefits of Alternative Mortgage Products, 2013, João F. Cocco
  25. Ex Ante Skewness and Expected Stock Returns, 2013, Jennifer Conrad; Robert F. Dittmar; Eric Ghysels
  26. Exit as Governance: An Empirical Analysis, 2013, Sreedhar T. Bharath; Sudarshan Jayaraman; Venky Nagar
  27. Financial Markets and Investment Externalities, 2013, Sheridan Titman
  28. Financial Regulation, Financial Globalization, and the Synchronization of Economic Activity, 2013, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan; Elias Papaioannou; José-Luis Peydró
  29. Fire Sales in a Model of Complexity, 2013, Ricardo J. Caballero; Alp Simsek
  30. How Effective Were the Federal Reserve Emergency Liquidity Facilities? Evidence from the Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility, 2013, Burcu Duygan-Bump; Patrick Parkinson; Eric Rosengren; Gustavo A. Suarez; Paul Willen
  31. How Wise Are Crowds? Insights from Retail Orders and Stock Returns, 2013, Eric K. Kelley; Paul C. Tetlock
  32. Industry-Specific Human Capital, Idiosyncratic Risk, and the Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns, 2013, Esther Eiling
  33. International Asset Pricing with Recursive Preferences, 2013, Riccardo Colacito; Mariano M. Croce
  34. International Stock Return Predictability: What Is the Role of the United States?, 2013, David E. Rapach; Jack K. Strauss; Guofu Zhou
  35. Law, Stock Markets, and Innovation, 2013, James R. Brown; Gustav Martinsson; Bruce C. Petersen
  36. Liquidity Cycles and Make/Take Fees in Electronic Markets, 2013, Thierry Foucault; Ohad Kadan; Eugene Kandel
  37. Liquidity in the Foreign Exchange Market: Measurement, Commonality, and Risk Premiums, 2013, Loriano Mancini; Angelo Ranaldo; Jan Wrampelmeyer
  38. Market Expectations in the Cross-Section of Present Values, 2013, Bryan Kelly; Seth Pruitt
  39. Monitoring Managers: Does It Matter?, 2013, Francesca Cornelli; Zbigniew Kominek; Alexander Ljungqvist
  40. Noise as Information for Illiquidity, 2013, Grace Xing Hu; Jun Pan; Jiang Wang
  41. Noisy Prices and Inference Regarding Returns, 2013, Elena Asparouhova; Hendrik Bessembinder; Ivalina Kalcheva
  42. On the High-Frequency Dynamics of Hedge Fund Risk Exposures, 2013, Andrew J. Patton; Tarun Ramadorai
  43. Opening the Black Box: Internal Capital Markets and Managerial Power, 2013, Markus Glaser; Florencio Lopez-De-Silanes; Zacharias Sautner
  44. Optimal CEO Compensation with Search: Theory and Empirical Evidence, 2013, Melanie Cao; Rong Wang
  45. Organization Capital and the Cross-Section of Expected Returns, 2013, Andrea L. Eisfeldt; Dimitris Papanikolaou
  46. Outsourcing Mutual Fund Management: Firm Boundaries, Incentives, and Performance, 2013, Joseph Chen; Harrison Hong; Wenxi Jiang; Jeffrey D. Kubik
  47. Pricing Model Performance and the Two‐Pass Cross‐Sectional Regression Methodology, 2013, Raymond Kan; Cesare Robotti; Jay Shanken
  48. Private and Public Merger Waves, 2013, Vojislav Maksimovic; Gordon Phillips; Liu Yang
  49. Report of the Editor of The Journal of Finance for the Year 2012, 2013, Bruno Biais; Michael Roberts; Kenneth J. Singleton
  50. Reverse Survivorship Bias, 2013, Juhani T. Linnainmaa
  51. Risk Management and Firm Value: Evidence from Weather Derivatives, 2013, Francisco Pérez-González; Hayong Yun
  52. Sentiment during Recessions, 2013, Diego García
  53. Short-Selling Bans Around the World: Evidence from the 2007–09 Crisis, 2013, Alessandro Beber; Marco Pagano
  54. State-Level Business Cycles and Local Return Predictability, 2013, George M. Korniotis; Alok Kumar
  55. Stronger Risk Controls, Lower Risk: Evidence from U.S. Bank Holding Companies, 2013, Andrew Ellul; Vijay Yerramilli
  56. Structural Shifts in Credit Rating Standards, 2013, Aysun Alp
  57. Taxes, Theft, and Firm Performance, 2013, Maxim Mironov
  58. The Cost of Short-Selling Liquid Securities, 2013, Snehal Banerjee; Jeremy J. Graveline
  59. The Determinants of Attitudes toward Strategic Default on Mortgages, 2013, Luigi Guiso; Paola Sapienza; Luigi Zingales
  60. The Effects of Stock Lending on Security Prices: An Experiment, 2013, Steven N. Kaplan; Tobias J. Moskowitz; Berk A. Sensoy
  61. The Evolution of a Financial Crisis: Collapse of the Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Market, 2013, Daniel Covitz; Nellie Liang; Gustavo A. Suarez
  62. The Maturity Rat Race, 2013, Markus K. Brunnermeier; Martin Oehmke
  63. The Real Effects of Financial Shocks: Evidence from Exogenous Changes in Analyst Coverage, 2013, François Derrien; Ambrus Kecskés
  64. Trading Complex Assets, 2013, Bruce Ian Carlin; Shimon Kogan; Richard Lowery
  65. Uncertainty, Time-Varying Fear, and Asset Prices, 2013, Itamar Drechsler
  66. Uncovering Hedge Fund Skill from the Portfolio Holdings They Hide, 2013, Vikas Agarwal; Wei Jiang; Yuehua Tang; Baozhong Yang
  67. Value and Momentum Everywhere, 2013, Clifford S. Asness; Tobias J. Moskowitz; Lasse Heje Pedersen
  68. What Do Consumers’ Fund Flows Maximize? Evidence from Their Brokers’ Incentives, 2013, Susan E. K. Christoffersen; Richard Evans; David K. Musto

Journal of Financial Economics

  1. A new approach to predicting analyst forecast errors: Do investors overweight analyst forecasts?, 2013, Eric C. So
  2. A nonlinear wealth transfer from shareholders to creditors around Chapter 11 filing, 2013, Yuanzhi Li
  3. A production-based model for the term structure, 2013, Urban J. Jermann
  4. Access to capital, investment, and the financial crisis, 2013, Kathleen M. Kahle; René M. Stulz
  5. Acquisitions driven by stock overvaluation: Are they good deals?, 2013, Fangjian Fu; Leming Lin; Micah S. Officer
  6. Adoptive expectations: Rising sons in Japanese family firms, 2013, Vikas Mehrotra; Randall Morck; Jungwook Shim; Yupana Wiwattanakantang
  7. Alliances and corporate governance, 2013, Andriy Bodnaruk; Massimo Massa; Andrei Simonov
  8. Allocation of decision rights and the investment strategy of mutual funds, 2013, Nishant Dass; Vikram Nanda; Qinghai Wang
  9. Anomalies and financial distress, 2013, Doron Avramov; Tarun Chordia; Gergana Jostova; Alexander Philipov
  10. Are busy boards detrimental?, 2013, Laura Field; Michelle Lowry; Anahit Mkrtchyan
  11. Are mutual funds sitting ducks?, 2013, Sophie Shive; Hayong Yun
  12. Are small firms less vulnerable to overpriced stock offers?, 2013, Anand M. Vijh; Ke Yang
  13. Are there too many safe securities? Securitization and the incentives for information production, 2013, Samuel G. Hanson; Adi Sunderam
  14. Asset management and investment banking, 2013, Janis Berzins; Crocker H. Liu; Charles Trzcinka
  15. Banking deregulation and innovation, 2013, Sudheer Chava; Alexander Oettl; Ajay Subramanian; Krishnamurthy V. Subramanian
  16. Boards, CEO entrenchment, and the cost of capital, 2013, James Dow
  17. Brand perception, cash flow stability, and financial policy, 2013, Yelena Larkin
  18. CEO compensation contagion: Evidence from an exogenous shock, 2013, Frederick L. Bereskin; David C. Cicero
  19. CEO contract design: How do strong principals do it?, 2013, Henrik Cronqvist; Rüdiger Fahlenbrach
  20. CEO turnover in a competitive assignment framework, 2013, Andrea L. Eisfeldt; Camelia M. Kuhnen
  21. CEO wage dynamics: Estimates from a learning model, 2013, Lucian A. Taylor
  22. Can hedge funds time market liquidity?, 2013, Charles Cao; Yong Chen; Bing Liang; Andrew W. Lo
  23. Capacity constraints, investor information, and hedge fund returns, 2013, Tarun Ramadorai
  24. Changes to the ownership and control of East Asian corporations between 1996 and 2008: The primacy of politics, 2013, Richard W. Carney; Travers Barclay Child
  25. Collateral and capital structure, 2013, Adriano A. Rampini; S. Viswanathan
  26. Company name fluency, investor recognition, and firm value, 2013, T. Clifton Green; Russell Jame
  27. Connecting two markets: An equilibrium framework for shorts, longs, and stock loans, 2013, Jesse Blocher; Adam V. Reed; Edward D. Van Wesep
  28. Contagion of a liquidity crisis between two firms, 2013, Frederick Dongchuhl Oh
  29. Contracting under asymmetric information: Evidence from lockup agreements in seasoned equity offerings, 2013, Jonathan M. Karpoff; Gemma Lee; Ronald W. Masulis
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  31. Corporate ownership structure and the choice between bank debt and public debt, 2013, Chen Lin; Yue Ma; Paul Malatesta; Yuhai Xuan
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  40. Do personal taxes affect capital structure? Evidence from the 2003 tax cut, 2013, Mark J. Flannery; Leming Lin
  41. Do stock prices influence corporate decisions? Evidence from the technology bubble, 2013, Murillo Campello; John R. Graham
  42. Does risk management matter? Evidence from the U.S. agricultural industry, 2013, Jess Cornaggia
  43. Does shareholder coordination matter? Evidence from private placements, 2013, Indraneel Chakraborty; Nickolay Gantchev
  44. Does the director labor market offer ex post settling-up for CEOs? The case of acquisitions, 2013, Jarrad Harford; Robert J. Schonlau
  45. Equity yields, 2013, Jules Van Binsbergen; Wouter Hueskes; Ralph Koijen; Evert Vrugt
  46. Exploring the role Delaware plays as a domestic tax haven, 2013, Scott D. Dyreng; Bradley P. Lindsey; Jacob R. Thornock
  47. Exploring uncharted territories of the hedge fund Industry: Empirical characteristics of mega hedge fund firms, 2013, Daniel Edelman; William Fung; David A. Hsieh
  48. Externalities of public firm presence: Evidence from private firms' investment decisions, 2013, Brad Badertscher; Nemit Shroff; Hal D. White
  49. Feedback effects of credit ratings, 2013, Gustavo Manso
  50. Firm characteristics and long-run stock returns after corporate events, 2013, Hendrik Bessembinder; Feng Zhang
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  52. Flow and stock effects of large-scale treasury purchases: Evidence on the importance of local supply, 2013, Stefania D’Amico; Thomas B. King
  53. Gender and corporate finance: Are male executives overconfident relative to female executives?, 2013, Jiekun Huang; Darren J. Kisgen
  54. General equilibrium pricing of currency and currency options, 2013, Du Du
  55. General equilibrium with heterogeneous participants and discrete consumption times, 2013, Oldrich Alfons Vasicek
  56. Generalists versus specialists: Lifetime work experience and chief executive officer pay, 2013, Cláudia Custódio; Miguel A. Ferreira; Pedro Matos
  57. Government spending, political cycles, and the cross section of stock returns, 2013, Frederico Belo; Vito D. Gala; Jun Li
  58. Growth options, macroeconomic conditions, and the cross section of credit risk, 2013, Marc Arnold; Alexander F. Wagner; Ramona Westermann
  59. Growth to value: Option exercise and the cross section of equity returns, 2013, Hengjie Ai; Dana Kiku
  60. How do staggered boards affect shareholder value? Evidence from a natural experiment, 2013, Alma Cohen; Charles C.Y. Wang
  61. How does capital affect bank performance during financial crises?, 2013, Allen N. Berger; Christa H.S. Bouwman
  62. Human capital, capital structure, and employee pay: An empirical analysis, 2013, Thomas J. Chemmanur; Yingmei Cheng; Tianming Zhang
  63. IPO first-day returns, offer price revisions, volatility, and form S-1 language, 2013, Tim Loughran; Bill Mcdonald
  64. Inequality, stock market participation, and the equity premium, 2013, Jack Favilukis
  65. Innovative efficiency and stock returns, 2013, David Hirshleifer; Po-Hsuan Hsu; Dongmei Li
  66. Institutional trading and stock resiliency: Evidence from the 2007–2009 financial crisis, 2013, Amber Anand; Paul Irvine; Andy Puckett; Kumar Venkataraman
  67. Inventory investment and the cost of capital, 2013, Christopher S. Jones; Selale Tuzel
  68. Investment cycles and startup innovation, 2013, Ramana Nanda; Matthew Rhodes-Kropf
  69. Investment shocks and the commodity basis spread, 2013, Fan Yang
  70. Is there price discovery in equity options?, 2013, John Paul Broussard; Dmitriy Muravyev; Neil D. Pearson
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  94. Pricing the term structure with linear regressions, 2013, Tobias Adrian; Richard K. Crump; Emanuel Moench
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  96. Productivity, restructuring, and the gains from takeovers, 2013, Xiaoyang Li
  97. Prospect theory, the disposition effect, and asset prices, 2013, Yan Li; Liyan Yang
  98. Pyramidal ownership and the creation of new firms, 2013, Jan Bena; Hernán Ortiz-Molina
  99. Quiet bubbles, 2013, Harrison Hong; David Sraer
  100. Rating agencies in the face of regulation, 2013, Milton Harris; Christian C. Opp; Marcus M. Opp
  101. Ratings quality over the business cycle, 2013, Heski Bar-Isaac; Joel Shapiro
  102. Real effects of stock underpricing, 2013, Harald Hau; Sandy Lai
  103. Realizing smiles: Options pricing with realized volatility, 2013, Fulvio Corsi; Nicola Fusari; Davide La Vecchia
  104. Reputational contagion and optimal regulatory forbearance, 2013, Alan D. Morrison; Lucy White
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  147. What do boards really do? Evidence from minutes of board meetings☆☆Miriam Schwartz-Ziv is from Harvard University and Northeastern University, e-mail: miriam.schwartz@mail.huji.ac.il. Michael S. Weisbach is from Ohio State University, NBER, and SIFR, e-mail: weisbach@fisher.osu.edu. Miriam Schwartz-Ziv is very grateful to Eugene Kandel and Michael Weisbach, the co-advisors of her Hebrew University doctoral dissertation, upon which this paper is based. We thank the executive and non-executive employees of the Government Companies Authority of Israel who allowed us both formally and practically to conduct this research; the companies studied that kindly provided us with private and sensitive data; and seminar participants at Babson University, Brown University, Northeastern University, Ohio State University, Purdue University, the European Financial Management Association 2011 conference, the Western Economic Association 2012 conference, and the Financial Management Association 2012 conference, as well as the following people who shared their thoughts and advice at different stages of the preparation of this paper: Renée Adams, Amir Barnea, Steven Davidoff, Ada Demb, Dave Denis, Alon Eizenberg, Isil Erel, Rudi Fahlenbrach, Julian Franks, Ann Gillette, Ilan Guttman, Assaf Hamdani, Randal Heron, E. Han Kim, Stephanie Kramer, Saul Lach, Alexander Ljungqvist, Udi Nisan, Nadya Malenko, Avri Ravid, Artur Raviv, Karen Selody, Daniel Schwartz, Schraga Schwartz, Eytan Sheshinski, Léa Stern, Yuhai Xuan, Jun Yang, Scott Yonker, Tammar Zilber, and Clifford Smith, the referee, Miriam Schwartz-Ziv also thanks the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology and Hebrew University's School of Business Administration for financial support., 2013, Miriam Schwartz-Ziv; Michael S. Weisbach
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Review of Financial Studies

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