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My New Site with Astro

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I've rebuilt my personal site with Astro.

Some note

Thanks to Astro, I can now mix React (and other) components with normal Markdown content. As a result, for example, my apps LeGao and Option Pricing Explained are now integrated with the main site, which were separate React-based webpages.

Besides, with Tailwind, I'm now able to quickly apply and adjust styles as I like, but I'm keeping the styling to a minimal. Content is the most important.

I also replaced my CV page with a PDF for professionalism -- at the end of the day, I cannot tell any potential employer to visit my site instead of me handing over the PDF. On a side note, I did find myself struggling to get it work, initially. I thought I'd update the CV PDF often, and so used Git LFS for tracking its changes. But it turns out that LFS replaces the file content with a hash text, which makes it impossible to view the PDF in the browser. I had to move away from LFS.

Source code

All my site's source code and content are on GitHub. To build my site locally, simply run the following commands (with Nodejs and npm installed):

git clone https://github.com/mgao6767/adriangao.git
cd adriangao
npm install
npm run dev


Happy hacking!

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