Mingze Gao

Curated Reading List - 2011

Journal of Finance

  1. A Unified Theory of Tobin's q, Corporate Investment, Financing, and Risk Management, 2011, Patrick Bolton; Hui Chen; Neng Wang
  2. Ambiguous Information, Portfolio Inertia, and Excess Volatility, 2011, Philipp Karl Illeditsch
  3. Are All Inside Directors the Same? Evidence from the External Directorship Market, 2011, Ronald W. Masulis; Shawn Mobbs
  4. Are Incentive Contracts Rigged by Powerful CEOs?, 2011, Adair Morse; Vikram Nanda; Amit Seru
  5. Are Options on Index Futures Profitable for Risk‐Averse Investors? Empirical Evidence, 2011, George M. Constantinides; Michal Czerwonko; Jens Carsten Jackwerth; Stylianos Perrakis
  6. Asset Pricing with Garbage, 2011, Alexi Savov
  7. Bankruptcy and the Collateral Channel, 2011, Efraim Benmelech; Nittai K. Bergman
  8. Concentrating on Governance, 2011, Dalida Kadyrzhanova; Matthew Rhodes‐Kropf
  9. Corporate Governance, Product Market Competition, and Equity Prices, 2011, Xavier Giroud; Holger M. Mueller
  10. Derivative Pricing with Liquidity Risk: Theory and Evidence from the Credit Default Swap Market, 2011, Dion Bongaerts; Joost Driessen; Frank De Jong
  11. Did Structured Credit Fuel the LBO Boom?, 2011, Anil Shivdasani; Yihui Wang
  12. Disasters Implied by Equity Index Options, 2011, David Backus; Mikhail Chernov; Ian Martin
  13. Do Buyouts (Still) Create Value?, 2011, Shourun Guo; Edith S. Hotchkiss; Weihong Song
  14. Do Individual Investors Have Asymmetric Information Based on Work Experience?, 2011, Trond M. Døskeland; Hans K. Hvide
  15. Does Algorithmic Trading Improve Liquidity?, 2011, Terrence Hendershott; Charles M. Jones; Albert J. Menkveld
  16. Does Poor Performance Damage the Reputation of Financial Intermediaries? Evidence from the Loan Syndication Market, 2011, Radhakrishnan Gopalan; Vikram Nanda; Vijay Yerramilli
  17. Employee Stock Options and Investment, 2011, Ilona Babenko; Michael Lemmon; Yuri Tserlukevich
  18. Estimation and Evaluation of Conditional Asset Pricing Models, 2011, Stefan Nagel; Kenneth J. Singleton
  19. Explaining the Magnitude of Liquidity Premia: The Roles of Return Predictability, Wealth Shocks, and State‐Dependent Transaction Costs, 2011, Anthony W. Lynch; Sinan Tan
  21. Financial Distress and the Cross‐section of Equity Returns, 2011, Lorenzo Garlappi; Hong Yan
  22. Free Cash Flow, Issuance Costs, and Stock Prices, 2011, Jean‐Paul Décamps; Thomas Mariotti; Jean‐Charles Rochet; Stéphane Villeneuve
  23. IQ and Stock Market Participation, 2011, Mark Grinblatt; Matti Keloharju; Juhani Linnainmaa
  24. In Search of Attention, 2011, Zhi Da; Joseph Engelberg; Pengjie Gao
  25. Individual Investors and Volatility, 2011, Thierry Foucault; David Sraer; David J. Thesmar
  26. Information Disclosure, Cognitive Biases, and Payday Borrowing, 2011, Marianne Bertrand; Adair Morse
  27. Institutional Trade Persistence and Long‐Term Equity Returns, 2011, Amil Dasgupta; Andrea Prat; Michela Verardo
  28. Intermediated Investment Management, 2011, Neal M. Stoughton; Youchang Wu; Josef Zechner
  29. Land and Credit: A Study of the Political Economy of Banking in the United States in the Early 20th Century, 2011, Raghuram G. Rajan; Rodney Ramcharan
  30. Leverage, Moral Hazard, and Liquidity, 2011, Viral V. Acharya; S. Viswanathan
  31. Local Dividend Clienteles, 2011, Bo Becker; Zoran Ivković; Scott Weisbenner
  32. Motivating Innovation, 2011, Gustavo Manso
  33. Municipal Debt and Marginal Tax Rates: Is There a Tax Premium in Asset Prices?, 2011, Francis A. Longstaff
  34. Nonbinding Voting for Shareholder Proposals, 2011, Doron Levit; Nadya Malenko
  35. Overconfidence and Early‐Life Experiences: The Effect of Managerial Traits on Corporate Financial Policies, 2011, Ulrike Malmendier; Geoffrey Tate; Jon Yan
  36. Overconfidence, Compensation Contracts, and Capital Budgeting, 2011, Simon Gervais; J. B. Heaton; Terrance Odean
  37. Presidential Address: Discount Rates, 2011, John H. Cochrane
  38. Prices or Knowledge? What Drives Demand for Financial Services in Emerging Markets?, 2011, Shawn Cole; Thomas Sampson; Bilal Zia
  39. Private Equity and Long‐Run Investment: The Case of Innovation, 2011, Josh Lerner; Morten Sorensen; Per Strömberg
  40. Public Information and Coordination: Evidence from a Credit Registry Expansion, 2011, Andrew Hertzberg; José María Liberti; Daniel Paravisini
  41. Public Pension Promises: How Big Are They and What Are They Worth?, 2011, Robert Novy‐Marx; Joshua Rauh
  42. Regulatory Uncertainty and Market Liquidity: The 2008 Short Sale Ban's Impact on Equity Option Markets, 2011, Robert Battalio; Paul Schultz
  43. Report of the Editor of The Journal of Finance for the Year 2010, 2011, Campbell R. Harvey
  44. Report of the Executive Secretary and Treasurer for the Year Ending September 30, 2010, 2011, David H. Pyle
  45. Rollover Risk and Market Freezes, 2011, Viral V. Acharya; Douglas Gale; Tanju Yorulmazer
  46. Security Issue Timing: What Do Managers Know, and When Do They Know It?, 2011, Dirk Jenter; Katharina Lewellen; Jerold B. Warner
  47. Stock Market Liquidity and the Business Cycle, 2011, Randi Næs; Johannes A. Skjeltorp; Bernt Arne Ødegaard
  48. Stressed, Not Frozen: The Federal Funds Market in the Financial Crisis, 2011, Gara Afonso; Anna Kovner; Antoinette Schoar
  49. Style‐Related Comovement: Fundamentals or Labels?, 2011, Brian H. Boyer
  50. Systemic Liquidation Risk and the Diversity–Diversification Trade‐Off, 2011, Wolf Wagner
  51. Tails, Fears, and Risk Premia, 2011, Tim Bollerslev; Viktor Todorov
  52. The Causal Impact of Media in Financial Markets, 2011, Joseph E. Engelberg; Christopher A. Parsons
  53. The Decision to Privatize: Finance and Politics, 2011, I. Serdar Dinc; Nandini Gupta
  54. The Illiquidity of Corporate Bonds, 2011, Jack Bao; Jun Pan; Jiang Wang
  55. The Interim Trading Skills of Institutional Investors, 2011, Andy Puckett; Xuemin (Sterling) Yan
  56. The Internal Governance of Firms, 2011, Viral V. Acharya; Stewart C. Myers; Raghuram G. Rajan
  57. The Joy of Giving or Assisted Living? Using Strategic Surveys to Separate Public Care Aversion from Bequest Motives, 2011, John Ameriks; Andrew Caplin; Steven Laufer; Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh
  58. The Real and Financial Implications of Corporate Hedging, 2011, Murillo Campello; Chen Lin; Yue Ma; Hong Zou
  59. Watch What I Do, Not What I Say: The Unintended Consequences of the Homeland Investment Act, 2011, Dhammika Dharmapala; C. Fritz Foley; Kristin J. Forbes
  60. When Is a Liability Not a Liability? Textual Analysis, Dictionaries, and 10‐Ks, 2011, Tim Loughran; Bill Mcdonald
  61. Who Drove and Burst the Tech Bubble?, 2011, John M. Griffin; Jeffrey H. Harris; Tao Shu; Selim Topaloglu
  62. Why Do Mutual Fund Advisory Contracts Change? Performance, Growth, and Spillover Effects, 2011, Jerold B. Warner; Joanna Shuang Wu
  63. Why Don't U.S. Issuers Demand European Fees for IPOs?, 2011, Mark Abrahamson; Tim Jenkinson; Howard Jones

Journal of Financial Economics

  1. A model of dynamic compensation and capital structure, 2011, Zhiguo He
  2. A theory of corporate financial decisions with liquidity and solvency concerns, 2011, Sebastian Gryglewicz
  3. A theory of equity carve-outs and negative stub values under heterogeneous beliefs, 2011, Onur Bayar; Thomas J. Chemmanur; Mark H. Liu
  4. Accelerated share repurchases, 2011, Leonce Bargeron; Manoj Kulchania; Shawn Thomas
  5. Adding and subtracting Black-Scholes: A new approach to approximating derivative prices in continuous-time models, 2011, Dennis Kristensen; Antonio Mele
  6. Are all CEOs above average? An empirical analysis of compensation peer groups and pay design, 2011, John Bizjak; Michael Lemmon; Thanh Nguyen
  7. Asymmetric information, adverse selection, and the pricing of CMBS, 2011, Xudong An; Yongheng Deng; Stuart A. Gabriel
  8. Bank CEO incentives and the credit crisis, 2011, Rüdiger Fahlenbrach; René M. Stulz
  9. Banking system control, capital allocation, and economy performance, 2011, Randall Morck; M. Deniz Yavuz; Bernard Yeung
  10. Behavioral biases of mutual fund investors, 2011, Warren Bailey; Alok Kumar; David Ng
  11. Board structure and price informativeness, 2011, Daniel Ferreira; Miguel A. Ferreira; Clara C. Raposo
  12. Breaking down the barriers: Competition, syndicate structure, and underwriting incentives, 2011, Anil Shivdasani; Wei-Ling Song
  13. CEO optimism and forced turnover, 2011, T. Colin Campbell; Michael Gallmeyer; Shane A. Johnson; Jessica Rutherford; Brooke W. Stanley
  14. CEO ownership, external governance, and risk-taking, 2011, E. Han Kim; Yao Lu
  15. CFOs versus CEOs: Equity incentives and crashes, 2011, Jeong-Bon Kim; Yinghua Li; Liandong Zhang
  16. Capital structure dynamics and transitory debt, 2011, Harry Deangelo; Linda Deangelo; Toni M. Whited
  17. Competition among mutual funds, 2011, Sunil Wahal; Albert (Yan) Wang
  18. Conditional risk and performance evaluation: Volatility timing, overconditioning, and new estimates of momentum alphas, 2011, Oliver Boguth; Murray Carlson; Adlai Fisher; Mikhail Simutin
  19. Corporate bond default risk: A 150-year perspective, 2011, Kay Giesecke; Francis A. Longstaff; Stephen Schaefer; Ilya Strebulaev
  20. Corporate cash holdings and CEO compensation incentives, 2011, Yixin Liu; David C. Mauer
  21. Corporate financing decisions, managerial market timing, and real investment, 2011, Alexander W. Butler; Jess Cornaggia; Gustavo Grullon; James P. Weston
  22. Corporate governance when founders are directors, 2011, Feng Li; Suraj Srinivasan
  23. Corporate investment and financing under asymmetric information, 2011, Erwan Morellec; Norman Schürhoff
  24. Corporate tax avoidance and stock price crash risk: Firm-level analysis, 2011, Jeong-Bon Kim; Yinghua Li; Liandong Zhang
  25. Country-specific sentiment and security prices, 2011, Byoung-Hyoun Hwang
  26. Creditor rights and corporate risk-taking, 2011, Viral V. Acharya; Yakov Amihud; Lubomir Litov
  27. Deviation from the target capital structure and acquisition choices, 2011, Vahap B. Uysal
  28. Directors' and officers' liability insurance and acquisition outcomes, 2011, Chen Lin; Micah S. Officer; Hong Zou
  29. Disagreement and return predictability of stock portfolios, 2011, Jialin Yu
  30. Diversification disasters, 2011, Rustam Ibragimov; Dwight Jaffee; Johan Walden
  31. Dividend distributions and closed-end fund discounts, 2011, Theodore E. Day; George Z. Li; Yexiao Xu
  32. Do hedge funds trade on private information? Evidence from syndicated lending and short-selling, 2011, Nadia Massoud; Debarshi Nandy; Anthony Saunders; Keke Song
  33. Do hedge funds' exposures to risk factors predict their future returns?, 2011, Turan G. Bali; Stephen J. Brown; Mustafa Onur Caglayan
  34. Do small shareholders count?, 2011, Eugene Kandel; Massimo Massa; Andrei Simonov
  35. Do time-varying risk premiums explain labor market performance?, 2011, Long Chen; Lu Zhang
  36. Does access to external finance improve productivity? Evidence from a natural experiment, 2011, Alexander W. Butler; Jess Cornaggia
  37. Does geography matter? Firm location and corporate payout policy, 2011, Kose John; Anzhela Knyazeva; Diana Knyazeva
  38. Does governance travel around the world? Evidence from institutional investors, 2011, Reena Aggarwal; Isil Erel; Miguel Ferreira; Pedro Matos
  39. Does the stock market fully value intangibles? Employee satisfaction and equity prices, 2011, Alex Edmans
  40. Egalitarianism and international investment, 2011, Amir N. Licht; Shalom H. Schwartz; Jordan I. Siegel
  41. Employee treatment and firm leverage: A test of the stakeholder theory of capital structure, 2011, Kee-Hong Bae; Jun-Koo Kang; Jin Wang
  42. Empty voting and the efficiency of corporate governance, 2011, Alon Brav; Richmond D. Mathews
  43. Equilibrium prices in the presence of delegated portfolio management, 2011, Domenico Cuoco; Ron Kaniel
  44. Equity grants to target CEOs during deal negotiations, 2011, Shane Heitzman
  45. Ex post: The investment performance of collectible stamps, 2011, Elroy Dimson; Christophe Spaenjers
  46. Exchange trading rules and stock market liquidity, 2011, Douglas Cumming; Sofia Johan; Dan Li
  47. Explaining asset pricing puzzles associated with the 1987 market crash, 2011, Luca Benzoni; Pierre Collin-Dufresne; Robert S. Goldstein
  48. Financial literacy and stock market participation, 2011, Rob Alessie; Annamaria Lusardi; Maarten Van Rooij
  49. Firm life expectancy and the heterogeneity of the book-to-market effect, 2011, Huafeng (Jason) Chen
  50. Forecasting stock market returns: The sum of the parts is more than the whole, 2011, Miguel A. Ferreira; Pedro Santa-Clara
  51. Frequent issuers' influence on long-run post-issuance returns, 2011, Matthew T. Billett; Mark J. Flannery; Jon A. Garfinkel
  52. Friends or foes? Target selection decisions of sovereign wealth funds and their consequences, 2011, Jason Kotter; Ugur Lel
  53. General equilibrium pricing of options with habit formation and event risks, 2011, Du Du
  54. Global retail lending in the aftermath of the US financial crisis: Distinguishing between supply and demand effects, 2011, Manju Puri; Jörg Rocholl; Sascha Steffen
  55. Growth LBOs, 2011, Quentin Boucly; David Sraer; David Thesmar
  56. Hedge fund leverage, 2011, Andrew Ang; Sergiy Gorovyy; Gregory B. Van Inwegen
  57. Hedge funds, managerial skill, and macroeconomic variables, 2011, Doron Avramov; Robert Kosowski; Narayan Y. Naik; Melvyn Teo
  58. Higher risk, lower returns: What hedge fund investors really earn, 2011, Ilia D. Dichev; Gwen Yu
  59. Horizontal acquisitions and buying power: A product market analysis, 2011, Sugato Bhattacharyya; Amrita Nain
  60. How did increased competition affect credit ratings?, 2011, Bo Becker; Todd Milbourn
  61. IPO waves, product market competition, and the going public decision: Theory and evidence, 2011, Thomas J. Chemmanur; Jie He
  62. Improving the predictability of real economic activity and asset returns with forward variances inferred from option portfolios, 2011, Gurdip Bakshi; George Panayotov; Georgios Skoulakis
  63. Information aggregation around macroeconomic announcements: Revisions matter, 2011, Thomas Gilbert
  64. Information asymmetry and self-selection bias in bank loan announcement studies, 2011, Pankaj K. Maskara; Donald J. Mullineaux
  65. Information spillovers and performance persistence for hedge funds, 2011, Vincent Glode; Richard C. Green
  66. Institutional cross-holdings and their effect on acquisition decisions, 2011, Jarrad Harford; Dirk Jenter; Kai Li
  67. Institutional demand pressure and the cost of corporate loans, 2011, Victoria Ivashina; Zheng Sun
  68. Institutional investors and the limits of arbitrage, 2011, Jonathan Lewellen
  69. Institutional stock trading on loan market information, 2011, Victoria Ivashina; Zheng Sun
  70. Institutional tax clienteles and payout policy, 2011, Mihir A. Desai; Li Jin
  71. International diversification with frontier markets, 2011, Dave Berger; Kuntara Pukthuanthong; J. Jimmy Yang
  72. Investor sentiment and the mean-variance relation, 2011, Jianfeng Yu; Yu Yuan
  73. Is market fragmentation harming market quality?, 2011, Maureen O'Hara; Mao Ye
  74. Jump risk, stock returns, and slope of implied volatility smile, 2011, Shu Yan
  75. Labor income dynamics at business-cycle frequencies: Implications for portfolio choice, 2011, Anthony W. Lynch; Sinan Tan
  76. Limits-to-arbitrage, investment frictions, and the asset growth anomaly, 2011, F.Y. Eric C. Lam; K.C. John Wei
  77. Liquidity mergers, 2011, Heitor Almeida; Murillo Campello; Dirk Hackbarth
  78. Liquidity risk and expected corporate bond returns, 2011, Hai Lin; Junbo Wang; Chunchi Wu
  79. Liquidity risk management and credit supply in the financial crisis, 2011, Marcia Millon Cornett; Jamie John Mcnutt; Philip E. Strahan; Hassan Tehranian
  80. Local underwriter oligopolies and IPO underpricing, 2011, Xiaoding Liu; Jay R. Ritter
  81. Long-run risk in durable consumption, 2011, Wei Yang
  82. Markowitz meets Talmud: A combination of sophisticated and naive diversification strategies, 2011, Jun Tu; Guofu Zhou
  83. Maxing out: Stocks as lotteries and the cross-section of expected returns, 2011, Turan G. Bali; Nusret Cakici; Robert F. Whitelaw
  84. Media ownership, concentration and corruption in bank lending, 2011, Joel F. Houston; Chen Lin; Yue Ma
  85. Missing the marks? Dispersion in corporate bond valuations across mutual funds, 2011, Gjergji Cici; Scott Gibson; John J. Merrick Jr.
  86. Ownership structure and financial constraints: Evidence from a structural estimation, 2011, Chen Lin; Yue Ma; Yuhai Xuan
  87. Ownership structure and the cost of corporate borrowing, 2011, Chen Lin; Yue Ma; Paul Malatesta; Yuhai Xuan
  88. Payday lenders: Heroes or villains?, 2011, Adair Morse
  89. Performance maximization of actively managed funds, 2011, Paolo Guasoni; Gur Huberman; Zhenyu Wang
  90. Post-merger restructuring and the boundaries of the firm, 2011, Vojislav Maksimovic; Gordon Phillips; N.R. Prabhala
  91. Price impact and portfolio impact, 2011, Jaksa Cvitanic; Semyon Malamud
  92. Real investment and risk dynamics, 2011, Ilan Cooper; Richard Priestley
  93. Recent trends in trading activity and market quality, 2011, Tarun Chordia; Richard Roll; Avanidhar Subrahmanyam
  94. Regulatory pressure and fire sales in the corporate bond market, 2011, Andrew Ellul; Chotibhak Jotikasthira; Christian T. Lundblad
  95. Religious beliefs, gambling attitudes, and financial market outcomes, 2011, Alok Kumar; Jeremy K. Page; Oliver G. Spalt
  96. Research for sale: Determinants and consequences of paid-for analyst research, 2011, Marcus Kirk
  97. Share issuance and cash savings, 2011, R. David Mclean
  98. Short-term termination without deterring long-term investment: A theory of debt and buyouts, 2011, Alex Edmans
  99. Simple formulas for standard errors that cluster by both firm and time, 2011, Samuel B. Thompson
  100. Speculative capital and currency carry trades, 2011, Petri Jylhä; Matti Suominen
  101. Spot and forward volatility in foreign exchange, 2011, Pasquale Della Corte; Lucio Sarno; Ilias Tsiakas
  102. Stock market aversion? Political preferences and stock market participation, 2011, Markku Kaustia; Sami Torstila
  103. Stock option grants to target CEOs during private merger negotiations, 2011, Jie Cai; Eliezer M. Fich; Anh L. Tran
  104. Stock price fragility, 2011, Robin Greenwood; David Thesmar
  105. Strategic IPOs and product market competition, 2011, Jiri Chod; Evgeny Lyandres
  106. Structural breaks, parameter uncertainty, and term structure puzzles, 2011, George Bulkley; Paolo Giordani
  107. Technological change and the growing inequality in managerial compensation, 2011, Hanno Lustig; Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh; Chad Syverson
  108. Tests of ex ante versus ex post theories of collateral using private and public information, 2011, Allen N. Berger; W. Scott Frame; Vasso Ioannidou
  109. The CEO pay slice, 2011, Lucian A. Bebchuk; K.J. Martijn Cremers; Urs C. Peyer
  110. The causes and consequences of venture capital stage financing, 2011, Xuan Tian
  111. The costs of intense board monitoring, 2011, Olubunmi Faleye; Rani Hoitash; Udi Hoitash
  112. The dark side of financial innovation: A case study of the pricing of a retail financial product, 2011, Brian J. Henderson; Neil D. Pearson
  113. The disparity between long-term and short-term forecasted earnings growth, 2011, Zhi Da; Mitch Warachka
  114. The effect of banking crisis on bank-dependent borrowers, 2011, Sudheer Chava; Amiyatosh Purnanandam
  115. The effect of regulation on optimal corporate pension risk, 2011, David A. Love; Paul A. Smith; David W. Wilcox
  116. The fragile capital structure of hedge funds and the limits to arbitrage, 2011, Xuewen Liu; Antonio S. Mello
  117. The impact of governance reform on performance and transparency, 2011, Richard Price; Francisco J. Román; Brian Rountree
  118. The influence of governance on investment: Evidence from a hazard model, 2011, Matthew T. Billett; Jon A. Garfinkel; Yi Jiang
  119. The liquidity risk of liquid hedge funds, 2011, Melvyn Teo
  120. The market reaction to corporate governance regulation, 2011, David F. Larcker; Gaizka Ormazabal; Daniel J. Taylor
  121. The price of liquidity: The effects of market conditions and bank characteristics, 2011, Falko Fecht; Kjell G. Nyborg; Jörg Rocholl
  122. The role of risk management in mergers and merger waves, 2011, Jon A. Garfinkel; Kristine Watson Hankins
  123. The role of securitization in bank liquidity and funding management, 2011, Elena Loutskina
  124. The role of securitization in mortgage renegotiation, 2011, Sumit Agarwal; Gene Amromin; Itzhak Ben-David; Souphala Chomsisengphet; Douglas D. Evanoff
  125. The structure and formation of business groups: Evidence from Korean chaebols, 2011, Heitor Almeida; Sang Yong Park; Marti G. Subrahmanyam; Daniel Wolfenzon
  126. The term structures of equity and interest rates, 2011, Martin Lettau; Jessica A. Wachter
  127. The value of a flow-through entity in an integrated corporate tax system, 2011, Alexander Edwards; Terry Shevlin
  128. The world price of liquidity risk, 2011, Kuan-Hui Lee
  129. Time-varying rare disaster risk and stock returns, 2011, Henk Berkman; Ben Jacobsen; John B. Lee
  130. Time-varying short-horizon predictability, 2011, Sam James Henkel; J. Spencer Martin; Federico Nardari
  131. Tracking down distress risk, 2011, Nishad Kapadia
  132. Vertical divestitures through equity carve-outs and spin-offs: A product markets perspective, 2011, Bharat A. Jain; Omesh Kini; Jaideep Shenoy
  133. Vintage capital and creditor protection, 2011, Efraim Benmelech; Nittai K. Bergman
  134. What determines stock option contract design?, 2011, Eva Liljeblom; Daniel Pasternack; Matts Rosenberg
  135. Why do convertible issuers simultaneously repurchase stock? An arbitrage-based explanation, 2011, Marie Dutordoir; Abe De Jong; Patrick Verwijmeren
  136. Why mutual funds "underperform", 2011, Vincent Glode

Review of Financial Studies

  1. A Model of Portfolio Delegation and Strategic Trading, 2011, Albert S. Kyle; Hui Ou-Yang; Bin Wei
  2. A New Perspective on Gaussian Dynamic Term Structure Models, 2011, Scott Joslin; Kenneth J. Singleton; Haoxiang Zhu
  3. A Simple Robust Link Between American Puts and Credit Protection, 2011, Peter Carr; Liuren Wu
  4. A Theory of Debt Market Illiquidity and Leverage Cyclicality, 2011, Christopher A. Hennessy; Josef Zechner
  5. All the News That's Fit to Reprint: Do Investors React to Stale Information?, 2011, Paul C. Tetlock
  6. Anticipation, Acquisitions, and Bidder Returns: Industry Shocks and the Transfer of Information across Rivals, 2011, Jie Cai; Moon H. Song; Ralph A. Walkling
  7. Are U.S. CEOs Paid More Than U.K. CEOs? Inferences from Risk-adjusted Pay, 2011, Martin J. Conyon; John E. Core; Wayne R. Guay
  8. Asset-Backed Securities: Costs and Benefits of "Bankruptcy Remoteness", 2011, Kenneth Ayotte; Stav Gaon
  9. Bank Capital and Value in the Cross-Section, 2011, Hamid Mehran
  10. Bank Corporate Loan Pricing Following the Subprime Crisis, 2011, João A. C. Santos
  11. Bank Liquidity, Interbank Markets, and Monetary Policy, 2011, Xavier Freixas; Antoine Martin; David Skeie
  12. Bank Risk-taking, Securitization, Supervision, and Low Interest Rates: Evidence from the Euro-area and the U.S. Lending Standards, 2011, Angela Maddaloni; Jose-Luis Peydro
  13. Bond Ladders and Optimal Portfolios, 2011, Kenneth L. Judd; Felix Kubler; Karl Schmedders
  14. Can VCs Time the Market? An Analysis of Exit Choice for Venture-backed Firms, 2011, Eric Ball; Hsin Hui Chiu; Richard Smith
  15. Collateral Values by Asset Class: Evidence from Primary Securities Dealers, 2011, Leonardo Bartolini; Spence Hilton; Suresh Sundaresan; Christopher Tonetti
  16. Common Risk Factors in Currency Markets, 2011, Hanno Lustig; Nikolai Roussanov; Adrien Verdelhan
  17. Competition, Risk-shifting, and Public Bail-out Policies, 2011, Reint Gropp; Hendrik Hakenes; Isabel Schnabel
  18. Conglomerates and Industry Distress, 2011, Radhakrishnan Gopalan; Kangzhen Xie
  19. Corporate Governance Propagation through Overlapping Directors, 2011, Christa H. S. Bouwman
  20. Credit Default Swaps and the Empty Creditor Problem, 2011, Patrick Bolton; Martin Oehmke
  21. Credit Market Competition and Capital Regulation, 2011, Franklin Allen; Elena Carletti; Robert Marquez
  22. Crisis Resolution and Bank Liquidity, 2011, Viral V. Acharya; Hyun Song Shin; Tanju Yorulmazer
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  29. Do Peso Problems Explain the Returns to the Carry Trade?, 2011, Craig Burnside; Martin Eichenbaum; Isaac Kleshchelski; Sergio Rebelo
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  31. Does Government Ownership Affect the Cost of Debt? Evidence from Privatization, 2011, Ginka Borisova; William L. Megginson
  32. Effects of Central Bank Intervention on the Interbank Market During the Subprime Crisis, 2011, Celso Brunetti; Mario Di Filippo; Jeffrey H. Harris
  33. Erratum, 2011, Joel Peress
  34. Expectations, Bond Yields, and Monetary Policy, 2011, Albert Lee Chun
  35. Family Business Groups around the World: Financing Advantages, Control Motivations, and Organizational Choices, 2011, Ronald W. Masulis; Peter Kien Pham; Jason Zein
  36. Financial Constraints, R&D Investment, and Stock Returns, 2011, Dongmei Li
  37. Former CEO Directors: Lingering CEOs or Valuable Resources?, 2011, Rüdiger Fahlenbrach; Bernadette A. Minton; Carrie H. Pan
  38. Fuzzy Math, Disclosure Regulation, and Market Outcomes: Evidence from Truth-in-Lending Reform, 2011, Victor Stango; Jonathan Zinman
  39. Generalized Disappointment Aversion, Long-run Volatility Risk, and Asset Prices, 2011, Marco Bonomo; René Garcia; Nour Meddahi; Roméo Tédongap
  40. Global versus Local Asset Pricing: A New Test of Market Integration, 2011, Harald Hau
  41. Governance Through Trading and Intervention: A Theory of Multiple Blockholders, 2011, Alex Edmans; Gustavo Manso
  42. Growing Out of Trouble? Corporate Responses to Liability Risk, 2011, Todd A. Gormley; David A. Matsa
  43. Hedge Funds: Pricing Controls and the Smoothing of Self-reported Returns, 2011, Gavin Cassar; Joseph Gerakos
  44. How Deep Is the Annuity Market Participation Puzzle?, 2011, Joachim Inkmann; Paula Lopes; Alexander Michaelides
  45. How Does Venture Capital Financing Improve Efficiency in Private Firms? A Look Beneath the Surface, 2011, Thomas J. Chemmanur; Karthik Krishnan; Debarshi K. Nandy
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