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About Me

Made in 1994. Married in 2021. Husband to Sherry. Father of four cats.

I came to Sydney in 2013 and have since been with the University of Sydney. Started with a commerce degree in econometrics and finance majors, I enjoy very much the study and life here and successfully completed my research degrees in finance afterwards. A fan of computer science too, I've completed a degree in computing at the University of New South Wales during my postdoctoral research fellowship.

My PhD work is summarised by three papers. The first theoretically extends the principal-agent model and empirically shows that a firm's accumulated knowledge substitutes for costly executive performance incentives. The second involves textual analysis on millions of firm 8K filings and documents a positive effect of corporate real estate holdings on M&A performance. The third applies machine learning on high-dimensional bank loan data and proposes an effective early-warning predictor for bank risks, which forms the backbone of a successful $500,000 grant from the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project financing my postdoctoral fellowship.

I'm blessed to have my wonderful supervisors over the past many years, Henry Leung, Buhui Qiu, Joakim Westerholm and Eliza Wu,1 and the invaluable mentoring from Iftekhar Hasan. I strive to produce more high-quality research outputs myself and together with my awesome coauthors. To the best I can, I also like to provide as much as possible to all researchers so that we can thrive together, which motivates me writing the research notes, apps and more. My favourite quote:

Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.

Apart from work, I workout regularly. I cycle to/from work and train at home. I also do running training and aim to complete a marathon one day soon.

  1. Alphabetically ordered by last name.